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Beowulf Scheafer
Posted - 2006.12.15 18:34:00 - [61]

back in 2003, i got my highspeed internet for the first time. a m8 and me searched a science fiction game, easily handable but with really complex content. he found eve.

... well, here i amRolling Eyes

Posted - 2006.12.15 18:34:00 - [62]

Friend and I were looking for a new MMO to play and some how I stumbled upon Eve (maybe through pc gamer). I tried out for beta, got accepted and played with it for a bit. I stopped playing right after beta cause I had no idea what to do but the game stuck with me always snipping at my brain. Finally after Starwars galaxies destroyed itself I said to myself, self, what about eve? So I signed up, no trial version, full sub, and I M N <3.

Rodrigo XanDiest
University of Caille
Posted - 2006.12.15 18:37:00 - [63]

A friend nagged me into it. So glad he did. :)

Posted - 2006.12.15 18:41:00 - [64]

I found out about EVE over on the SWG forums. When SOE decided to make the game easy enough for 4 year olds, there were alot of people looking for a new MMO to go to. There was a topic talking about EVE that was quickly deleted, luckily I saw it in time!

Posted - 2006.12.15 19:29:00 - [65]

it's all Reiisha's fault :'(

Mercurialis Inc.
Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate
Posted - 2006.12.15 19:30:00 - [66]

ffs how many times have i set RoMUF to default now?

Kweel Nakashyn
shadow and cloaking
Posted - 2006.12.15 21:09:00 - [67]

I dreamt to play EvE since the beta (I'm found of spacegames -not that much btw-) but never could afford a MMO until I've found a job last december. I play since august (I've forgot it but a friend just subscribe to it and... hello there :p)

Distant Thunder
Perihelion Alliance
Posted - 2006.12.15 21:14:00 - [68]

By reading on the FFXI forums in april 2003. I wish I learned about EvE sooner to be in the beta.

Posted - 2006.12.15 21:25:00 - [69]

someone linked me to EVE in late 2000, think it was nov, cant remember. Very basic orange themed site which a few of you guys should remember, with the AMARR empire, REMANAQUIE federation, CALDAR empire and the MINMATAR republic, and of course the jovians...

Mangala Solaris
Red Federation
RvB - RED Federation
Posted - 2006.12.15 21:28:00 - [70]

Picked it up in 2004 - didnt really get into it - not enough time really back then.

Played SWG/WoW since then - left SWG pretty early on and have since retired from wow given its focus on uberloots and endgame - i got burnt out dealing with that far too much!!

How I saw it was articles in PC Gamer (UK) back in the day - and ofcourse I followed the games progress thru forums and such. Until I picked it up again recently.

Axiom Empire
Posted - 2006.12.15 21:34:00 - [71]

Looking for new mmorpgs on Google.

Posted - 2006.12.15 21:35:00 - [72]

Did a web-search for a space game. I think I googled for something like "Elite". Came to Eve-Online, got onto beta program (other character) and was totally hooked. My first MMO though, so took about 3 years to get used to the way things work around here Laughing.

Can you believe it, wanting to make progress in beta when the servers got wiped every now and then Rolling Eyes.

I wasted some life since then I can tell you ugh.

Dave White
Posted - 2006.12.16 00:10:00 - [73]

Originally by: Lustralis
I wasted some life since then I can tell you ugh.


Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2006.12.16 00:15:00 - [74]

Saw mine in a Game shop, for a fiver and 30 days free Smile Now with 4 accounts and 2 1/2 years I'm hooked for life.

Starfield United Technologies LLP
Posted - 2006.12.16 00:29:00 - [75]

Got a Beta account from a friend.

Ras Blumin
A Cross The Universe
Posted - 2006.12.16 00:51:00 - [76]

I saw someone chatting about it in the IRC channel of a top EU NS clan. Some time later, I started my first character, but I never found the cash to sub it, and it had max charisma (like 13 or something silly like that) so it was ditched.

Started this char 2 week to a couple months after that.

Ace Customer
Pair O' Dice
Posted - 2006.12.16 00:54:00 - [77]

I avoided MMO's for years, I still have an wrapped box of Ulitima Online a friend bought me years ago. ut after a long while I saw more and more people getting into them, so I decided I'd give em a try. My intial debate was WoW vs. EQII (told you I avaioded them for years). I had looked at FFXI, but saw I would be massively disapointed. So after some debate, I tried WoW, and hated it. It was way too simple, so I tried EQII. It's redeeming quality was a very complicated crafting system (OK, so I'm a procatinator, and a masochist). I started to get into it, but everyone stopped playing the game, and there were at best 3 of our gulid on out of over 40 members. I got frustrated, and one of those guildies I knew in RL told me about Eve. I tried the 14 day trail, and by day 7-8 I decided I needed an industrial, so I bought the membership. 6 months down the road, the friend that introduced me is gone, but I have 2 accounts, and really love the game, and I have a great character pic "!" Rolling Eyes

Carth Jared
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2006.12.16 01:07:00 - [78]

Was bored so tried out a 7 day trial from a gaming magazine. This was before the buddy program mind you.

Wasnt expecting much but logged on and was pretty much instantly recuited. I didnt even complete the damn training heh. Been hooked since :)

Crimson Moon Society
Posted - 2006.12.16 01:14:00 - [79]

There was a thread about Eve on the OverClocked ReMix forums. Tried the trial, got a week into it and went payed.

The first genesis
Posted - 2006.12.16 01:43:00 - [80]

I was hip deep in raiding in EQ2 and was getting tired of the BS involved with that when I ran across this article about someone scamming something in Eve in 05 I believe.

I thought to myself that game has no limits to how it can be played and signed up not long after. I have played UO, EQ, DAoC, AO, AC1 and 2, EnB, SWG, EQ2 and this game has so far exceeded my expectations for an online game.

Freelancing Corp
Confederation of Independent Corporations
Posted - 2006.12.16 01:50:00 - [81]

Edited by: Majestik on 16/12/2006 01:55:43
I discovered Eve(I think it was just called Eve at the time) in the early 2002 watching some test footage of the game play from some website I stumbled upon while using google or some search engine.
Remember one video showing the Condor and tristan fighting in front of a space station and I have never seen anything like it. I remember looking at artwork also.

So I book marked it and kept checking things.

Played E&B for a while.(still miss that game)

I signed up for Eve beta in January or February of 2003 I think. I started in the second phase.
Joined the game in Feb. 04.

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2006.12.16 02:50:00 - [82]

Lol it wos 5 in game with 30 days free so i thought i would give it a go, hav'nt looked back,much to my g/f's disbeleif Laughing

Abavus Durden
Pukin' Dogs
Posted - 2006.12.16 02:59:00 - [83]

Played Earth and Beyond shortly after its launch. People were falling all over themselves waiting for EVE to be launched. I signed up for beta one day and didn't think much more about it ... then the beta7 invite came and I never looked back.

Audri Fisher
Burning Bush Enterprises
Posted - 2006.12.16 03:05:00 - [84]

Originally by: Marcus TheMartin
I was a part of the great SWG exodus

same here, I heard about it on the SWG forums.

Larg Kellein
Agony Unleashed
Agony Empire
Posted - 2006.12.16 03:10:00 - [85]

Well, I think the first I hard was avtually reading a review in a magazine on launch. The idea of paying to play a game after buying it kept me well away at the time, though.

It popped up again reading the Guiding Hand Social Club article in PC Gamer. By now, I was paying for another MMO, so the idea was there, and I was very impressed that the kind of operation mentioned in the article was possible. Still, I was having too much fun in my other game.

Then, a couple of months, well 4 of them, ago I needed something to do while waiting for the next upgrade on my other game and finally took the plunge. I now divide my playtime between EVE and my other game. (And no, it's *not* WoW, so hold the "go back to wow" posts, please)

Whitmore Extraction and Production
Posted - 2006.12.16 05:02:00 - [86]

Was playing Earth and Beyond and heard of eve from other players and that it had alot more ships and skills got trained when you werent logged in. That doesn't sound much now but at the time is was.

Umbra Congregatio
Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate
Posted - 2006.12.16 05:52:00 - [87]

I played Earth and Beyond on the Orion server. When EA declared Sunset a friend of mine who'd left E&B said I was welcome in Eve.

First year was tough. Was in a Swiss corp, but don't speak the language (German btw), so I could only talk to one or two members. Eventually I got into a different corp, and here I am now at 40m sp.

Acinonyx Jubatus
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2006.12.16 06:13:00 - [88]

Edited by: Acinonyx Jubatus on 16/12/2006 06:13:58
Was browsing a site, saw the ad of the pretty Naglfars and the orange background.

Now then, in the past, I used to want to play a game based around space, earth and beyond it was I believe, but I also played nexus the jupiter incident...

Anyways, I go to the ad thinking it might be the old game I remembered, get redirected to gamespot. Look around for an hour on the eve site, learn my comp cna run it and I had recently finally gotten broadband... so I was happy. Did the free trial offer promotion thing on gamespot and wound up with a paid account roughly 12 days into it...

Ofcourse, originally I was scared to leave my starting station, think I'd get lost...

And that's almost a year now, was december 24th 2005.

Edit, I think I've actually seen the original eve online box in stores O_o Could have been what I remembered....

Mad Hermit
Wayward Alliance
Posted - 2006.12.16 06:34:00 - [89]

I have no idea how I heard about it, but I guess it must have been on some gaming news site since I was the first among my IRC friends of the time to hear about it... If memory serves it was around Xmas 2002, and I took a look at the web site. I had never played any MMOs before and wasn't particularly interested in trying one either. But, as I read what the game was all about I had a revelation; (pun intended) "hey, it's like Frontier [Elite 2]!!!", a game I had spent waaaay too much time playing. Was very curious about it from that point on.
Funny thing is, the one thing that really got me hooked was the music. Downloaded a sample tune, being "Minmatar Rebel Alliance". It was love at first sig-, eh, listen. If the game could inspire that mood then it was destined for greatness. I pre-ordered my copy as soon as I could.

Posted - 2006.12.16 07:21:00 - [90]

Was in the Roving Guns in 2002-2003 playing America's Army. One of their guys was in the beta beta and several others of us were able to get in. Was in the beta for probably the last 5 months but didn't feel the game had enough content to justify a subscription right after release. Left RG soon thereafter, came back to EVE about a year after relase, and have bounced in & out several time since. Laughing

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