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chromer one
Posted - 2007.04.22 17:32:00 - [121]

Few years ago i was part of group that wrote cyberpunk-genre larp wich was based a singapore. One of the gangs in slums where people didnt have any rights was called chromers as they were gun dealers and kind of speedboat gang with chromed decorations.

I eded adding the "one" to the end as i tought this would be just practice character but i ended to Finfleet and no way gona scrap this anymore.

General Apocalypse
Ship Research
Posted - 2007.04.22 21:42:00 - [122]

Edited by: General Apocalypse on 22/04/2007 21:38:16
X-Men and lil bit of desire to be a FC Very Happy

The 7th Insect
Posted - 2007.04.22 22:00:00 - [123]

Edited by: Toadboy on 22/04/2007 21:56:21
People told me I looked like a Toad, I liked it and have used it as my name in the games I have played..Very Happy

Beyond Divinity Inc
Posted - 2007.04.22 22:07:00 - [124]

p7, cuz the first 6 were air conditioning units in Ceti's iteron :(

Entilzah Valen
Band of Builders Inc.
Posted - 2007.04.22 22:17:00 - [125]

Edited by: Entilzah Valen on 22/04/2007 22:15:19
Babylon 5. Pretty much chose it cause it had a nice ring to it.

Had this handle since they started cable syndication of the show on Sci-Fi in '99, so its been with me for a while.

Ent for short works best nowadays. I've seen a few other Entil'zhas ingame as well. Laughing

Joe Chance
Even Jesus Got Popped Once
Posted - 2007.04.23 00:07:00 - [126]

Well, I thought I would use my real name for a change. Works out well, I think..ugh

principle of motion
Posted - 2007.04.23 00:08:00 - [127]

I was drunk when I got an e-mail inviting me back to try eve as I had signed up for a beta tester (I could never actually get it working and had forgotton all about eve) anyway I was watching an episode of pokemon about 4am in the morning drunk (sad I know for a 22yr old lol) anyway I ripped my name off a coollooking pokemon

Sneaky Beaver
Posted - 2007.04.23 00:10:00 - [128]

Elysium is the name I usually use but in EVE I couldnt use it because of Elysium constellation in Curse Crying or Very sad Stole it from a friend that came up with it.

Tekka is one of the names I would use when I would hack in FPS game. Surprised

Black Star Alliance
Posted - 2007.04.23 02:24:00 - [129]

My last name backwardsEmbarassed

Jason Marshall
Mad Bombers
Guns and Alcohol
Posted - 2007.04.23 02:34:00 - [130]

Edited by: Jason Marshall on 23/04/2007 02:32:33

Ill let you all gusse where i got mine from....

IRL is your hint.

Calvin Firenze
Caeli Veredictum
Posted - 2007.04.23 03:40:00 - [131]

I'm a huge fan of Calvin and Hobbes (miner alt is Hobbes Firenze), the surname...well it was one of those random things I pulled out of the grey matter. My gf later informed me it was the name of the centaur in Harry Potter or something...people always message me asking me if I'm from Firenze, Italy...course not..good ol Texas xD

Mal Plox
The xDEATHx Squadron
Legion of xXDEATHXx
Posted - 2007.04.23 03:49:00 - [132]

My name has a Firefly reference in it.

Also, first name means "Bad" in Spanish. Last name means "Bad" in Russian.

Originally, however, it was an abbriviation of Malcolm Ploxevicus... but hey, i like how it turned out.

Salvelinus Fontinalis
The Older Gamers
Posted - 2007.04.23 04:38:00 - [133]

= Brook Trout.

Yep, Im a fluff chucker :P

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2007.04.23 05:10:00 - [134]

Coudln't think of one so decided to let the computer decide. I wrote a quick program that at random changes consonants within an input string.
input string was minmatar.

Kylar Renpurs
Dusk Blade
Posted - 2007.04.23 05:16:00 - [135]

The names of all 6 of my chars are just made up off the top of my head. These are:

Kylar Renpurs (Minmataar)
J'nar Meetrich (Amarr)
Jeramon Castro (Gallente)
Taila Nhrodda (Caldari)
Nilka Uthaan (Caldari)
Jmanis Catharg (Caldari)

Although I dont know how many times people have thought Jmanis Catharg is a mispelling on my half of Carthage I mean,, why would I name a character after a civilisation??

The Accursed
Posted - 2007.04.23 05:23:00 - [136]

If you don't know, you had no childhood.

Ren & Stimpy of course. Also a single episode of the simpsons, "Hello, I'm Doctor Stupid! I'm going to take out your liver bones!"

The 2 at the end means I'm better than you Cool

Posted - 2007.04.23 07:10:00 - [137]

I had a dream and in the dream I was Adaris. lol

Vic McKey
Cursed Inc.
Posted - 2007.04.23 07:13:00 - [138]

i probably watched the shield the day i tried this game Crying or Very sad

Universal Securities
Posted - 2007.04.23 07:17:00 - [139]

I was drunk. Neutral

Kleintje Pils
Posted - 2007.04.23 07:40:00 - [140]

Was drinking a small beer...

Biotech Corporation
Dark Syndicate.
Posted - 2007.04.23 08:14:00 - [141]

mine come from :

"Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise"

more info here : Linkage

Dr Qu
Ginnungagaps Rymdfarargille
Posted - 2007.04.23 08:22:00 - [142]

My name comes from the fact that I am a large Star Trek fan. When I made this character, I was watching one of the TNG episodes featuring Q. The Dr comes from a theme 3. We were three friends that did character and all of us are Dr's. I added the u so that it would not be too obvious I named him after Q.

Adm Tecumseh
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2007.04.23 08:44:00 - [143]

I never thought to use a nick name so I used my real name.
Then after a couple years I came to realize that that all you freaks now knew my real name so I sold the character. Now once in a while I see myself waundering about.

Kinda freaky.



Monica Foulkes
Veto Corp
Posted - 2007.04.23 09:38:00 - [144]

I'm a fan of the books by Peter F Hamilton so used a few of the characters there for inspiration.

Erasers inc.
Controlled Chaos
Posted - 2007.04.23 09:41:00 - [145]

Due twice misunderstanding the mechanics.

Made a proper character spending some time to come up with decent name. A few days after figure one can make free trial-hauler alt, hastily giving him a random crap name.

Realise that the trial alt has more a lot SPs, and better ships available, so keep playing him instead. And when I eventually figured high charisma is not that good for pure gunman, it was too late.

a crappy hauler alt

Syrus Speculations
Posted - 2007.04.23 09:47:00 - [146]

It's a variant of my real first name in Elvish. Researched it years back after the first LotR film came out and I was looking for a new name to use in games I play.

Flash Landsraad
coracao ardente
Posted - 2007.04.23 09:50:00 - [147]

My surname is Gordon and a lot of people call me Flash in rl as a nickname.

Landsraad is from the Dune books.

Gladia Horusthu
Ordo Pondera
Posted - 2007.04.23 09:58:00 - [148]

First name came from some geneology work I'd been doing, and for some reason "Gladia" just wouldn't get out of my mind when I started this account. The "Horusthu" was from me trying to find a Gallente-sounding surname without looking at lists of agents.

I have had a long string of characters, and all of them have been rooted largely in the mixed up linguistics of New Eden.

ry ry
Posted - 2007.04.23 10:04:00 - [149]

ry was too short.

ry ry
Posted - 2007.04.23 10:06:00 - [150]

Edited by: ry ry on 23/04/2007 10:02:56
edit: i can't read

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