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Posted - 2007.05.05 18:02:00 - [271]

Hard to keep to one event--a good sign Eve rocks!

1) Defending our POS in Aeschee with wolfpack (frigate blob) tactics and taking out a couple battleships.

2) My character losing her way, getting a bit suicidal, and finding a solo miner in a belt to self-destruct and pod herself (no clone) in front of. The guy was like, "Wow, that was awesome!"

Posted - 2007.05.05 18:02:00 - [272]

The most memorable, hmm, too many. But what always struck me was that when I began playing EvE and it would take like forever to get somewhere i would think "why am I doing this?" Three and a half years later I have to get a daily fix or I don't feel right, and yes, I do have a life in the RW Confused
Congrads CCP and to all you other pilots that have made this a great experience

Celestial Horizon Corp.
United Corporate Ventures
Posted - 2007.05.05 18:05:00 - [273]

My most memorable moment was a couple weeks after joining cls. Now over 2 years ago, when i was just a little noob, barely a month into the game.
Force Of Evil ( FOE) declared war on Xetic after they discovered that XF had hired the mercenary coalition against them. Within the day of the war becoming active a large fleet was gathered in empire to attack Obe and push further into trying to get to one of the conquerable stations. I installed teamspeak and bought a headset just for that op. And i will never forget the feeling of warping into a huge cloud of purple when gathering. Or the moment when the MC joined Ts and hearing the Seleene and their fleet warping in.
It was my first trip so far into 0.0 Ofcourse i didn't survive the first 5 minutes of the fleet battle. But it was an amazing moment for me to be a part of that.

Gun Kata
R.E.D Enterprises
Posted - 2007.05.05 18:05:00 - [274]

Edited by: Gun Kata on 05/05/2007 18:02:06
Happy Birthday EVE :)

My character 4 is years old on the 10th May - how time has flown by...

Memorable moments - being hunted by the Jokers, paying a 'safety' fee to stay alive and not lose my ratting Scorp ( lol ) and them honouring the deal (these guys were/are pretty cool to be honest).

Oh and trying to take on 3 BS pirates in a 3 cruiser team and having my arse handed to me :)

Posted - 2007.05.05 18:08:00 - [275]

I'm fairly new, but my first "COOL" moment was when I warped for the first time and saw the Doppler effect. Ever since then I still look back to check it outCool.
Happy 4 EVE.

LoneStar Industries
Posted - 2007.05.05 18:09:00 - [276]

Memorable moments:

A) Joining my first "Ghost Fleet" with Curse Alliance(original) in a Punisher and my first kill-assist being a Tempest.

B) After getting my shiny new Absolution... Two guys (both in Rifters) attacking my ship and getting PWN'd

C) Being in a Cormorant in a fleet battle in 7Q-8Z2 vs. NBSI Alliance. And having such a bad LAG that the Jaguar I was firing on actually activated his Small Remote Armor Repairer I on ME on accident, then BOTH of us popping at the same time.

D) Fitting my first Cruise Missile Kestrel.

E) Getting my second account Twisted Evil

The Slayer
Posted - 2007.05.05 18:14:00 - [277]

I like PVP and think I am ok at it. Put me in a dominix tho and I think im a god, which is not the case as is proven by the fact I lose more domis than I do combat drones.

My best memory of eve is the one time I WAS invincible in my domi, taking on an 8 man gate camp consiting of multiple battlecruisers, killing them all and flying away with their loot. Nothing beats the feeling of knowing you just ruined 8 peoples gate camp :)

Eternal Frontier
Posted - 2007.05.05 18:18:00 - [278]

Ive acctually been playing since may 2003, I would say my most memorable moment in eve was simply buying the game, installing and playing it.

When I was a kid I used to play David Brabens Elite on my Amiga 600+, and I completly loved the game, I would sit for hours playing the game improving my rank, and trading stuff. I just loved the concept of the game. and used to think to myself that It would be great if other real players could play in one big online universe.

About 10 years later I heard about EVE and it just brought back so many memories of Elite, I was just so eagar to install and play, the shop that sold it to me gave me a copy where the code had already been used, Very Happy so I had to rush back to the shop and get another copy.

I then brought lots of beer and spent the entire day and night playing.

Well done CCP, u guys are wonderful, and I take my hat off to you.

Thanks for making one of my childhood dreams come true Very Happy

ghengis khan2
Posted - 2007.05.05 18:26:00 - [279]

the most memorable event for me was in my origional incarnation, when i joined my first, and at the time one of the most feared pirate corps.
the very first time you lock someone with intent to fire and kill for no other reason than because you can,. sweaty palms , even shaking with adrenalin.
then a war with a whole alliance, i think that feeling is hard to get back once its been tasted for the first time.

Zela Martek
Posted - 2007.05.05 18:29:00 - [280]

Yeah, the first time I got all worked up cause I got blasted by some Goon (podded even)and it had taken me some four full hauls to buy my new Merlin (I mean wow, say goodbye to the ****ty condors man! Laughing).

Then I realised, "Dude, this will happen once too often so either get a grip and mine faster, become a pirate and get even, or quit the game"...the 3rd was not an option, hence: YARRRR!!

Liga Freier Terraner
Posted - 2007.05.05 18:30:00 - [281]

Gratz for the 4 years ugh

The most memorable event for me was, is and will be that ia m still in the same corp than at the beginning. This is hard work and i will remember everytime Very Happy

Omber Zombie
Frontier Technologies
Posted - 2007.05.05 18:32:00 - [282]

Most memorable...

The 3 days straight spent mining omber in a bantam. It had a lasting effect on my mental state.

Exortius Amarrus
Gentlemen's Club
Posted - 2007.05.05 18:36:00 - [283]

Edited by: Exortius Amarrus on 05/05/2007 18:35:06
My most memorable moment would be getting 1 shotted by a dread in A-1CON before half of us knew what transversal was.

EVE gets the heart pumping in PvP like no other game can.

Here's to another 4 years.


Grey Area
Posted - 2007.05.05 18:39:00 - [284]

Edited by: Grey Area on 05/05/2007 18:37:24
Grey Area is about 12 days younger than the offical EVE release, so it's nearly my birthday too...

So many memorable events...

Making first million by ninja-mining Bistot in an Ibis...

Losing my first probe whilst scavenging items from the NPC spawn in EC-P8R (in the days before it was camped 24/7)...

Thinking I was hopeless at PVP then taking down three corp members in my Merlin before they even killed me once... Merlin...

Running hauler mission out of Uemisaisen...

Seeing the EVE gate for the first time...

My first and only podding...(not happy)

Getting mission-jacked and ransomed...

EDIT - possibly THE most memorable one I forgot...the day we all logged in after a mini-patch at downtime...launched ships could move. Much hilarity.

Thanks for the nostalgia trip CCP...I don't know any game I've ever played that's had this kind of staying power...looking forward to nostalgic moments from the NEXT four years as well...

A1ONE Inc.
Posted - 2007.05.05 18:41:00 - [285]

Well, its been more than 4 years for me if you include my time in BETA. Tivian was born 4 days after launch.

Thanks to CCP for making this game. It has been the best gaming experience of my life!!! And in a way it saved my life. At the time of release I was in the middle of a horrific divorce and custody battle, I was alone for the most part and what happend 2 weeks after being in game really is the true and best memory that I have about this game.

Twizzler Pogy Bait and I were in The Hushz at release. we had been forced out of Obe by m0o and the other pirates that roamed that region. We decided to hunt Angels in the buffer zone between the Curse Alliance and the Stain Alliance...or what we now call the Xetic stations no alliances just a war zone between 2 of the most feared and powerful alliances.

We hunted in Omens deep in 0.0 and stayed low profile. Twizz and Pogy had gotten bored of the game by this time and had threatned to leave all together so I was hunting by my self.

I was alone in a system fighting 50K bounty Cruiser spawns and the Angels pulled one of their nasty tricks by warping off and calling for back up. then warping back in...I went down fast. I was in my pod. 30 jumps from empire and started my long trip back.

My first jump out of system and warped to the next gate only to arrive next to the very first Battleship I had seen in game. A giant Typhoon class BS flying the Curse Alliance tags. This BS belonged to Karnah from Black Omega Security.

I knew I was dead pod looked so small to this battleship and to say that I was freaked was an understatment. I waited for the lock up and resigned my self to quick death. SO in bold flash I typed in local "COME ON I CAN TAKE YOU!!!" and the BS jumped. I followed and in local Karnah said "I know!! Why do you think I jumped??" and at that the ice was broken, and I was recruited by Black Omega and the Curse Alliance an hour later.

I was part of something really really special. And I will always remember my time as a member of the Old School Orignal Curse Alliance.

I also remember the big fight that happend between Concord DED(GM's and Devs?) vs m0o. and the changes that came from that fight.

There are just way too many storys to tell. but I still love the game...all though I do have some issues that I feel need to be addressed but I wont bring those up as this is CCP's time to bask in the glory of making the greatest mmorpg ever!

Take a bow guys and girls!!! I can't wait to see what happens in the next 4 years!!

Shin Ra
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2007.05.05 18:42:00 - [286]

Most memorable event is probably CCP's third Birthday, when they actually tried hard to make a worthwhile event.

EA Jabik

Interstellar Services Department
Posted - 2007.05.05 18:49:00 - [287]

Edited by: EA Jabik on 05/05/2007 18:45:38
I have loved each and every moment, and look forward to at least 4 more. LONG LIVE EVE!!! Very Happy


ISD Killoran

Posted - 2007.05.05 18:53:00 - [288]

Happy Birthday Eve! Here's to another exciting and fun-filled year!

I remember starting my character in 2004 where I quickly joined a small corporation and together we moved deep to 0.0 space. I was always considered crazy by those I knew for ninja mining in a battleship with a hauler in a safespot.

I did this all by my lonesome for a few months on end. This included solo-trips back to empire in a hauler filled to the brim with high-end minerals some 30 odd jumps in the waking hours of the morning (without a scout in most cases).

In addition to in-game, I'd have to say joining ISD and attending Fanfest 2006 have been some of my most memorable experiences out of game. Having the chance to explore a new country and at the same time meet so many people that make Eve and the community so great was one of the best experiences I have ever had.

/waves to all those he met and hung out with at FF '06

Mediek Ordos
Association of Commonwealth Enterprises
Imperial 0rder
Posted - 2007.05.05 18:55:00 - [289]

To Define a most memorable event would truly be difficult as for me being part of the Eve community and meeting some realy extrodinary peole in game and on TeamSpeak has been Very memorable and made Me a lot of friends over the years.


Sue Slick
Posted - 2007.05.05 18:55:00 - [290]

i remember when i first started before selling my main for 2b :P when i shot the station and i lost my nice little reaper. i was so ****ed i almost stopped playing there but glad i didnt
Happy 4th birthday EvE online

The Dotted Line
Eve Trade Union
Posted - 2007.05.05 18:58:00 - [291]

Happy Birthday EvE and all you 4 year Oldies out there.

My favoutite moment was after picking up my first Megathron and taking it to my home system of Thashkarai.

In order to get the afore mentioned Megathron I spent many an hour mining in a Thorax to get the minerals required for the build and to exchange some of those for the Megacyte and Zydrine needed for the build.

I get my shiny new battleship home and announce to the couple of guys who have been living there for the last couple of months about the latest addition to my fleet.

Their replies were 'Gratz mate' and 'How did you get the isk together for that?'
'Mining tons of pyrox and kern here in Thash.' I answered.
'There's no kernite here. We've been mining the belts here since we arrived' said one of them.
'Nope. Deffo no kern here.' said the other.
Hearing that was priceless and oh how I laughed.

There was kernite in those belts and it was me who mined it all in my little ole Thorax.

So I'll end my little tale with this thought...

Next time you go looking for kernite and there's none to be found ask yourself whether it was a barge fleet who beat you to it or a lone cruiser pilot.
My money'll be on the barge fleet but you never know.Wink

Gods of Night and Day
Posted - 2007.05.05 18:58:00 - [292]

My most memorable moment was beating a pirate while ratting in 0.0. He comes up and warp scrams me, and somehow my ferox managed to outdamage both the rats and the thorax I was fighting, and he scurried off, looking for easier prey.

Posted - 2007.05.05 19:10:00 - [293]

Memorable moments:

A: While warping to Yulai gate in Amarr I went to get my smokes came back and Admiral Iceblock and some other guy were blasting the last pcs of my hull down (My first uninsured bs went down. (few months gone mining/npcing for a bs)

B) Hugging the Yulai gate in Amarr waiting until Zombie inc. had finished they're job

C) had to log 3 times into the eve-forums to post in this thread


Interstellar Services Department
Posted - 2007.05.05 19:10:00 - [294]

Edited by: Xullrae on 05/05/2007 19:17:59
Edited by: Xullrae on 05/05/2007 19:17:11
Happy Birthday EVE. May you provide many more years of fun. And Bree :)

My best moment was way back when in 03, I finally mined enough minerals to have my very first Megathron built. I waited the hours and hours it took to complete, assembled it, jumped into it and realized i couldnt fit anything on it. I had spent so much time training just to be able to sit in her that i forgot to get any combat skills :) So I had a useless battleship but i sure looked cool. :)

OOG: My best moment would be when I was accepted into STAR. I will never forget my interview :P ISD has some of the best people you will ever meet and I have been honored to meet and to get to know all of them.

Flor Jon
Friendship 7 Corporation
No Comment.
Posted - 2007.05.05 19:17:00 - [295]

Best moment (that is still happening)
The corp i'm in. Friendship 7 found me about 1,5 years ago and i'm still with them. (not counting the 2 weeks 'break')
Other then that, first time i was podded by that bloody bob... (which i'm now allied to) :)

SpecOps Corp
Posted - 2007.05.05 19:20:00 - [296]

Edited by: ONuke on 05/05/2007 19:23:02
Edited by: ONuke on 05/05/2007 19:19:47
When the game initialy came out i played for 3 months then quit thinking 'oh that's nice, but it was missing something'. I couldn't put my finger on it, but later that same year you guys asked for us to try it again and i haven't left since. Even with all the server and reliablity issues Shocked you guys have done well at fixing those and making the whole environment enjoybale to play. Cool (Otherwise i would have left long ago). Congratulations on your 4 years, hope for many moreExclamation

Thanks Razz
oh & btw the snow balls and laucnhers were loads of fun!CoolTwisted Evil

Research Service
Posted - 2007.05.05 19:21:00 - [297]

heh my birth date is 05.05.80
nice date , EVE , HBD!

Spacelane Logistics
Posted - 2007.05.05 19:22:00 - [298]

Bought my first Freighter BPO

Posted - 2007.05.05 19:24:00 - [299]

i think the most memorable time during my 3 years had to be when i 'came of age' as a PvP'er when i was flying with d.e.v.i.a.n.c.e. with whom we held the entire tribute region under our ceo black lotus until we got backstabbed by 'F-E'
a ATUK fleet had amassed in P3-ENE and us noobish frig guys had orders to eliminate all tacklers before the rest of the fleet went in to sort these guys out.
well, let me tell you, this was a bit of a sell-out because even more ATUK guy n gals jumped in and the main fleet stayed put leavin us frig guys 'in the sh*t'.
well, you'd think that, in reality a handful of frigs managedto force a large(ish) fleet out of a 0.0 gateway system YARRRR!! and back into empire Twisted EvilTwisted Evil

happy birthday eve, i know you (the devs) aint exactly been the bestest of buddies with me but congrats on a great job down the years on doing your best to keep everyone happy.

(even though i still think the alliance system is not the way to go)


Posted - 2007.05.05 19:24:00 - [300]

i remember first reading about EVE about a year or more before it went live in some publication in print or web that i cannot recall. didn't have a working computer so i didn't sign up for beta. later i got a working pc and played freelancer for months drooling about EVE. i lost track of the game through reallife and then when i got cable i-net into my house, i went surfing around and stumbled into the news that the game was live! oops...

i immediately went out and got the game and made a character. (yes, i live in the us and they did have it on store shelves way back then. i proudly have the original software package, booklet and everything!) back then i was able to stay online all day and night. i fondly remember flying around and discovering the world until my daily DT breakfast. i'd watch the sunrise right outside my living room window waiting for the server to come back online. then it was back to space!

so far i've been having a great time playing this game. i have brought two of my closest reallife friends into the world of EVE. they have brought people in, and we have all met some great players out in the stars.

thanks for a great game, CCP! and happy birthday EVE !

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