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Old Timers Guild
Posted - 2007.04.11 18:50:00 - [1]

Edited by: Arondos on 11/04/2007 18:53:28
Everyday I play I get annoyed by a few simple things.

1. Fix the sound issues. If I run two clients on one system I have to kill the sound on one or the game crashes (I'm talking hard core blue screen of death crash not just a simple client crash). Running winxp HE and a soudblaster audigy sound card. Nothing bizarre. Drivers are up to date. If whoever is doing sound can't code it to work with the above you need new people doing your sound coding.

2. Windows - PUHLEEEZE make each window have its own stored location and size. If I open the corp hangar then undock and kill a ship. I don't want or need a window the size of the corp hangar that takes up most of the screen. My window for opening a wreck should stay in one spot and not resize unless I move my window when I open a wreck or resize the window.

Windows continued - If I have a menu open and a window closes, the menu I am on should NOT close. This happens WAY to often when salvaging. I open a wreck, grab the loot, turn on salvagers. Go to the overview, right click to use approach on the next wreck. POOF the menu to click approach closes because the window the loot was in just closed...why are the two connected?

3. Fitting interface - For the love of god an unload all option and a load all option. Why do I need to drag and drop for each location? Include an unload to cargo option since at least for me that is where the pile of ammo is alreadyor an option to unload to cargo or your hangar. A close button at the bottom would be nice too.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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