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Sentry Skills
Posted - 2007.12.09 01:50:00 - [151]

Edited by: Sentry Skills on 11/12/2007 06:36:49
New Patch Will Be Droped SOON, I have been having major Server Issues, I will be moving everything to a remote http:// buyers will get a eve-mail tonight with link and info. Also New items will be add and online pricing and remote database will be removed due to a large amount of problems with them. I am working on a EXE ver for those poeple how do not have excel. I do not support openoffice it is cuasing issues i cant fix, sorry.


edit: change the word tonight to SOON,

Sentry Skills
Posted - 2007.12.09 02:24:00 - [152]

Let Me Know if you see something I missed please want to do a few updates as i can.

Capital Antimatter Reactor Unit Blueprint
Capital Crystalline Carbonide Armor Plate Blueprint
Capital Deflection Shield Emitter Blueprint
Capital Electrolytic Capacitor Unit Blueprint
Capital Emp Pulse Generator Blueprint
Capital Fernite Carbide Composite Armor Plate Blueprint
Capital Fusion Reactor Unit Blueprint
Capital Fusion Thruster Blueprint
Capital Gravimetric Sensor Cluster Blueprint
Capital Graviton Pulse Generator Blueprint
Capital Graviton Reactor Unit Blueprint
Capital Ion Thruster Blueprint
Capital Laser Focusing Crystals Blueprint
Capital Laser Sensor Cluster Blueprint
Capital Linear Shield Emitter Blueprint
Capital Magnetometric Sensor Cluster Blueprint
Capital Magpulse Thruster Blueprint
Capital Nanoelectrical Microprocessor Blueprint
Capital Nanomechanical Microprocessor Blueprint
Capital Nuclear Pulse Generator Blueprint
Capital Nuclear Reactor Unit Blueprint
Capital Oscillator Capacitor Unit Blueprint
Capital Particle Accelerator Unit Blueprint
Capital Photon Microprocessor Blueprint
Capital Plasma Pulse Generator Blueprint
Capital Plasma Thruster Blueprint
Capital Pulse Shield Emitter Blueprint
Capital Quantum Microprocessor Blueprint
Capital Radar Sensor Cluster Blueprint
Capital Scalar Capacitor Unit Blueprint
Capital Superconductor Rails Blueprint
Capital Sustained Shield Emitter Blueprint
Capital Tesseract Capacitor Unit Blueprint
Capital Thermonuclear Trigger Unit Blueprint
Capital Titanium Diborite Armor Plate Blueprint
Capital Tungsten Carbide Armor Plate Blueprint
Focused Warp Disruption Blueprint
Optimal Range Blueprint
Optimal Range Disruption Blueprint
Scan Resolution Blueprint
Scan Resolution Dampening Blueprint
Targeting Range Blueprint
Targeting Range Dampening Blueprint
Tracking Speed Blueprint
Tracking Speed Disruption Blueprint
Mining Drone - Elite Blueprint
Remote ECM Burst I Blueprint
Warp Disruption Field Generator I Blueprint
Capital Tractor Beam I Blueprint
Covert Cynosural Field Generator I Blueprint
Covert Jump Portal Generator I Blueprint

Black Avatar
Lost Sheep Domain
Posted - 2007.12.10 00:50:00 - [153]

Free bump

The White Rabbits
The Gurlstas Associates
Posted - 2007.12.10 01:30:00 - [154]

Great to see an update coming!

Please remember me in the list...I seem to miss the updates =/

Sentry Skills
Posted - 2007.12.11 06:38:00 - [155]

My RL is getting in the way of my gamelife.. Will get this done as soon as I can peeps. I just needed to enter raw data for about half of the new items. Next day off is Saturday, hoping I can get to it.Sad

Kaven Kantrix
Two Brothers Mining Corp.
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2007.12.16 07:43:00 - [156]

The server isnt serving anything atm. FTP for the 5.3 version is down. Says it cant find the version.txt, nor the prices.

Can we at least get those fixed while we wait for the glorious new updated version?

Eli Brask
Posted - 2007.12.16 10:12:00 - [157]

I'm interested in this tool, have to see what the fun is.
Drop eve-mail?

Dark Knights of Deneb
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2007.12.17 06:38:00 - [158]

free bump and please Sentry, feed me with the new spreadsheet

Emily Mertz
Posted - 2007.12.19 17:30:00 - [159]

Sentry I sent you those 85M nearly two weeks ago, I wrote you many times for getting infos about how could I get the sheet, and I never received any feedback.

Please-please send me the sheet as soon as possible to the email I specified in the first evemail I wrote you, or tell me once and for all how can get my sheet.

thanks and bye

Prodigy Z
Brotherhood of Heart and Steel
Libertas Fidelitas
Posted - 2007.12.21 01:21:00 - [160]

i would like a coppy please eve mail me details.

Josephine Blue
Posted - 2007.12.21 02:32:00 - [161]

Im interested in this as well. Please send me a eve mail with info on how to acquire the spreadsheets.

Posted - 2008.01.05 10:28:00 - [162]

I assume this project is not dead?

The White Rabbits
The Gurlstas Associates
Posted - 2008.01.10 15:26:00 - [163]

Any news?

Mmm Insane
Posted - 2008.01.10 16:04:00 - [164]

im intreseted plz send me a mail about how i get this

Posted - 2008.01.10 16:54:00 - [165]

I am also interested in this Excel Spreadsheet Builder tool. Please post here or Eve mail me letting me know if you plan to continue to offer and support this tool. Sounds like you have done a great deal of work on developing this spreadsheet. I hope you can find time to continue the project.


Priory Of The Lemon
Atlas Alliance
Posted - 2008.01.10 18:01:00 - [166]

Can I have a copy plz when rdy!


Emily Mertz
Posted - 2008.01.14 08:01:00 - [167]

Edited by: Emily Mertz on 14/01/2008 08:01:39
I trasnferred those 85M more than one month ago and still no news.

I've started calculating T2 cost by my own :-(.

Posted - 2008.01.14 16:36:00 - [168]

I got only the Version bevore Trintiy. I hope the new Version comes Online

0ne Man Army
Posted - 2008.03.05 00:33:00 - [169]

Last link I is to got 2007.10.01 upgrade.
(And not downloaded due to RL issues).
Checked today-link no longer works.
See Sentry skils login now I asked him is link correct. and got response:

2008.03.05 00:26
That person no longer plays. this is a new owner

2008.03.05 00:26
Is this correct link to latest upgrade?
my browser timeouts on opening

2007.10.01 12:23
Ver5 Upgrade!

FTP://xxx:[email protected]/

Sentry Skills

cesar medina
The Scope
Posted - 2008.03.25 09:57:00 - [170]

Edited by: cesar medina on 25/03/2008 10:01:22

Raw Dragon Industries
Posted - 2008.03.30 13:39:00 - [171]

Damn, seemed like a great sheet I was looking for :(

Presuming the owner really left, anyone willing to share the latest version ?

Anazeteo Euphoria
Euphoria Research
Posted - 2008.04.08 21:39:00 - [172]

Can someone else pick up the project and update...even resell it since it has been abandoned?

Dark Knights of Deneb
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2008.04.08 22:50:00 - [173]

Originally by: Anazeteo Euphoria
Can someone else pick up the project and update...even resell it since it has been abandoned?


Fizzle Fingers
Dark Matter Logistics
Posted - 2008.04.12 19:52:00 - [174]

Anyone got version 5.3 they could send me as I never got sent the update from version 5 for it.

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