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M. Corp
Posted - 2007.12.11 08:42:00 - [661]

Logicycle, don't go anywhere else for your Nyx BPC, we have one coming out of copy quite soon, and for you I will do a deal that others cannot match.

join mcorp_sales for more info.

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2007.12.12 12:21:00 - [662]

bought 3 pack
nice price and fast deliver

The Orange
The Unit...
Talos Coalition
Posted - 2007.12.16 16:20:00 - [663]

The quality of product and service is first rate. As i 1st time customer i am very satisfied and will be a repeat customer, value, service, quality whats not to like.
Thank you

Black Core Federation
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2007.12.16 23:46:00 - [664]

Just bought the Gal pack and am very happy with it.

A very polite and helpful team over in mcorp_sales.

If there is one world to describe the members of M. Corp it would be Professional

I will most certainly be doing business with you all again.

And again thanks alot.

Adriana Electra
Posted - 2007.12.21 16:35:00 - [665]

Edited by: Adriana Electra on 21/12/2007 16:35:50
Are these still for sale?

Sent you an eve mail :)


Jayna Wolf
Posted - 2007.12.21 17:03:00 - [666]

excellent prices and prompt service. nuff said.

Armareo Minor
Posted - 2007.12.21 19:20:00 - [667]

Request for a Thanatos BPC package was handled in a very professional way, and M.Corp made me a very good price. Would certainly come back.

Adriana Electra
Posted - 2007.12.22 00:27:00 - [668]

Wanted a package for my starter corp.

Very reasonable price and simply could not be more helpfull!

Deal with 100% confidence!!

Will use again Smile

Best wishes,


Posted - 2008.01.01 19:53:00 - [669]

delivery within 15 minutes, very good, thnx

Hysterically Unforgiving
Posted - 2008.01.01 23:47:00 - [670]

i will take 2 of the gallente packeges .... please contract to GOSSO ... thank you very much ... total price 28 mill ... unless you cut me a discount ... thanx :)

Posted - 2008.01.02 00:04:00 - [671]

I'll take a Caldari Package... Thanks

Hysterically Unforgiving
Posted - 2008.01.02 01:09:00 - [672]

is it possible that you guys can give me a quote on Micro Auxiliary Power Core I Blueprint BPC's or an orignal please. .. one bp i dont have that id like ... thank you ... send messege to gosso ingame ill be online in 2 hours ... thank you

M. Corp
Posted - 2008.01.02 09:29:00 - [673]

We will set up contracts for all the above orders this evening from 19:00 onwards.

Thanks for the orders guys.

Rattler Morgan
Five Knuckle Shuffle
Posted - 2008.01.02 13:48:00 - [674]

Just used MCORP again after my last time a few years ago, and still get excellent and prompt service, Many tks to u guys

keep up the good work. Very Happy

Thin Sam
Madhatters Inc.
The Initiative.
Posted - 2008.01.02 13:51:00 - [675]

I heartedly endorse this product and/or service.

SImon Marshall
Posted - 2008.01.04 23:10:00 - [676]

Mnay thanks to all even gave me a couple of extra bpc's, great value and very friendly

Posted - 2008.01.05 09:44:00 - [677]

Awesome service from mcorp.
2 packs ready in less than 15mins. :)

i'll definately order again.

The Cursed Navy
Important Internet Spaceship League
Posted - 2008.01.05 13:26:00 - [678]

Just used the service after find it and its many satisfied customers here in the forums.
Joined the Channel and quickly got my single question the Gallente BPC pack answered (Yes - all the ship BPCs (also CR / BC) are 2 run.
They were out of Iteron Vs, but instead I got some extra BS BPCs as componsation for that BPC and my 19 jump trip to fetch em. :)

I will be a returning customer thanks the great service and speedy response :)

Bite me inc.
Posted - 2008.01.05 20:46:00 - [679]

Great service,very good deal! Very Happy

thx Mcorp :)

Uto Zesperian
Posted - 2008.01.11 23:14:00 - [680]

I just finished my first purchase with M.Corp. The only real word that comes to mind to describe it, is wow. Great service, great deals, and got my merchandise within 10 minutes. I will definitely be a long-time customer of theirs, and if your not already, I highly recommend you become one as well.

Posted - 2008.01.12 06:35:00 - [681]

Edited by: McAltyalty on 12/01/2008 06:35:56
Few questions, what is the ME/PE and how many runs are the Minmatar BPC's? And where are they delivered?

M. Corp
Posted - 2008.01.12 14:08:00 - [682]

Hello, to answer your question;

The ME of the ships ranges from 10-30 depending on size. Crucially, all that matters is that there is next to zero wastage on any of our bpc's for manufacturing. The ME of the module prints we offer in the packs is around ME100.

Each ship BPC has 2 runs inside the package, with the exception of frigates which have 6 runs.

We sell these BPC packs from Autaris, which is close to Jita, but does not suffer from it's associated lag.

I hope to see you in MCORP_SALES channel soon!

Seimor Jeneet
Posted - 2008.01.12 14:19:00 - [683]

Bought the Amarrian Pack.

GREAT service, Fast response time and a very good price.
I will most certainly be shopping here again (:

Thumbs up, and A++ (;

- Seimor Jeneet

Sicarri Covenant
Posted - 2008.01.12 14:44:00 - [684]

fast & helpful, good value!

Filious Tacabus
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2008.01.14 19:56:00 - [685]

Just bought packs and BS loose sales from M.Corp Again..
I wouldnt buy my bpcs anywhere else in the future becous the service and prices i get here cant be beaten anywhere. (prices is even better than jita on a good day)

+ VERY good prices on there race packs
+ VERY serviceminded salesmen
+ No need of going throu 100s of contracts to find what u are looking for
+ Very round handed when asking for a price on loose sale bpcs
+ No need to go in to "lagparty" jita
+ I often get bpcs as "gifts" (WHERE do u get that!)

- Cant find any!

See u again in the future Cool

Fly safe

Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2008.01.15 16:21:00 - [686]

I just bought Minmatar Freedom Pack.
The service was really good.
I even got some free bpc's which I didn't expect since i'm their customer for the first time.
To put it in another perspective, most companies i have to deal with in RL could learn from these guys. And we are talking about a game here ...

Norse'Storm Battle Group
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2008.01.15 17:37:00 - [687]

Edited by: Ikonz on 15/01/2008 17:37:38
So why are these packages as popular as they are? It seems to me that if you need a specific ship, you buy that ship instead of a pack of bpc's of which most pbc's you don't need. There's also the issue of having to train a character with good production skills in order to make making ships yourself cheaper than the market price. So what do people mostly do with this, build & sell? I can imagine that it might come in handy at 0.0, but aren't minerals there much more expensive?

M. Corp
Posted - 2008.01.15 18:19:00 - [688]

Many of our customers are first timers who are interested in dabbling in production for the first time. Our packs represent pretty good value so they are attractive to people like this and also to people that are interested in using the prints for invention.

There are loads of people out there who like to use these packs as a convenience simply to use up spare minerals they have lying about in 0.0 as well i guess.

As a seller of BPC's for a long time now, I am always fascinated to learn more about our customers so that we can give them exactly what they want. I would also say that since the revelations patch, demand for BPC's in general has gone up hugely.

Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2008.01.15 18:29:00 - [689]

Since my character is really Jack of all trades and master of none and i use many different ships this pack is perfect for me. I get most minerals from crunching unwanted loot from missions and make myself ammo or some guns etc. I might mine or even buy some minerals if needed. So buying a BPC is a cheap way to get me a ship, since i get minerals for "free" (I know, time costs, efficiency etc. But it's a game, I play for fun, i'm efficient at work and i play to relax).
I might give away a few BPC's i don't need and make someone happy for a bit. But the price i did pay for bpcs i WILL use is really low. For this price i wouldn't be able to get Rupture (cruiser), insure it and fit it. So as i see it it's a great deal. Well, at least for me.

M. Corp
Posted - 2008.01.18 18:25:00 - [690]

Shop's open for business :) see you in MCORP_SALES

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