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Posted - 2003.11.11 17:34:00 - [1]

Typ in password...load thing appears ...then disappears.....and doesn't load into Character screen....ugh.

Martinus Crimson
PVP Freelancers inc.
Posted - 2003.11.11 17:35:00 - [2]

same here .... authentication bar disapears ..... and nothing after that

Gary Forthy
Posted - 2003.11.11 17:36:00 - [3]

Same here! glad its not just me though. got kinda scaredLaughing

Posted - 2003.11.11 17:37:00 - [4]

Yep, me too. At least I'm not alone.

Masuat'aa Matari
Posted - 2003.11.11 17:38:00 - [5]

I got that - thing is I was on before it started happenning:

I got thrown out and a msg saying something about a server node being offline.....

Posted - 2003.11.11 17:42:00 - [6]

same here they need to reboot

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2003.11.11 17:43:00 - [7]

Yep looks like the server be f00ked!! Evil or Very Mad

sSense Thade
CompleXion Industries
Posted - 2003.11.11 17:43:00 - [8]

Me TooCrying or Very sad

Posted - 2003.11.11 17:54:00 - [9]

yeah same here was watchin movie came back and when ever i tried to do something gave me this message "The transport has not yet been connected, or authentication was not successful." so i logged out and is doing what its doing to the rest of you Crying or Very sad

Captain Vash
Posted - 2003.11.11 18:02:00 - [10]

What is going on? I tried to restart computer...that didnt work, then i uninstalled and reinstalled it....still didnt work, how do you fix it?

Sith Bandon
MC Global Trading LTD.
Posted - 2003.11.11 18:05:00 - [11]

Same problem hereEvil or Very Mad

Posted - 2003.11.11 18:09:00 - [12]

Same for me...

Would there be anyone that knows how to clear the cache, is it everything including folders in the cache folder that I should delete or just certain files?


Dark Light Inc
Posted - 2003.11.11 18:13:00 - [13]

Same here..... and i had 6 harveys out when it happened....Evil or Very Mad

Hope they are still there when it comes up... Exclamation

The Lost Souls
Posted - 2003.11.11 18:17:00 - [14]

Don't worry guys almost nobody can get in. There working on it...or so they say.Mad

Cekle Skyscales
New Eden Logistics
Posted - 2003.11.11 18:21:00 - [15]

lol, note to self, check forums before attempting using the support site for fixing the problem. I just reinstalled EVE, cleared Cache, and was about to change my router before I checked this! Embarassed

Posted - 2003.11.13 17:51:00 - [16]

well i know aboot the problems yesterday (12.11.03), i managed to get a good few hours in after the fix, but this morning it's having new probs.

Got past the login but when it tries to load the characters it just freezes. I've tried again now (9hrs later) and it's doing exactly the same thing, anyone know what the prob is???


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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