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Curzon Dax
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2007.06.21 23:09:00 - [1]

Greetings folks.

I'm Curzon Dax. For background, I'm the Eve Idol, and you can check out my songs there. Yes, I will sing for you on teamspeak/ventrilo/Skype. =p

I'm also the Eve Battleship Champion. You can clicky my signature for that one.

You could say that I'm a hardcore player, I'm Eastern Standard Time (GMT -9).

I've got 45 million SP; highlights are cloaking L5, Recon Ships L5, Exhumers L5, Freighter L5. I have more SP in industry/mining than in PvP, but I daresay SP don't make you a good combat pilot. =p

Hrm...I like long walks on the beach, good music, and my woman, who also plays Eve. Few of my other friends and I play Eve too. We're all PvP capable. I'm worth a lot of billions. Lots and lots of them. I like my NPC corp (DCMI) because there's always new folks with new questions, and a little bit of help goes a long way; it feels great to make someone's day without having to give them a capital ship. =p

Here's the dilemma: Why should I join your corp? Really, I've been searching for an answer to that for months. I don't need ISK, so mining ops in 0.0 don't interest me. PvP - I get a good share of it through people challenging my title. I've done small gang warfare, but never fleet combat; which I can't find myself thinking would be interesting given the huge amount of lag I read about happening during even small scale fleet combat. Is there something else to corp / alliance life?

Am I missing something? I know what I offer, but like the age old question...what's in it for me?

Spacelane Logistics
Posted - 2007.06.21 23:33:00 - [2]

because we are a corp of loners that are in the game to have fun and do our own thing. The people you make friends with have more to do with eve than the mining or ratting, or PvP.

Besides we give free skill books to corp members :)

Posted - 2007.06.21 23:37:00 - [3]


Multi-Game Clan--Est. 2000--We know how to run an organization!

* Strong PVP, Adults in age and mentality, TS a must, 3 Mil Skills, See for details!


Oregon sinful
The Illuminati.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2007.06.21 23:45:00 - [4]

Why join my corp? That is a very good question. You have found all you need in eve and you seem to be able to do it all on your own. So you ask yourself, what's in it for me. You don't have to look very hard for action and you don't need to do anything to sustain your isk. So what could I possibly offer you?

What could you possibly get from eve that you haven't already gotten. Corp 1 AllstarS is a dedicated PvP corp. We expect you to sustain your own income but we're willing to help our brotherman.

Corp 1 AllstarS is not a corp for drama. The sole purpose of our existence is FUN.

We merc we pirate we pew pew with everyone. We're feared and respected as a corp of highs killed pilots who are red to everyone and everything.

But the best part of Corp 1 is the people. We sing together on ts, we laugh, tell jokes, and all around help each other out. Many of us are friends irl and we'd love to have you come along.

Join walmart channel ingame or convo myself, C4W3, or Varaxian ingame for anything else you'd like to know...

Blood Blind
Posted - 2007.06.22 00:07:00 - [5]

Organised 1v1 isnt exactly the massive rush factor. You've got isk? then buy a faction battleship with all the mod con's and try your luck at low sec. You might say whats so great about killing noobs in low sec?:

Its but a small part, eventually those bears getting annoyed and come back at you in larger numbers - where ever you go what ever you do your hunted, theres no better way than having all of eve some mass 0.0 play ground.

Also why not help me wierchas etc start something, make a name and create a reputation like others in eve, not with arrogant forum posts, but with smart and skilled in game pvp.

You can never have enough isk tbh Very Happy

Were a blank canvas, why not create something with players as skilled as you. - btw id like to 1v1 u also - but the aurora of your confidence puts me off betting hehe.


Nekogami Band
Posted - 2007.06.22 00:08:00 - [6]

like all these guys said...what can we offer u in anny corp?...
-well, i know i can offer u realy good ingame atmosphere, not just in pvp, but also on ts/vent and in all eve.
- The Gravedigger Company is mainly pvp-pirate corp, we do it all with smile, no matter do we lose or win. its just a game, and we play to have fun, not just to be uber-cool pvpers best in whole eve. (that would be just bonus, lol).

->we do pvp in small groups, we always on TS, we small corp whit good sense of humor, with good support to our new members... and we want u, or anione who feels playing eve on "fun side", not just "pvp, kill kill kill, omg, im at KM" side.
If u interested, hop on our ingame channel: S.E.G. public

Ty for your time reading this. o/

Tobias Sjodin
Habitual Euthanasia
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2007.06.22 00:08:00 - [7]

Maybe you should start your own corp and become successful at that instead. Making a corporation successful is so much more difficult. This is a challenge I should think you would appreciate.

k Rose
Posted - 2007.06.22 00:23:00 - [8]

Edited by: k Rose on 22/06/2007 00:39:12

heh? Is that a boast?

As interesting as this sounds mate. I have people in my corporation with just as much skills as you. Ive learn not to include names calling primary is a NO NO. But I'll let ya know he pretty well known at EVE Radio.
Our corp doesn't pride it self on how long you been a EVE member. I think alot you forget what your playing EVE for. Its for the enjoyment of the game?

I myself had been playing for less time then you.. Matter a fact this is my Second Account but at least I know why Im playing this game. Maybe Im reading you wrong and not entirely sure what your point is!

Our CORP isnt only about a bunch of miners sitting in the belt all day. But about getting along with each other to have a good time.

I hate to say it man but only you can choose the CORP Your going to join. ANd there for NOBODY else can make up your mind!

Ther for if you would like to APPLY at ECMI In Derelik Region and pull up a seat - JUMP on TS - Grab yourself a beer and sit down with bunch of good people In mining camp!
Good Day

Originally by: Tobias Sjodin
Maybe you should start your own corp and become successful at that instead. Making a corporation successful is so much more difficult. This is a challenge I should think you would appreciate.

Starting CORP isn't easy but still TIME Consuming. It takes more then a few good words to make a good Corp. Even Successful Corps get trashed in EVE. Sometimes it can be even bigger headache then looking for one. I wouldn't suggest anyone make a CORP.
But you might be right, this may challenge him!

CEO K Rose

Blood Blind
Posted - 2007.06.22 01:30:00 - [9]

Originally by: Tobias Sjodin
Maybe you should start your own corp and become successful at that instead. Making a corporation successful is so much more difficult. This is a challenge I should think you would appreciate.

qft tbh.

Curzon Dax
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2007.06.22 01:50:00 - [10]

Originally by: Tobias Sjodin
Maybe you should start your own corp and become successful at that instead. Making a corporation successful is so much more difficult. This is a challenge I should think you would appreciate.

I don't want to start my own corp. I was the guild leader for Praetorian Guard in WoW - during my tenure there, we were the highest ranked PvP guild across the servers. =p Some of my friends followed me here, but I'm not looking to start a corp.

I want to be inspired. I'm sure that there's something I haven't seen/done yet, and I want someone to point out what it is and take me to it. =p

Camilo Cienfuegos
Earned In Blood
Posted - 2007.06.22 04:04:00 - [11]

Am I missing something? I know what I offer, but like the age old question...what's in it for me?

By bastardising a popular quote, I'd like to say: "Ask not what your corporation can do for you, but what you can do for your corporation."

If I had to sell myself to you, we wouldn't be worth buying. If you wanted to join us though you'd be welcome. We're small, we suck and I'm offering you nothing. Like DCMI though, the tax rate is nil and I always feel like I'm surrounded by newbies.

To answer your question, the only thing that a corporation/alliance offers you that you can't get in an NPC corp is posting rights in CAOD...

Natasha Donnan
Capital Construction Research
Pioneer Alliance
Posted - 2007.06.22 06:24:00 - [12]

Edited by: Natasha Donnan on 22/06/2007 06:25:48
Edited by: Natasha Donnan on 22/06/2007 06:24:02
Edited by: Natasha Donnan on 22/06/2007 06:23:18
Hi there,

The Kaminjosvig Corporation is a new corp and it is now recruiting. I am a mature person and I am looking to build a corporation that has a bit of character. It will be mostly PvP focused but it is going to take a while for it to get going.

The basic idea of the corp can be found here:

The Kaminjosvig vision is to build a brother hood renowned for their fighting spirit and uncompromising approach to PvP. Like it says above when facing equal odds we will be known first and foremost for not backing down. We will do this with the utmost respect for our opponents ultimately to enjoy the game to the full.

Kaminjosvig is an anagram of Jomsvikinga - if you have look around the web you will see that the Jomsvikings were a legendary mercenary society renowned for their fighting spirit. I want to translate some of that lore into Eve. Having a 'skald' would be part of that!! Smile

This is a new project if you like the basic ideas and want to contribute to these goals by all means come along and speak with me on the forums and I will share the concept and inspiration of the Corp with you. From then it will be down to us what happens.

So to answer the whats in it for you question its easy. Fame and fortune and brotherhood. I have heard slogans like "What can you do for your corp" before. I promise you if we get a close knit group of people we will make an impact and it will be through forming and building a corp identity!


“The girl with The really Starey eyes!”

Quadix Leime
Tropical Killer Bananas
Posted - 2007.06.22 07:26:00 - [13]

Tropical Killer Bananas (T-K-B) is looking for PVP pilots with at least t2 ship and t2 gun skills in one race.
At the moment we are part of the ISS alliance and help ISS to defend the Esoteria region and be part in roaming gangs.
Most of the pilots in the corp have a lot of PVP experience (fleet ops and also small/medium roaming gangs).
We have the experience and can help you to grow further in the game.

You should be self supported, but the corp will help you if needed with equipment.
Also the alliance can provide at cheap prices ships and other stuff.

What we offer:

• 0.0 Access for ratting (nice Sansha npc's)
• PvP Operations (small romaing gangs and fleet ops)
• Carrier support by alliance to move stuff to Esoteria
• Lots of fun (thats the important part of this game!!)
• Support from corp members in PVP training and ship setups
• Own room at Ventrillo server

What we looking for:

• Mature players (25+)
• At least specialist in one race t2 guns and t2 ships
• At least 5 million skill points
• Euro-time zone preffered (we have different peeps in corp from Germany, Poland and The Netherlands)
• Dedicated players that are willing to fight
• RL counts! So we understand when a player couldnt be online for a while because of real life issues.

Please contact Shas'o H'dam, The Equinox or Quadix Leime ingame or
leave a message at this post if you want to join our corporation!

Night Fuse
Posted - 2007.06.22 08:24:00 - [14]

check our corp

especialy if ur intrested in lvl 5 missions ( fighting against capital ships ) with assistance of logistic ship..

--==>> Dark Core Phoenix <<==--

Irob Urore
Posted - 2007.06.22 10:15:00 - [15]

we can offer you cookies.

Bath and Body Works
S I L E N T.
Posted - 2007.06.22 10:43:00 - [16]

Well, Mobius Construct members tend to sing on TS a lot, if that's your bag. Actually, it's more just me, and my good friend Cagi. Though we're not very good. Mobius Construct! The only place you'll hear a feeble attempt at vocal harmony while you sit in a POS next to a cynosural field. Also, we're Canadians. Some of us.

Of course, I should mention that due to local technical limitations I am limited to skilling only until September.

So pretty much, keep looking. Love your music, and writing, by the way.

Legion of The Damned.
Posted - 2007.06.22 15:33:00 - [17]

At the end of the day mate, what IS in it for you?

Obviously, your either getting bored with your current routine or your just looking to try something new.

Now, several things jump to mind :

Apply to one of the many sections of ISD - seeing as you appear to spend alot of time helping the newer players in DCMI, howabout STAR (Player Support)?

Maybe enhance your surrealism a little, join the roleplay community and *always* have something to aim towards, be it the expansion of your chosen faction or merely creating diplomatic incidents between others... maybe even aim to be the first non-Amarrian Emperor, hell, they still need one ;).

Alternatively, if you just feel bored, spend some time training for and building a Titan, fly out in the middle of no-where and selfdestruct it... just because you can.

There's plenty more oppertunities out there to enhance your gameplay both in and out of game, but I'm suffering from deep sleprevation atm, I may post a little more when I wake up.


Mortis Angelus
Posted - 2007.06.22 16:02:00 - [18]

Adeptus Gattacus is recruiting all types of players,we are a established corp going for 4 years, we helped create our new alliance which we now run, more info on us is bellow:

Based: Veneal

Likes: PVP



TS:Is mandatory

Friends: Triumvette / Terror in the system
hositles: D2 / Razor (we are neutral with BOB)

We operate NBSI policy.

Take a look at our recruitment thread for more info on us.

Our Recruitment Thread

Regards Tyler

Fusion Enterprises Ltd
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2007.06.22 16:40:00 - [19]


Help other people achieve their goals Wink


The Graduates
Brutally Clever Empire
Posted - 2007.06.22 18:43:00 - [20]

Edited by: Manas on 22/06/2007 18:55:44


The Graduates was spawned out of Eve University, one of the most unique corporations in EvE. We have a special goal as well.. to help introduce experienced Empire players to 0.0 space and PvP. Many of our members are ex-Eve University members.

That was 9 months ago, and The Graduates have developed into a large (150+ member) experienced corporation, but still with a very close bond and common purpose. After stops in EC-P8R, and the new regions, we are now located in Syndicate (just 4 jumps from Empire).

We pride ourselves in being a "white-hat" corporation: No smacking, griefing, meta-games, etc.. We always have a hand for new players and corporations. But we have never seen this as a barrier to being strong PvPers. The Graduates has a modest cap ship fleet, generous PvP replacement policy, and regualr operations.

Why not give me a convo and we can talk more about it?

Just click the link below my signature for more information.


The Fated
Posted - 2007.06.23 05:01:00 - [21]

Billions and billions are not worth anything if you never take any risks, the fact that you have billions and still like being in an NPC corp makes me think you have never seen the best parts of EVE.

EVE is not just a game of isk collecting, it is a game of intrigue and high risk taking. The only real measure of success in EVE is not amounts isk but how you use your isk. Making isk with no risk is not all that there is.

Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2007.06.23 05:26:00 - [22]

Rather than post a recruitment message, To answer your question, You should join a corp to make friends, BS late at night with your corp mates on Vent/TS, and generally have fun. No, im not recruiting for Dark Horses, but, remember, join a corp for friends, and a good time, because you dont need anything else from them

Posted - 2007.06.24 04:20:00 - [23]

I run E.M.P. Industries. Were a mining/industrial corp. We also have a pvp wing. Were mostly in V.V. and placid. We have offices in high and low sec. If your interested please contact me in game. Oh and feel free to visit and our forum at Theres my stick. now as for why you should join. Honestly Im looking for good help. Were allwasy looking for good people. You want to be a part of something interesting look us up. I know Ive had my share of moments of why the hell am I still playing this game. My reason is simple. The people in my corp. Thats it. So look us up mate and fly safe.

Nitro G
Posted - 2007.06.27 06:27:00 - [24]

join huff man we can cut sum tracks together and tear eve a new wormhole.

Scagga Laebetrovo
Failure Assured
Posted - 2007.06.27 11:37:00 - [25]

Edited by: Scagga Laebetrovo on 27/06/2007 11:37:29

Anyone can offer you game mechanics. You've probably being offered the 'greatest' pvp in the game, lag comes free. Indeed, some corps are also offering you friendly atmospheres and are run by good people.

Delictum 23216 is offering something unique. There is no other Ammatar paramilitary in Eve. There is no previous Ammatar paramilitary, thus we have been built from nothing. Therefore why we fight, who we fight, have unique meanings. Our corporation is large, active in many fields and has a progressive vision for growth.

Want to make an impact on New Eden? Join us.

John McCreedy
Eve Defence Force
Posted - 2007.06.27 15:41:00 - [26]

I think there's two questions here.

1. Why should I join a Corp?
2. Why should I join your Corp?

Question two comes down to personal preference. Question one I can only answer as to why I joined a Corporation. The answer to that is simply Friendship. It's certainly not CCP who keep me here, it's the friendships I've made. Friendships that I will carry with me when they shut Eve's servers for good. Being in an NPC corp is all well because you can meet some very interesting people but being in a player run Corporation allows you to make lasting friendships.

As to the question of why a specific corporation, only you can answer that question because if you don't know what you want from a corp, we don't either. All I can advise is that you review the different recruitment threads (click the link below my sig for ours) and see if they are involved in areas that you yourself find fun.

Whatever you decide, I wish you the best of luck.


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