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Posted - 2007.06.04 10:09:00 - [1231]

Congratulations to the EvE TEAM and a big thanks for the BEST GAME EVER

will have an icecold bottle of CHANG Beer

Monster Raving Loonies
Posted - 2007.06.04 10:20:00 - [1232]

Cheers EvE CCP4TWVery Happy look forward to another 10 years!!!!!

Regards Spawny

Lord Darous
Posted - 2007.06.04 11:00:00 - [1233]

I have toasted this game, and this mighty company, with a glass of cold milk sprigged with a bit a shaved cloves for an extra zing of flavor.

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2007.06.04 11:04:00 - [1234]

Gongrats to all of you guys.

Keep it up for the most challenging game in online community.

Posted - 2007.06.04 11:07:00 - [1235]

beer's out of stock since ages atm...
but will go on celebrating with good italian red wine.
Grats to all of you for having achieved this nice target!
Per ardua ad astra.Very Happy

Daniellus Draco
Posted - 2007.06.04 12:34:00 - [1236]

I hope all of you at CCP and all of the fans will be able to celebrate the next big anniversary!

I have toasted with Hungarian egri white wine.
And put another one away for the next one...Wink

Posted - 2007.06.04 13:10:00 - [1237]

Cheers CCP you've made the most #@$&ing addictive game I've ever seen.

I love you to death!Twisted Evil

Gentlemen's Agreement
Posted - 2007.06.04 14:20:00 - [1238]

Cheers to CCP ...
long may you last

Wolfgang Yip
Posted - 2007.06.04 14:32:00 - [1239]

Thanks for the best space MMO game I have ever played. Hope for another great 10 years.Very Happy

Morrigan Shadowstar
Posted - 2007.06.04 14:46:00 - [1240]

Congrats EVE. I raise my gtlas to you.

Dantalus Portos
1st Praetorian Guard
Posted - 2007.06.04 15:21:00 - [1241]

* Danty raises a glass of finest Tash-Murkon Stout.

Quickly followed by a single malt chaser.

Happy 10th anniversary and congratulations on a great game!

Grey Gryphon
EVE University
Ivy League
Posted - 2007.06.04 15:25:00 - [1242]

Happy birthday CCP! I raise a glass of fine cognac in your honour. :)

I've always been a fan of sci-fi flight games, especially Origin's Privateer, and I'm happy to see someone carry on their fine tradition while raising the bar ever higher. I hope you that 10 more years down the road, you'll further improve this game, make even finer games, get rich and show the world what independent games developers are capable of. Cheers!

Bismarck vonDresden
Minions of Madness
Posted - 2007.06.04 16:02:00 - [1243]

Happy Birthday CCP.

Thanks for an awesome game. Keep it up for another few decades Razz

I'm drinking a pangalactic gargleblaster in your honour.

Posted - 2007.06.04 16:33:00 - [1244]

Well..... QUAFE of course. Wink

* Tips the barrel up.... HERES TO 10 MORE !


XD Andy
KIA Corp
KIA Alliance
Posted - 2007.06.04 17:36:00 - [1245]

10 years strong ..

... and here's hoping for another 10 at the very least.



Posted - 2007.06.04 18:03:00 - [1246]

Congratulations CCP, would like to drink with you one Champagne Krug Grande Cuveť Brut Cool, live far but it would love to participate of the party! I love this game! Congratulations again. Continue with beautiful job!...
Im Brasiliam and my english is very bad... sorry!.. lolEmbarassed

Gun Kata
R.E.D Enterprises
Posted - 2007.06.04 19:00:00 - [1247]

10 years - well done!

Sinclair Schezar
Posted - 2007.06.04 19:55:00 - [1248]


Here's to 10 more years of internet spaceships and whatnot!

I don't drink, but I did at least raise my rather nice glass filled with ice-cold Coke in a quiet salute. Razz

Posted - 2007.06.04 20:14:00 - [1249]

Congradulations on your unprecednted run. I raise my glass with the only appropriate drink a "bloody Mary"

Lennier Cotto
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2007.06.04 21:16:00 - [1250]

Cheers !

Paul Finn
Posted - 2007.06.04 21:35:00 - [1251]

Nice Work CCP!! 10 Years is quite an achievement for this generation of gamer.

Keep up the good work and heres to another 10 years!

Phillip War
Delta Network
Posted - 2007.06.04 21:38:00 - [1252]

Hello CCP Staff,

I'd like to congratulate you guys for your 10th year. Your game attracted me because good balance between strategy and action, allowing to create several types of diplomatic relationships, and warfare strategies, while you guys keep the game balanced, allowing the more capable/articulated men/women to have a chance to stabilish firmy in the head of social system, as you guys did 'till now; I'm sure that you'll continue to have this huge sucess/growing of this world.

See ya around.

Unholy Preacher
Trade Consortium
Initiative Associates
Posted - 2007.06.05 00:16:00 - [1253]

congratz ccp, its been soo long since open beta and while i unfortunately didnt start up until 2 1/2 years ago, its been a great ride, hope for another 10 great years ! salut

Sir Tayott
Posted - 2007.06.05 00:59:00 - [1254]

I might be a bit late, but I'll toast to 10 more years

*pulls out the Courvoisier*


Posted - 2007.06.05 02:12:00 - [1255]

Here's to everybody out there in Eve! May you live long and prosper!!! Also, please make me rich!


Zhao Li
No Quarter.
Vae Victis.
Posted - 2007.06.05 03:25:00 - [1256]

Day late..
but /toast
congrats CCP and EVE!

Jacob Kies
Posted - 2007.06.05 04:07:00 - [1257]

In the words of the famous tennis player... C'MON!!!!!!!!!!!

All the best for the future CCP!!!

Sheriff Jones
Clinical Experiment
Posted - 2007.06.05 07:38:00 - [1258]

Edited by: Sheriff Jones on 05/06/2007 07:38:33
Let's see...i believe i was drinking a glass of appletwist pepsi Max with a taste of bacardi rum at the moment as i, for a reason unknown to me, lifted it above my head and uttered the sacred words "DIb dub diuuuu URP!", fell down, bumped my head on the coffee table and saw a dream of a pink mushroom floating in the neverending cosmos.

I woke up roughly 10 hours later, and thus was refreshed, without my pants and ready to post about it here. Then i noticed i was, by the demand of odin himself i believe, lifted the glass for a great reason. A 10 year toast. *lifts glass* So, without further ado, again, to all you at CCP, Dib, sub, diuuuu URP! Ah cra*falls down*

The Phoenix Enclave
Posted - 2007.06.05 07:50:00 - [1259]

I've toasted with a good cop of coffee yesterday at around 3AM and doing so again for the second time right now at 9:40 =]
Good luck and keep it up! It's a tough business :E

Cruel Intentions
Posted - 2007.06.05 09:54:00 - [1260]

slightly delayed but woot yey ccp gg

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