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Department of Defence
Important Internet Spaceship League
Posted - 2007.06.28 19:47:00 - [1]

Some of you may know me, some of you may not.

For those of you who don't know me I'm sorry never to have crossed your path, either as hostile, friend or just that annoying neutral charging through your stargate.

Its been 4 years 2 months (very nearly) since I started my pod life in what is a great universe, I've seen many changes, I've seen the formation of the first alliances, the rise and fall of great names, players, alliances and Devs.

There will be those of you that know me who dislike me, hate me even. To that I say.. tough toshi! But then there are the people I have made friends with, and to the point of this post...

I cordially invite you to a player reunion in EvE. Since I've spent a lot of my time close to Great Wildands (Minmatar space ironically!) I suggest a meeting in or around that space. 7Q-8Z2 is a system I've had a lot to do with in the past few years but being under the control of Evoke at the moment, who won't know me from adam! I don't think I'll be able to get them to let us in for a one night party!

But anyway if people are intrested... post here we'll get a system sorted. Maybe even a Teamspeak or something. It'll be bring your own drinks and food ('tinternet isn't that good yet!) but then we can all just sit back and remember the old days, think of it as a semi fan fest for the Great Wildlands!

ah to hell with it, anyone is welcome. I think its about time we celebrated 4 years of eve properly since the Devs left us short! If that means bring your own drink to local and talk random all night so be it!

If people are too far from GWL let it be known and we can find a more central place, as for a date and time, I'll leave that a little blank at hte moment as this may just get ignored, locked or deleted. But if you come I will build it... (or something to that effect!)

Love and cuddles
(at the wrong end of a few bottles of wine)

Mediek Ordos
Association of Commonwealth Enterprises
Imperial 0rder
Posted - 2007.06.28 19:51:00 - [2]

Edited by: Mediek Ordos on 28/06/2007 19:50:39
Set the date Harcole we like to party

Barrick Stormsworn
Re-Awakened Technologies Inc
Electus Matari
Posted - 2007.06.28 19:52:00 - [3]

I've only been playing for a little over a year and a half, but I wouldn't mind coming up in a covops to sit in local and listen to the old stories and banter of the Greats of EVE. Who knows if my schedule will permit, but I might try to swing up that way.


Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2007.06.28 20:13:00 - [4]

I'll only come if I can pod you ! Very Happy

Rionnag Alba
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2007.06.28 20:17:00 - [5]

Edited by: Sokratesz on 28/06/2007 20:17:33

HARCOLE!111!one one eleventyseven

if i was anywhere near i'd come visit in GW. how about you just join our vent and get drunk again on sat?

Department of Defence
Important Internet Spaceship League
Posted - 2007.06.28 20:38:00 - [6]

Originally by: Barthezz
I'll only come if I can pod you ! Very Happy

I'll come in my pod. Make it fair Laughing

NextGen Enterprises
Posted - 2007.06.28 20:39:00 - [7]

*cuddles Harcole* Embarassed

count me in Laughing

22nd Black Rise Defensive Unit
Posted - 2007.06.28 21:07:00 - [8]

Ill come if you give me a free Absolution Razz

IT Alliance
Posted - 2007.06.28 22:01:00 - [9]

Yulai, for old times' sake. :)


LoneStar Industries
Posted - 2007.06.30 06:52:00 - [10]

Ahhh... GW AND Yulai bring back memories :) If I can make it I'd enjoy seeing Angels again. :P

Sir Heavy
Dragonian Freelancers Academy
Posted - 2007.06.30 09:20:00 - [11]

Count me in!

<--- Former DaHeaVYFo.

Posted - 2007.06.30 09:55:00 - [12]

Edited by: Andrue on 30/06/2007 09:54:34
You won't find me going into 0.0 (been there, got bored and left before the poltics got crazy) but if there's a Domain 2004/2005 chapter I'll fly out there for a meet. We can reminisce about the good old days when there were more roids than we knew what to do with. If there's a TS server I'll be there.

(Born Feb. 2004; Hedion)


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