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Posted - 2007.06.13 04:49:00 - [1]

About Me:
ArrowI have about 4 million SP mostly in Gallente ships / drones.
ArrowMature attitude
ArrowI have vent/ts/mic
ArrowStrong background in teamwork based PvP games (guildwars, dota, and some others)
ArrowGood understanding of all game mechanics
ArrowQuite a few solo kills

What I'm looking for in a PvP based corp:
Arrow0.0 Access
ArrowStrong core of veterans
ArrowI prefer small roaming gangs
ArrowMature group of people (no screaming at people on vent etc.)

Feel free to send me an Eve-mail if you think your corp would suit me.

Posted - 2007.06.13 05:48:00 - [2]

2007.06.08 06:05
Cyberdyne Industries is looking to expand its fleet of active PvP pilots. We are a mostly US based corp in the Terror in the System alliance currently fighting alongside MC and other friends in the northern regions.

What we are looking for in potential recruits:
- Mature personalities (18+)
- Used to living in 0.0 space.
- Capital ready/training.
- Tech 2 Snipers.
- Experience with both large scale capital fleet operations as well as small gang pvp.
- Multiple accounts and cyno alts are a major plus.
- Ability to follow orders and maintain TS discipline.
- Ability to earn isk for both themselves and the corp and be self sufficient be it by ratting/missions or industry.
- Willingness to focus on personal, corp and alliance goals and stick with them.

Mandatory Requirements:
- 9 mil SP minimum in pvp related skills.
- TeamSpeak with working mic.
- English speaking.
- Available for regular fleet ops on at least 3-4 days a week.
- Non-hostile employment history.

Nemesis XIIII
Divine Power.
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2007.06.13 06:02:00 - [3]

Hey Grayham, here some information on Mutually Assured Destruction (LMADL)

We are a diverse corp, with veteran leadership, PvP, mining and manufacturing. We are currently in Te-Ka alliance, and have acess to new regions.

We have no SP requirement. Ts is required. Everyone is about 18+ and mature, and have a good time, as well as being serious when the time comes.

We are U.S and Europe based people.

We do small-large gang runs every week out of the N-R area. With what your requirments suggested, I think you would like it in LMADL.

Forum -
In game channel - MAD PUB

Any other information you would like, please contact myself, Rhetoricus, or Sartalis. Hope to here from you.

Neo Corricon
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2007.06.13 06:05:00 - [4]

RennTech, a 0.0 Corp, is recruiting Combat (PVP) Pilots
Six months of Pod Pilot experience is required.
(Does not have to be PVP Experience)

RennTech is a mixed Combat and Industrial Corporation operating on the border of The Forge and Metropolis. We are multi-racial and multi-skilled, but generally operate under the principals of the Caldari State with strong ties to Kaalakiota.


- Constant Ops. There are Combat gangs to be found 23x7.
- Access to Sovereign space in 0.0.
- Access to multiple Outposts.
- Access to 0.0 Ice and Minerals (Caldari Ice, Hemorphite, Crokite, Bistot, Arkanor, Mercoxit).
- Access to 0.0 space for hunting high value belt rats (500k-8m bounties)
- Access to regular carrier hauls in/out of 0.0.
- Access to lab facilities.
- Access to construction facilities.
- A corporate mineral buying program.
- Discount ships, ammo and other equipment.


- A highly mature attitude.
- 30 somethings and up are encouraged to apply (Our founder and CEO is 40 something).
- Anyone who has been in the heat of battle, had to bail for RL, and gotten grief for it is encouraged to apply.
- We put RL first in RennTech, no grief here. Wife/baby agro? Log. You can say goodbye later.
- Must be a team player willing to contribute to the good of the Corp.
- Voice Chat is required for all Ops. (Currently TS, but Vent is planned)
- A strong desire to risk operating in 0.0 and reap the benefits.
- The ability to pick yourself up and dust off after loosing your ship without loosing your cool.
- "Smak talkers" and "l33t pwn3rs" need not apply.

Applications are accepted in:

Uemon VIII-3 Perkone Factory (Low-Sec)
Moselgi IV Minmitar Mining Corporation Refinery (High-Sec)
Ikami VIII-12 Peace and Order Unit Logistics Support
Akora IX CreoDron Factory (Low-Sec)

Send an EVEmail or conv to Neo Corricon, or Crien to arrange an interview or for any questions.

Open Corp Channel: RENNT

Maximillian Power
Legio Immortalis
Posted - 2007.06.13 06:53:00 - [5]

hey ho,

I think we might be what you are looking for ;)

Have a read of our recruitment post and drop into Wolfpack Delta Public for a chat.

Quadix Leime
Tropical Killer Bananas
Posted - 2007.06.13 09:47:00 - [6]

Check our recruitment post m8!



Pringles Inc.
No Comment.
Posted - 2007.06.13 11:14:00 - [7]

Hello m8, I'd like invite you to take a look at my Corp. You can find info at EvE-O Post and You can convo me in game or hang out in channel Pringles

Thanks Dark`

temp holding
Posted - 2007.06.13 13:35:00 - [8]

Hi mate!

We like to have you on board. We are a mature corp operating in 0.0 Geminate. We have daily Roaming gangs, the occasional fleet op and a lot of targets to shoot at:) Check us out and convo me: TLSW

Dirt Nap Squad
Dirt Nap Squad.
Posted - 2007.06.13 13:38:00 - [9]

Edited by: DNSBLACK on 13/06/2007 13:37:11
DNS is presently recruiting please visit our web site . Would love to chat with you in game if you havnt already found a corp. We can meet everyone of your request and alot more. We are US based in all time zones and very active at every aspect of the game. I look forward to talking with you on vent or TS and give you the details of what we are about convo me in game if you like a vent inteview. What TZ are you in.

Recruiting Post

Please read these post

Some key points about DNS

1. 0.0 Space with the best Mins in the game.
2. PVP all shapes and sizes. ( We like to keep the dust off our Cap fleet plus alot of small gang activity)
3. A strong Cap fleet to defend your assets
4. 2 Outpost
5. 3rd largest alliance in the game with a strong 0.0 market
6. A mature player base and leadership with a good sense of focus and drive.

And of course so much more.

I look forward to speaking with you on vent about The DNS experince.


Klaus Hauptmann
Ihatalo Navy
Ihatalo Cartel Navy
Posted - 2007.06.13 19:18:00 - [10]

The Ihatalo Cartel is looking to recruit people such as you. perhaps the way our Cartel works and does things may interest you....

You can visit our website here

Feel free to drop by our in-game public channel IHATALO CARTEL and speak to any of our members.

The Graduates
Brutally Clever Empire
Posted - 2007.06.13 20:39:00 - [11]

Hey Grayham,

Consider my corporation. 130+ members, live in Syndicate, with plenty of PvP opportunities. I think what we have lines up nicely with your needs.

Click on the link under my signature for more details.


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