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Ed Anger
Weekly World News
Derek Knows Us
Posted - 2007.07.15 01:04:00 - [31]

yes, on a macbookpro it gets hot, make sure you have a fan or ac running in the summer.

Rotary Cuff
Posted - 2007.07.15 04:36:00 - [32]

Originally by: Mos Superum

What about overheating? Do you have any heat issues with running the game in Bootcamp?

Mos Superum

The fans are constantly running, but no issues aside from that. Does the same thing when I run Eve in crossover while being in OS X.

Mr Coffee
Infinite Improbability Inc
Posted - 2007.10.29 23:52:00 - [33]

Edited by: Mr Coffee on 29/10/2007 23:53:46
Originally by: Daeva Vios
Edited by: Daeva Vios on 14/05/2007 11:09:25
The question was not which operating system was better, Windows or Macintosh. The question was also not which system was better, Apple or PC. The question was whether a Mac could run EVE. The answer is yes, given very little effort.

I don't believe CCP will ever develop a version of EVE to run on the Mac OS. I could be wrong, but they haven't announced one yet and it would likely take a few years to develop anyway.

Can't you people just let it go? This argument might have been amusing in the early 90s. It's boring now and largely pointless.

Coffee! Tea! Coffee!!!! Tea!!!!!
COFFEE!!!!!! TEA!!!!


We all know Coffee is better, but tbh a computer is a computer is a computer :p. People have their own tastes and that's fine. How many lumps would you like with your.. Coffee?

On a serious note it would be great to see Eve work on a Mac. Would be a great potential for drawing in a new audience to Eve. The Mac world would really appreciate Eve, wait, minus the two button mouse.. DOH. Not really. There is a way to do that on a Mac anyway.

Ancy Denaries
Posted - 2007.10.30 14:45:00 - [34]

I run two EVE clients in Ubuntu right now, pretty flawlessly, using Cedega. Now, I guess CrossOver Mac should be able to run it.

Republic Military School
Posted - 2007.10.30 16:25:00 - [35]

% VS > VS ]. The eternal conflict Razz

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