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Mr Li
East Khanid Trading
Khanid Trade Syndicate
Posted - 2007.06.22 04:06:00 - [1]

Edited by: Mr Li on 22/06/2007 05:27:19
looking for a home; one with a live and let live attitude. I don't want anyting too intense, I play eve to relax, not to achieve greatness in a videogame. I'm happy doing missions, NPCing, carrier jumps, pvp, whatever really. I'm also open to RP and RP corps. I lack direction, you want to give me a nudge?

Night Fuse
Posted - 2007.06.22 08:44:00 - [2]

check our corp

especialy if ur intrested in lvl 5 missions ( fighting against capital ships ) with assistance of logistic ship..

--==>> Dark Core Phoenix <<==--

Quadix Leime
Tropical Killer Bananas
Posted - 2007.06.22 10:18:00 - [3]

Check our recruitment post m8!



Yiorgos P
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2007.06.22 10:27:00 - [4]

Hi Mr Li!

We, here in Neuro Cartographic Services (NEURO), are looking for people like you to complement our divisions.

What we offer:
1. A mature and cool company.
2. Access to a 0.0 area in the South (Omist).
3. Area with good PvP, mining and ratting/exploration opportunities.
4. Alliance with members always there to help and support each other.
5. Mainly EURO TZ, with a small number of USA players (more are always welcome Very Happy).
6. Alliance Ventrilo server for corp and alliance wide operations.
7. Empire based offices for recruitment and new members training.
8. Support to every pilots endeavors (either by loans or by knowledge dissemination).

What we want:
1. Pilots who want to learn and participate (nothing is compulsory, but we like people that help each other).
2. Pilots that are here to play EVE (no trial accounts, please)
3. Pilots that can be part of a team while they work towards their personal goals.
4. Pilots that they can find a niche position in our corp and train for that.
5. Pilots which are willing to protect corp’s and corpies’ assets.

If all these seem interesting enough to you, then do one of the following to learn more about us or to join us!

See our recruitment post here.

Visit our home page (both out and in game) to learn more about us!

Fill our application form to have you contacted to become our member!

Convo Jint'Allor, me or Royco Starburst or join channel NEURO for a small and friendly conversation! you know where you are going?!
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The Graduates
Brutally Clever Empire
Posted - 2007.06.22 19:02:00 - [5]

Please consider my corporation. We have >150 members with wide time zone coverage, PvP refund policy, capital ship support, etc..

As you can see from my signature, we are a proudly unaligned in the "Great-war". We are located in Syndicate 0.0 space part of a large unaligned "white-hat" alliance BRUCE that has a constellation solidly locked up. We are only 4 jumps from Empire space.

Click the link under my signature for more details, or convo me anytime.


Maximillian Power
Legio Immortalis
Posted - 2007.06.22 19:07:00 - [6]

Hey there,

we are a very laid back corp.

I think you might have fun.

Why not read our recruitment post and pop into wolfpack delta public for a chat?

Hope to see you there!

The Fated
Posted - 2007.06.23 04:47:00 - [7]

Self sufficient 0.0 corp looking for self sufficient 0.0 players that want to have fun.

Contact me in game for details.

Merrick Tolkien
Shadow Company
Posted - 2007.06.23 07:22:00 - [8]

Hey Li check out the shadow company website, link in my sig, and see if we're what your after :)

the basics are we're a pvp corp in 0.0 and like to blow stuff up. we dont do politics and try and stay away from poses. we're all about having fun and being relaxed.

our list of contact details are on the website, join shadowcompanychat as well, its our public channel :)

hope to hear from you soon Cool


Oghma Grianainech
Wise Guys
Exquisite Malevolence
Posted - 2007.06.23 13:10:00 - [9]

contact me in game for a chatty mate/.

Timetravel Enterprises
Posted - 2007.06.23 17:27:00 - [10]

Timetravel Enterprises has been in existence for over 3 years now. Currently we’ve built a strong infrastructure for us to grow again.

We’ve built a friendly and mature corporation that has achieved quite a bit and we’d like to grow with that in mind.

Initially, we are looking for 10 new recruits that we can invest in, to enable them to perform beyond what they would normally be capable. After they have established themselves in the corp we will enter a new round of recruitment!

What we offer is…

Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate Membership

0.0 access for ratting/mining. We have corporate offices in an Amarr outpost and an S&I conquered station. Access to Arkonor and Mercoxit mining with close, and in system Minmatar refinery outposts.

Plenty of PvP opportunity

POS experience to those that show interest.

High Sec Mobile lab operations, ME/PE/Copy/Invention

Mission running support including low sec.

Members will be supplied corporate frigates and cruisers. Battle Cruisers and Battleships will be provided to those that use them well!

Any new recruits will go through an interview and then once accepted into Timetravel Enterprises will go through an initial probationary period. This is so we can get to know you and you can get to know us.

Please contact me or join our public channel TTTI to begin the interview process.

CEO Timetravel Enterprises

Posted - 2007.06.23 18:46:00 - [11]


Multi-Game Clan--Est. 2000--We know how to run an organization!

* Strong PVP, Adults in age and mentality, TS a must, 3 Mil Skills, See for details!



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