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Khozhlov Zhadov
Imperial Academy
Posted - 2007.06.20 23:34:00 - [1]

Edited by: Khozhlov Zhadov on 21/06/2007 00:02:33
Edited by: Khozhlov Zhadov on 20/06/2007 23:33:00
I would like to use this thread to exhibit the more unorthodox ideas people may have for additions to this most marvelous of games.

So give me your crazy ideas no matter how odd they are. Discussion is fine just dont post any 'no it wont ever happen' comments. Thats the whole point but sometimes you get some really good ideas from bad ones...

Heres one of mine:

Me and my corp want to put together a stunt shuttle team. You know kinda like the Red Arrows. Any way for this we would need coloured smoke trails (like red or green or something) that would hang around in space for a while before dispersing. it would be great if we could do flybys for parades and stuff (EVE should have parades by the way, ooh and national holidays where ccp deliver toys to all the good pod pilots and a lump of plag to the bad ones) I would also like barrel roles for the stunt ships and loop the loops.

Very Happy

Spoon Thumb
Khanid Provincial Vanguard
Vanguard Imperium
Posted - 2007.06.20 23:39:00 - [2]

New module:

Drone nets.

Launched into space to catch drones in their grasp (or anything else for that matter) and slow/stop it.

Has a tensile strength for when it breaks, worked out on the mass and velocity and volume of the thing hitting it

Carebear Stare Coalition
Posted - 2007.06.20 23:48:00 - [3]

1. Having small numbered icons on the overview title bar to select different preset overview settings to quickly go through them. Rather than right clicking then going through the menu to select.

2. Fixing alot of windows that have columns and/or rows that arnt adjustable or havnt go much adjustment in them (example: Email window - the email text window is restricted in size (vertically) and in hi res (like how i run eve) i have alot more room on screen and wish to see the whole email, if not alot more of it.

3. Have an NPC Transport service that can gather all your belonging to one or a few chosen places for you. With this i should think the service takes place in a weeks time or more from the time implemented. so that people cant use this as a "quick get rich" scheme. Also it would cost some anyhow.

4. Have a limit on how many regions/constellations/systems a corp has control over. Let other people have a peace of the pie instead of the large corps taking everything ( especially when the new space just opens and is taken within a few days/weeks )

Hopefully thatll keep you going for a while Razz


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