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Minmatar Ship Construction Services
Posted - 2006.11.20 15:08:00 - [211]

Great Blog and I am looking forward to the changes. I hope they do abbandon the idea of in station fighting. This would just create a game within a game. However, if they do it, I wanted to point out that I think the following is more important than in station fighting:

1. Combining the Kali voice coms with the characters, so instead of seeing text balloons we hear voices and see people's mouths move.

2. Interacting with NPC passengers like breaking the shackles of slaves or kicking the homeless out of the hangar bay.

3. EvE may have a child rating, but it is a game for adults, and I hope issues of questionable morality (slaves, dancers...etc) are not white washed in the new environment. I know the capsuleer pilots are the elite, but the EvE experience so far coveys a lot of grit and suffering, and I hope the environments planned don't take that away.

Caldari Bank
Interstellar Corporate Alliance
Posted - 2006.11.20 15:36:00 - [212]

Originally by: Zauis
This is great news.

Although im posting here in response to the shear number of people who dont seem to understand the differences behind MMOs and online FPS's.

You can never have an online FPS game in a MMO environment. So just forget that it will ever happen that way. The way mmo's work is to have as little input from the client as possible and the calculations are done on the server. That's why in wow, you select your spell.. server calulates the dmage, if it hits.. etc etc. Same in eve. If you had the kinds of information that CS throws between client and server in an mmo environment it would be a disaster.

This is common knowledge to MOST people. So for the rest, stop asking if it will be like Battlefield 2142! christ.

I am looking forward to interacting with my corp members on the station face to face and would actually prefer there is never a pvp side to it, but im sure ccp will come up with something great.

Ill go tell this to the people playing world war 2 online, and planetside. hey guys you cant be playing this mmo's dont exist on fps's.

Sojuro Ryosaki
Applied Tactical Division
Posted - 2006.11.20 15:36:00 - [213]

Having this aspect added to the game will increase a players immersion into the game. People who say that there's no benifit to this really aint using much imagination. If the game was to be just fighting it wouldn't be an mmo. It's also about socializing and this adds to that as well as more immersion into the game. Don't know about others but if I'm just on to hang out and chat with my buds I'd rather be doing it somewhere else then in my ship looking at the same thing the entire time. I'd rather be hangin in a bar with them.

Others say that there's not enough people playing for a feature like this. Well there will be. Now people will be able to identify with their character. Their character being a person and not a ship.

Remember what they said as well, IT'S AN OPTION. If you don't wanna walk around and interact with others then don't. There's more ppl out there that do want to do this and many others that haven't chosen this game cause of the lack of walking around.

Griffin Industries Ltd
Posted - 2006.11.20 15:58:00 - [214]

well. if eve has the player base for this..
i think more people will join when it hits. and with 15-20k people online most of the time, i think it have the player base.
take a wow server. i think they are limited to 10-15k. and you do meet people there :)
atleast ravencrest was down to 10k at once. and still plenty of people.

Roshan longshot
Ordos Humanitas
Posted - 2006.11.20 16:11:00 - [215]

Ok...the only way I would even enjoy this...If I can get my hands on a plasma gun....and all bars had only one door out...

Helen Baque
Federal Defence Union
Posted - 2006.11.20 16:53:00 - [216]

Originally by: Zauis
You can never have an online FPS game in a MMO environment.... If you had the kinds of information that CS throws between client and server in an mmo environment it would be a disaster.

Can you expand a little on this? Are you referring to large volumes of information, or something else?

Mtthias Clemi
The Space Bastards
Posted - 2006.11.20 18:11:00 - [217]

Originally by: Zauis
You can never have an online FPS game in a MMO environment.... If you had the kinds of information that CS throws between client and server in an mmo environment it would be a disaster.

Not a planetside fan then are we?

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2006.11.20 19:44:00 - [218]

With the advent of this "walking in Stations" it also could allow CCP to offload players who are doing buisness in stations into new servers, which could also reduce system lag. Always a good thing if they can do it.

This also opens up concepts of:
Corp offices, Contract negotiations face to face, Conflict resolutions face to face and the whole concept of player networking in a relaxed environment.

Interesting as a whole.

jason hill
Clan Shadow Wolf
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2006.11.20 19:44:00 - [219]

Trains lounging at the bar to lvl5Very HappyVery Happy

Paxton Industries
Paxton Federation
Posted - 2006.11.20 20:26:00 - [220]

Maybe it would be a good idea to be able to rent out private lounges for just you and your friends and be able to stock it up with what you like (this could be modules etc), so on the same basis as a channel of chat in game and you can only get into the lounge through an invite, thus making it easier to have private conversations.Smile

Posted - 2006.11.20 20:29:00 - [221]

I think this new idea is awsome, a real goodie. But i think killing SHOULD BE ALLOWED. But Rules! Make it the same as in space. High sec - If your outlawed and you begin to roam around, Concord can arrest you ect.. like you losing your ship and no killing in High sec stations. But! and tis a big but, Low sec stations is like space, killing!!! After all, noobs cant cry since they know theres a risk, they are warned before they jump in. If they click, 'Yes' its like asking them,"Are you sure you want to die"'Yes'. We're just doing our jobs in the end..YARRRR!!

Donna Darko
Posted - 2006.11.20 20:40:00 - [222]


And if you do introduce skills for the character, can they PLEASE train at the same time as the ship skills?...

Erik Pathfinder
M. Corp
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2006.11.20 21:24:00 - [223]

Edited by: Erik Pathfinder on 20/11/2006 21:24:38
I never cease to be amazed by CCP. They never stay put, and I mean that in a good way. Once they achieve one amazing thing, they move on to the next.

"Let's see if we can squeze thousands of players onto one server shard..."

"Ok, done that, now let's see if we can make the graphics superior to everything else..."

"Ok, done that, now let's see if we can put FPS elements in our MMORPG spacesim..."

"Ok, done that, now let's see if we can put RTS elements in our MMOFPSRPG..."


CCP, you guys are awesome.

Paragon Fury
Cascade Imminent
Posted - 2006.11.20 21:44:00 - [224]

To the guy who said form follows function and gave the idea of the war room; I like that idea a lot. Having an interactive tactical/strategic display of the surrounding space, POS, Outposts, celestial objects etc, and then having the ability to work with it together as a sort of sandbox while discussing ideas - either with your corp mates, or alliance leaders etc... would be extremely cool, and very useful.

Other ideas I've really liked is how Winterblink described corp meetings, I've had similar thoughts and visions of how it would work.

Combat... yes please. The mission style someone outlined for missions where a group goes in and cleans out some hostiles, and then dock to continue their mission, comes across as something for pretty far down the road, but would be another nice expansion on gameplay options.

As for security within stations; I can imagine a Jita station having Concord police all over the place, along with some Robocop style mini-mechs... ready to restore order with brutal efficiency should it be required. 0.0 space security arrangements should depend upon the station/outpost owners, and what they want. Imagine being in an alliance outpost, (say a refinery) where 6 corps hold offices... their NPC personnel wander the station, provide security forces etc... a corp isn't just it's pod pilots, it's also their crews and employees.

Overall, love the idea, immensely. Keep it dark and gritty; guns, drugs, sex and violence please (unless you're in Jita Razz)

Paragon Fury
Cascade Imminent
Posted - 2006.11.20 21:48:00 - [225]

Almost forgot...

Station clones; have ships carry quasi-jump clones that players can transfer into and out of from their pod clone for when they go into stations. Keep training/accessories completely seperate. It would very much simplify combat in the future, if we have these specified clones available to us (still costing us isk etc, but not loaded up with implants that are going to cost you a pretty penny when your butt gets assassinated).

Dark Star LTD
Posted - 2006.11.21 07:38:00 - [226]

Maybe I missed something, and if so I apologize and just correct me and ignore this post, but I keep reading about being able to see your avatar walking around and having clothes etc. So where does this FPS talk come in?

Everything I've read I think points to 3rd person movement.

The Hardman
Uncle Fester's Olde Tyme Barbershoppe
Posted - 2006.11.21 08:01:00 - [227]

Edited by: The Hardman on 21/11/2006 08:03:52
Well, let's consider the important numbers. Initially it is:
0% increase for industry.
0% increase for mining.
0% increase for faction combat.
0% increase for research.
0% increase for alliance warfare.
0% increase for missions.
30% (??) increase for socialization.
10% (??) increase for organization.
100% (??) increase for RP.
1000000%! increase for Cyber Sex.

You can definitely see what market CCP is shooting for. I am all in favor; but would like to be able to have grenades on station and maybe a holographic gallery of ships to shop in. Who hasn't been all excited about getting a graceful swan, and got an ugly pigeon instead?

The Hardman
Uncle Fester's Olde Tyme Barbershoppe
Posted - 2006.11.21 08:02:00 - [228]

Originally by: Janus Ovellian
At least give us the option to start bar-room brawls.

You know - hitting people in the face, smashing chairs over their heads, waving broken bottles of pod-beer menacingly in their faces before the station authorities get wind of the fight and break it up. I don't mind not being able to kill people as long we can, you know, rough 'em up a bit. Cos obviously its one area where minmatar have an advantage, being used to physical hardship an' all.

Oh, and when not beating the crap out of people who look at me funny, I should be able to play space invaders whilst at the bar. Like at the Fab Café. Only with less sci-fi memorabilia and uv-lighting. But obviously we'll keep the giant dalek in the corner.

The character combat can be like WWF Smackdown.

The Royal Order
Posted - 2006.11.21 08:12:00 - [229]

CS in space here we come Twisted Evil

The Hardman
Uncle Fester's Olde Tyme Barbershoppe
Posted - 2006.11.21 08:32:00 - [230]

Originally by: TheNecromancer
CS in space here we come Twisted Evil

Yeah, I agree, they definitely need 0 G rooms. Would add a whole different level from any other Sci Fi MMO out there.

Posted - 2006.11.21 11:18:00 - [231]

Edited by: Liu on 21/11/2006 11:20:40
Originally by: t0rfiFrans

1. Doesn't this increase lag?

Not like we are designing it. Lag occurs mostly when many players crowd into the same system. The station environments will be treated as separate "systems", so that a station that resides in, say, Jita, is run on a different server / CPU than the space environment. It will not steal resources from that space node and therefore should not increase lag within the system.

owowowowowowowow hold on there!!!! you telling us that introducing interactable station environment and human threedimentional avatars will indeed help with server related lag??????? but, but, but that's Shocked, i mean, i have no words.

now, already, quit working on kali, new graphics, warp to 0 and getting rid of BMs!!!! this is much more important!!!! this could be the philosophal stone on EVE, the feature that not only increases gameplay on a complete new layer (kind of like going from a 2-dimensinal drawing to a 3-dimensional building), but will also reduce lag on most heavily stressed systems!!!!!

ok. i'm settled now. calmer. so, i would like to ask for a feature for when you finally decide to let us walk inside stations: i want a library. yes, a library. a place to sit down and relax while reading all the Chronicles, Faction's Histories, short stories and stuff. but not only that, i want it to be interactable, i want to be able to grab a clear piece of paper (or a blank cd, whatever) and write down my "Liu Miu Guide to easy Docking 101". or maybe relate how i lost my shiny new nighthawk against a heavily armored probe. and leave it there, so that anybody can learn from tha masta'.

and then, i want a Media Room, with a direct link to EVE-files.

and of course, The Simulatron!!!!! where for a variable fee i will be able to test any ship and fitting (only T1&T2) on my own private Simulatron screen.

Cletus Graeme
North Eastern Swat
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2006.11.21 11:32:00 - [232]

/me fully endorses these changes after lifting jaw back up off of floor.... Laughing

We are indeed priviliged my friends !

Priviliged to be part of an ever better, ever more creative, ever cooler looking EVE. Cool

Since I started playing this game back in April I haven't touch another one. With Revelations on its' way and improvements like this in the pipeline, I can't see that changing anytime soon... Wink

Imperial 0rder
Posted - 2006.11.21 13:03:00 - [233]

In stead of putting new and new stuff in the game i may suggest fixxing the old problems first , no offence but the game actualy has manny problems ...

I posted 6 petitions in the last month alone ...

Walking on stations for me , now , its the least i can think of.

Good luck any way.

Posted - 2006.11.21 13:27:00 - [234]

Edited by: 4rc4ng3L on 21/11/2006 13:29:10
It good that this generates alot of posts and interest from the players.

My turn now Cool

Okay, to all the people that say they wont use it and its unnecessary well then just dont bother docking. EVE is about flying around in space so its in no way taking from that or your ability to do that. There are alot of other people(like myself) who find the idea of this extremely exciting. So no reason to complain that it shouldnt be implemented just because YOU wont use it.

I do think however that eve needs a larger player base to really make this feel right. Once alot of players dock, space in that system starts to empty. Also, if most people are in space and choose not to dock then the experience for the people in the station will seem somewhat limited. Unless you include a large amount of NPC characters, although if you do that it should be system sensitive. Example... a station in Jita should have a MUCH large proportion o NPC's than a system out near the fringes with little to no activity.
Me, i would be happy if all i could do is be able to walk around your own ship in a dock and maybe go to a bar and hang out with some of the guys. Even if this is introducted most people will still remain in space as this is the focus of the game.

Either way i really, really love the idea... just take it small steps at a time and work from there.

Nemtar Nataal
Demonic Retribution
Posted - 2006.11.21 18:28:00 - [235]

This really rules :D
Im so looking forward to an environment where i can buy people a drink (Quafe) while talking over a proposal of smuggling goods across the galaxy...

An environment like this would certainly bring numerous new uses for well...consumer products...they might even become useful

And in station environments could yield new application for the use of existing skills, like hacking or surveys...the word counter intelligence would get a whole new meaning. For instance hacking a corp databank and getting the locations of all the pos's and there fuele levels Twisted Evil
Who knows this might even improve the industrial and R&D environment in the game...

Or how about a back alley trading/black market trading (could only be done in systems not in control of concord)...maybe trading drugs as a supplement consumer product...

Looking forward to seeing this in action...

\o/ cant get my hands down here...hehe....Nice job guys

Val Oman
Lone Star Joint Venture
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2006.11.21 18:59:00 - [236]

EvE is already a work of modern art...this will make it a Picasso...

You have the coolest job in the world Mr. Frans.

Shadow Directorate
Posted - 2006.11.21 19:21:00 - [237]

Edited by: pigofparadise on 21/11/2006 19:21:21
You shouldnt be able to make much money in stations using missions and such imo. With moneymaking centered in space i can see that there wont be a problem with emptyness of peoples in space.

Idea for a gang storyline mission:

You are ordered to attack a gimped dreadnought or small station. upon arrival outside the ship, there are patrols of small ships that guard the dread/station. Take them out and bring down the shield of the station temporarily to allow some of your gangmembers to board it. roughly half of your gangmembers should be in space fending off reinforcements and generally protecting their mates in the station. The attacking squad of dudes in the station should fight or sneak their way to the energycore/something boomy and blow it. Of course it should include the typical run from the booming reactor/boomy thing.

The players outside will get faced with more powerful reinforcements the longer time it takes for the boarding party to finish their mission.

The characters in the station should remember that being killed in there is like being podkilled in space, except more painful. additionaly they still have their ships in the hangar :)

Of course the payout should be immense, due to the very real risk of being podkilled.

Paragon Fury
Cascade Imminent
Posted - 2006.11.21 21:18:00 - [238]

Edited by: Avernus on 21/11/2006 21:28:59
Got to say, as a corp CEO and a guy who's very active in alliance matters, there are some days where my butt is stuck in station for hours on end... sometimes I don't even get to undock. I am so throughly sick of staring at my ship when I'm docked.

The simple thought of being able to sit in a booth in a lounge/bar while I conduct business, or being in a sitrep room while discussing plans with my colleagues, and being able to see people come and go, socialising and overhearing chatter, music playing in the background, having a view of the outside, seeing ships come into dock, guys outside testing setups, and looking up once in a while to appreciate the exotic dancers...

Monitors that pop out of the table or drop down from the ceiling for convos with a vid feed that shows a persons avatar, a waitress that comes by to place a fresh drink and clear away the empty glasses... there is so much possible with an environment that would go so so far to improving the circumstances that a surprising number of people have to work under on a regular basis.

Btw, I want security details for myself and my directors... nobody gets to approach my booth without my nod of approval. I'm a busy guy. Very Happy
Edit: That is unless they are on my buddy list, then they get the wave through. Razz

Cyrus Graham
Posted - 2006.11.21 22:47:00 - [239]

Excellent Blog. I have a couple of suggestions for this.

1) You metioned wanting avatars to react to some people differently than others(corpmates, for instance). Might I suggest allowing the existing standings feature to play into this. Have a paticular dislike for a player corp? Set their standing with you low and it'll show.

2) Private(owned or rented) quarters. This can be anything from personal living quarters where one can keep trophies(dog tags, exotic dancers, etc) to corp meeting rooms. This is an obvious suggestion. What may not be so obvious is the ability to lock and password protect the doors. I've been in enough RP guild meetings in other MMOs to know that idiots will be as disruptive to such procedings as they can get away with. The option for privacy is something that would be appreciated.

Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2006.11.21 23:46:00 - [240]

The Killer App for walking around in stations is gambling. Let us play space poker or space Russian roulette! That will get me and my corp out of our pods and will also require very little effort.

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