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Mr nStuff
Posted - 2004.01.17 21:15:00 - [1]

The Drone window disappears after a while..

So you might have 10 drones flying around, and then the panel to control them just disappears..

Once this happens.. There's no way to reinsert the already launched drones on to the panel. You have to fly around and collect all your drones then relaunch them.

This is a stupid silly silly bug and needs to be fixed before Tech level 3.

Admiral IceBlock
Northern Intelligence
Posted - 2004.01.17 21:17:00 - [2]

it usely happens when ur invited to a gang!

Posted - 2004.01.17 22:48:00 - [3]

Edited by: Domaru on 17/01/2004 22:50:29
Yes, anytime the gang window pops up (some one joins or leaves) that window is killed. Very handy! Anyway, if you have the drones window minized then it will actually survive the gang window drive by. However, for people like me that cover their warp panel with this windows (so they don't forget their drones *again*) are screwed. Keep that window minized for your best chances of keeping it alive.

Halo Jones
Oberon Incorporated
Posted - 2004.01.17 23:27:00 - [4]

yes gnag invite cetainly kills it

but it dies at random intervals also

Posted - 2004.01.18 00:11:00 - [5]

Extremly annpoying

Lone Starr Corporation
Posted - 2004.01.18 01:10:00 - [6]

very annoying

IT Alliance
Posted - 2004.01.18 01:11:00 - [7]

very annoying

Destructive Influence
IT Alliance
Posted - 2004.01.18 01:28:00 - [8]

A pain in the....


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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