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IT Alliance
Posted - 2004.01.23 14:02:00 - [1]


I'm writing to ask if someone can see what's up with the immense amount of processing power needed to show the in-station interface. I get around 30fps on my rig, which is about what I get travelling through empty space, and slightly lower than what I get whilst in warp.

I have turned the station environment off, so it doesn't have to render anything, it's simply displaying a picture, and all my windows.

I though transparency wight be the cause, so I also tried turning all my transparencies off, and having solid windows, but it didn't help. I tried pinning everything, to make the windows clear, but that didn't help either.

Some other odd things I've noticed is that I got up to about 45fps when I closed everything but the chat and my items. When I then closed the items window, it dropped to 35. so I opened the items window again, back up to 45. closed it, back down to 35. Wierd, eh?

Also, if you press CTRL-F9 to remove the HUD, you get a space background. What the hell? If you are docked, the last thing you need to render is a space background, especially considering it gets reloaded when you exit the station.

Considering how little is generally going on in the station interface, it seems to be taking far too much power to draw. At one point, being in the station made my winamp skip all over the place too, but that's beeter now.

And bearing in mind how much time is spent in stations, this could save the planet enough electricity to light a small torch, for about an hour.

What's the chances of anyone looking into this, with a view to optimising it?

I have two PC's, an Athlon 2100+/GF4400ti, and a P4 3.1Ghz/GF5600fx* Both running 1280x1024 windowed, both get approx the same framerate, doing the same things.

*yeah, I know, but it was a tight month.


ISD Interstellar Correspondents
Posted - 2004.01.23 14:12:00 - [2]

Making a bugreport of it seems like a good idea :)

PCG Enterprises
Posted - 2004.01.23 14:58:00 - [3]

Edited by: Synex on 23/01/2004 14:59:00
Hi there.

The reason it's showing the 'space' background is that it is a 'skybox'. A cube drawn around your ship with depth-buffering turned off (so EVERYTHING gets drawn on top of it, never mind the distance). Because of this, it'll be rendered even if your in a station.

Pressing CTRL+F9 turns off any 2D rendering that is displayed on top of the 3D scene (GUI, icons, etc. etc.) Because the station 'picture' (tho not environment) is a 2D picture, this gets turned off with all the other GUI/2D Elements... which is why the station interior disapears and it displays the skybox.

Don't know if this helps at all...

EveDB Code Monkey

IT Alliance
Posted - 2004.01.23 15:44:00 - [4]

Edited by: drunkenmaster on 23/01/2004 15:45:27
No offense, orestes, but how the blazes would I even start making a bug report of this? As far as I can tell, it's central to the 3d engine. What point would I make logs? when it's slow? when I open windows? when I turn off the background?

I can't seem to fit this in with any kind of third party bug testing. So I was just throwing the idea in the air, and seeing where it lands.

Also, despite the fact this is a skybox, why does it need to be drawn when I have requested 'nil-3d' for my station interface.

I guess it's related to the graphics engine, and at what point it displays the HUD, but I would have hoped the hud would have been able to seperated from the 3d engine, and be able to run on a plain background.

I thought the HUD was just an overlay, but it's beginning to seem more and more like those windows are actually being rendered with the 3d engine.

At this point, my knowledge of 3d engines fails rather badly, can anyone pick up from here?

Quantum Ghost
The Scope
Posted - 2004.01.23 16:19:00 - [5]

Go into the options (esc menu) and untick the 'show station enviroment' option.

You will now not see your ship or the 3D view, just a 2D image of the inside of the station.

This takes a load off the CPU, I use this on my laptop.


IT Alliance
Posted - 2004.01.23 16:27:00 - [6]



I have turned the station environment off, so it doesn't have to render anything, it's simply displaying a picture, and all my windows.


Already mentioned that. I still only get 30-35fps in station, which is the same as I get outside the station.

Chai N'Dorr
Selectus Pravus Lupus
Posted - 2004.01.23 16:46:00 - [7]

I always try to remember to close my Ship Hanger window before undocking as well as the corp hanger, that helps me a lot, but still there are times when it just grinds to an annoying halt.

Try that, perhaps it works for you too.

Posted - 2004.01.23 17:45:00 - [8]

Does seem silly that the 3D engine is used at all in the station. Eventually this mega-management interface will suck if the 3D engine has to keep rendering what would normally be ideal for a 2D interface. As for the skybox still being there, that is kind of a shock. I assumed they shut that down on docking, as there is no reason to have it there.

Jim Raynor
Bad Kitty Inc.
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2004.01.25 00:58:00 - [9]

The problem is that the Eve UI is very CPU intensive, it is a 3D UI, believe it or not. It looks very 2D, but it's really a resource hog 3D interface.

I would like to see a much less resource intensive simple 2d UI that mimics the 3D one with less bells and whistles.

Next time you're playing Eve hit CONTROL-F9 and you will see a huge difference in framerate.

IT Alliance
Posted - 2004.01.28 18:04:00 - [10]

Okay, my in-station fps is kicking around 60-70 since the patch.

Tell me.. Who do I need to send the valentines card to?

Fantastic job, whoever it was.

Talon SilverHawk
Patria o Muerte
Posted - 2004.01.28 18:12:00 - [11]


Tell me.. Who do I need to send the valentines card to?

Tomb ShockedTwisted Evil



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