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Ed Anger
Weekly World News
Derek Knows Us
Posted - 2007.08.14 22:59:00 - [61]

whale + missile = blubber rain

Vanishing Point.
The Initiative.
Posted - 2007.08.17 17:19:00 - [62]

This idea continues to be the forum's richest source of pure WIN.

Tyranis Var
Talon Logistics Inc.
Posted - 2007.08.20 06:17:00 - [63]

I love this idea
/sign for whales

and since no one's said it yet:


"We're whalers on the moon.
We carry a harpoon.
But there ain't no whales.
So we tell tall tales.
And sing our whaling tune." Laughing

Deacon Ix
Volition Cult
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2007.08.20 09:33:00 - [64]


Awesome Idea

Lisento Slaven
The Drekla Consortium
Posted - 2007.08.26 13:02:00 - [65]

The whales are out there and are still considered an awesome idea apparently by many people. I still believe wildlife and the ability to interact with it (ala GTA, "Jaws Unleashed", etc.) is an excellent source of entertainment for ANY game. I remember when I used to boot up G-Police (game for the first Playstation) and just wreak havoc on the city with the helicopter thingy or the battlesuit you could open up with a code.

There is no doubt -> Space whales are the future of EVE. If only CCP was allowed to listen to my ravings on these forums...........people who actually read my posts probably know that this is one of the very few *good* things I've ever come up with =P

Brodo Faggins
Ministry of War
Posted - 2007.08.26 19:08:00 - [66]

/signed for epic lulz and epic win

Marine HK4861
State Protectorate
Posted - 2007.08.27 00:18:00 - [67]

You do know that the new ORE capital ship, the rorqual, is named after a species of whale, so you can now technically go space whaling. Very Happy

Norman Vere
Death to Your King
Posted - 2007.08.30 00:08:00 - [68]

I'd like to hunt whales. They could be a source of some sort of fuel too... Whalers on earth used it for oil or whatever, ya?


A wiseman
Kantian Principle
Posted - 2007.08.30 00:12:00 - [69]

i fully indorse this iv'e always wanted to do a moby **** space ship thing t2 harpoons ftw

OB Eternal
Acting Neutral
Posted - 2007.09.04 00:40:00 - [70]

Edited by: OB Eternal on 04/09/2007 00:41:14
OMG this idea is crazy and i love it should have like a whole seperate Whale Bounty thing and like you got 2 destroy them in anti-whale hunting ships Laughing to get the bounty off them

Gus Morgan
Genos Occidere
Posted - 2007.09.04 01:40:00 - [71]

I want them whales! I would hide my ship under a whale and wait for whalers to come kill it and pop their silly whaling-ships!

Bardi MecAuldnis
Posted - 2007.09.04 06:04:00 - [72]

Edited by: Bardi MecAuldnis on 04/09/2007 06:04:37
How have I not seen this thread before now? Space Whales = Win.

Edit: Someone beat me to the song...Crying or Very sad

Kytus Bos
Posted - 2007.09.04 14:00:00 - [73]

Horray!!! Space walers FTW!!

Karyuudo Tydraad
State Protectorate
Posted - 2007.09.05 06:39:00 - [74]

Roar! I approve of this!

Lisento Slaven
The Drekla Consortium
Posted - 2007.09.05 16:56:00 - [75]

Come on CCP...take my idea and refine it into a masterpiece of know you want to =(

Posted - 2007.09.08 09:13:00 - [76]

hahaha lol do what he says ccp! i wana go whalin yarrr!

Posted - 2007.09.12 20:28:00 - [77]

great idea, i love it!!! maybe even some roadkill? NO WHALES IN JITA FOR FU#&* SAKE, ITS BAD ENOUGH...

Shan'Talasha Mea'Questa
The Perfect Harvesting Experience
Posted - 2007.09.15 09:15:00 - [78]

I think this idea is slightly disturbing.

Del Narveux
Dukes of Hazard
Posted - 2007.09.15 10:51:00 - [79]


Lisento Slaven
The Drekla Consortium
Posted - 2007.09.30 14:52:00 - [80]

Originally by: Shan'Talasha Mea'Questa
I think this idea is slightly disturbing.

But why? Come now, explain! You're in a corp named "The Perfect Harvesting Experience" and without Space Whales you can not be honest with that corp! Harvest the whales, harvest perfection.

Khanak Hryad
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2007.09.30 17:14:00 - [81]

Space Whales FTW!!!!

Beets and Gravy Syndicate
The InterBus Initiative
Posted - 2007.10.13 06:34:00 - [82]

I would say in addition to you ideas that the whales dont disapear after each downtime, but that a certain number are born each day and are born in systems neighboring other systems with spacewhales in them, ie a constelation with 4 space whales in it is much more likely to get another after dt than a constelation with one in it.

This would lead to pockets of space whale 'herds.' Also, if whales never died except thru whaling, then the popularity and the population of both space whales and space whalers would be very dynamic and would add another dimension to the profession. If whales didn't die after dt then you could have them grow, and also grow every time they kill a ship, when they grow they become stronger, faster and more dangerous, so theoetically you could have a veteran space whale that is massive and would take a team of whalers to take it down or something.

Just some ideas. Oh and ROFL space whales. Laughing

Curryzia Kinwurry
Posted - 2007.10.13 13:37:00 - [83]

This is a disturbly good and convincing idea, irregardless of how ridiculous it is.

Space Whales would be a good addition to the game.

Posted - 2007.10.13 23:08:00 - [84]


NorCorp Enterprise
No Holes Barred
Posted - 2007.10.13 23:11:00 - [85]

I really like this idea for some obscure reason

Blackback Starkiel
EveArt Studios
Posted - 2007.10.13 23:26:00 - [86]

Edited by: Blackback Starkiel on 13/10/2007 23:29:17

It's a fun idea! Very Happy

I understand the term "whale" is just a convenient label of course; but still I would be reluctant to actually make them alien. It's not impossible to have them be the result of human genetic engineering gone rogue for example.

"The old Minmatar empire (pre-Amarr enslavement) were experimenting with building cheap and effective "space cities" in high orbit above their planet, a planet still in early space age at the time. The revolutionary idea was to grow these cities rather than build them -- massive synthetic half-biological, half-cybernetical creatures that were alive in the sense that they consumed energy, grew and repaired damages to its own body -- but had only rudimentary intelligence, controlled by Minmatar controllers. That body was designed to be full of suitably sized cavities, passages and spaces where a space station could be housed fast and cheap; energy being supplied directly from the "host" surrounding it. It was a very good idea until Amarr spoiled the fun and the technology was lost. In the disarray, the control over the entities got destroyed and the behemoths, still unfinished and without any cities inside them, mindlessly drifted off and dispersed into deep space, ever searching for energy to feed on. Eventually they evolved and began to split themselves into new entities, chunks of living matter drifting between the stars."

... well something like that could work just better than the idea of an "alien race" for some reasons I will go into below. Assuming they could reproduce, they would nevertheless be just like "whales", and evolving in new weird forms non intended by their original creators.


For the "whaler" profession to be really the lone wolf path I think the OP envisioned it to be, I have some suggestions. First, and this was already mentioned -- a special ship is needed to even find the whale -- the whale has a cold, biological exterior making it very hard to detect (or something like that). But even so, people will be tempted to bring in the friends with the heavy guns. An alternative to an "harpoon" special weapon would be that the whaler ship is simply a specialized stealth ship -- it has a special module that allows it -- as the only ship -- to trick the powerful "whale" into think it is food -- causing it to stupidly attack rather than flee when taking damage.
The "whale" is otherwise so shy that if a non-whale ship approaches it or tries to fire upon it it will quickly slip away and disappear without a chance to prevent it. This would simply make it impossible for the whaler to gang up with a heavy damage dealer -- that other ship will scare the whale away, also in the midst of battle. An idea is to have it reappear in a random, adjacent solar system, forcing the whaler to go look for it again.

Same thing should happen if the whaler breaks off to repair -- the whale will certainly not hang around for the hunter to come back! It will randomly move to an adjacent solar system, and the hunter will have to track it down again. I like the idea of giving the creature HP and even armour, that slowly grows back.

If going with the "Minmatar grown cities" idea, young whales could attack by bumping ("eating") their enemy, while the oldest and biggest ones might actually have remnant Minmatar defence batteries embedded in their bodies, giving a nasty surprise (and some extra loot).

As for the "use" of dead whale-cities ... single-player-owned structure anyone? ;-)


Laura Steel
The Chaotic Order
Posted - 2007.10.14 21:53:00 - [87]

EVE needs something like lonely hunting in the depths of space, aye.

Posted - 2007.10.14 22:30:00 - [88]

What you are suggesting can be found in Eve already.
The profession that you are suggesting is called ‘isk farmer’ or mission runner.

Rats that you are looking for can be found in a plex and missions. Sure you don’t get poded or get a kill mail but then again.

What you are looking for is PVP for care-bears. Seriously; would you and your friends risk your 150M BSs to maybe kill a ‘Whale’. If yes then you are ready for PvP.

David Yanakov
Avis de Captura
Posted - 2007.10.17 16:19:00 - [89]

The simple solution for whales attacking would be a bio-electric shock (smartbomb). This makes even more sense if the whales feed on solar energy which explains why they hang around in solar systems

Posted - 2007.10.17 22:49:00 - [90]

This is a win. Period.

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