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Rodrom Caldera
Don't look at me
Posted - 2006.10.28 01:20:00 - [1]

Edited by: Rodrom Caldera on 16/12/2007 01:49:05

The Following Story is Told into seperate Parts. whenever i can write the next chapter i'll post them in this threat. 1 time a monthi'll collect all story's and create a new treath to Gather them up. Enjoy my story i have to tell. and feel free to comment

The Last Walk Of Freedom

"how can I Explain this". as I looked into my sad eyes.
The mirror was already getting misty from the water vapours of my steaming body.
It was only A decontamination shower but even then It felt good.
The cybernetic implants that will hook my vital function to the ships Computer where covert over my whole body.
"oh my beautiful body" I Said to myself while watching myself in the mirror and thought back to the operations that got me these. And the pain that came with it.
"Today is the day..."

Some buddy knocked on the door, letting me know its time to go. "Imagine
that, The last day I’ll ever walk again!"
I never spoke often in my life. Only what was necessary and even now, a few min before i getting in my Pod, I remained silent.
I opened the door.
The Breeze that formed by depressurising my cabin, made me shiver. As I’m not wearing cloths.
No use of wearing them now anyway. I walked true the corridor. I Remembered the
stories of "the long mile". A corridor that was used for the ppl on Death row.
But this time its different.
This time Its not My death I'm walking to. It Is the Last walk of freedom.
The last walk that brings end to all what I know off. A start of a new chapter
A chapter that is being forced upon me. How did it ever come this far?

My hearth start racing when I entered the incubation chamber or "The
hatching room" like ppl like to cal it.
Two doctors approached me. They where dressed in white.
I could not see who my executioners where, the
glasses and mask prevented just that.
they Took me by the arms lead me to a device.
and Told me to lay down.
The Feeling the cold metal on my skin really did not comfort me.
The Doctors where getting there tools together and prepared to install me in the pod.
I barely could reframe myself to get up and run away. I would not get far anyway. As the door where I came thru is heavy sealed tight.

One By One they Connected all my synaptic implants to the pods Control system.
I looked around in panic in hope to see a friendly face that will get me out of here.
"Is this the end?" I thought to my self. "will this be
the end". A Female voice answered "No, This Is only
The end of the beginning, Daion. I'm Aura, Your Pods Computer. I
wil guide you among the stars." For some reason the voice
Relaxes me and I gave up. My eyes are becoming very heavy. One last breath, and I dropped in a deep sleep ...


To Think About:
a wise man say'd, "Every path leads to a other"

Rodrom Caldera
Don't look at me
Posted - 2006.10.28 12:32:00 - [2]

Edited by: Rodrom Caldera on 31/10/2006 00:02:30
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The Dream Of Dreams

Was I awake? I Don’t know…
What happened to me? I’m I dreaming or is this Real?
I Just Can’t believe what I’m seeing. Stars millions of them.
Its completely silent. And yet I feel so connected to this all.
I Can’t feel my legs or limbs. Although I have a slight headeage.
I feel so helpless, floating here in the vast nothingness of space.
No smell, no taste and no touch. I maybe a very silent persona.
But I like to touch. The feeling the sand beneath my feet when I’m walking over the beach
The water around my body when I’m swimming. Even the pain when I got myself in trouble again
It makes you feel alive.

Do I hear something? What was that?
As I try to look behind me and slowly but sure I start turning.
A sensation completely new to me. Its like by thinking about it made me move.
When I was Completely turned I got a very new view.
Behind me was A massive Structure. So huge. . . It Looked like A Big mushroom
Lights Blinking everywhere.
I guess I’m really Sleeping. This is just So Unreal. This Can’t be true. “Impossible” I told myself .
I Just Realized I’ve been staring all this time without blinking. And I tried to Close my Eyes.
“What The F***!” Quickly I opened my eyes again. “What the Hell Was that?”
A familiar Voice Answered. “Welcome Daion, What.. is.. Wrong? I registered.. That your hearth Rate went up.. And that your Adrenalin levels are rising...”.
“A.. A.. Aura?” I thought up loud.
“Yes, Daion. I am The Onboard Help Computer system.”
“What Are all these Bars and numbers I see when I try to close my eyes?”
“They are your ships status interface and Your Biological Life functions
The interface Also manage your skills.”
“Skills?” I Answered. “What are they for?”
“Due To the limitations of The Pod Technology. Technicians Developed Neural Nanobots. These Bots Can be programmed To Create Neutral Memory pathways. The Downside is that The Speed these Bots Create the Neural memory Pathways is depending on The physiology of the pilot. Boosting the process Can endangering the Brain. And Causing the cerebral cortex to break down.”
Whatever Aura was saying, I could not understand. But I’ve Gotten a Clear view that I rather not mess with it Right now.

I turned Again Toward the stars. The nearly Endless light. From Stars That Are born and stars That died Years ago. And I tried to move forward To a destination Unknown…


To think about:

A other wise man say'd

"Evolution is only a new step towards the bigger picture"

War and Pestilence
Posted - 2006.10.28 18:55:00 - [3]

hehe nice

Highpriest Aden
Posted - 2006.10.28 23:50:00 - [4]

story from the noob side - I like it, you should be on the CCP payrole hehe.
keep it coming, looking forward for a update.
make a biografy of you'rself, create FLA, downfall ect ect / or just do whatever you feel like, I will read it anyway :D

Rodrom Caldera
Don't look at me
Posted - 2006.10.29 12:05:00 - [5]

i did not create FLA. but Thanks for reading, just wish that there are more ppl Reading this Story or giving more comments.

Rodrom Caldera
Don't look at me
Posted - 2006.10.29 12:06:00 - [6]

Edited by: Rodrom Caldera on 30/10/2006 20:53:03

A flight Into Nothingness : Part 1

Planets shoots by. Flashes of asteroid belts are passing my view like small little insects.
Its my first warp. The Amazing speeds I’m flying at really make me realize how less I know about what going on around me. Never in my life I experienced such exiting new things. And it scares the hell out of me. My mind starting to go back to the events in my past that caused my current situation.

Like most humans I’ve been born. It was in the middle of a War.. A war that to the life of my parents only a few hours after I saw the first light. At least that what I’ve been told. The Road towards my teenage years haves not been easy ether. After been thrown from One foster family to a other I was ready to take on what supposed to be my last way out. A failed attempt. Luckily for me. The found a record of my relatives. As the war took many of there lives it seemed. I ended up with what should be my only living relative. My Grandfather.

During the war he was working as a Researcher on a classified project. It look like they Tried to keep his existence a secret to the outside world to. Now I think about it… why did they ever took me there? Every question just Turns into more questions. I remember a phase from a book I read. “Questions will remain questions if the truth stay’s hidden “ So Then its when I start looking for the truth. A truth that’s got me in a lot of problems. . .


Due to lack of time I have to cut this part into 2
More Tomorrow

to Think about

"Pll Rather Believe a lie then to have to life with the truth."

Koshmarnaya Akula
Ghost Festival
Posted - 2006.10.30 06:26:00 - [7]

I really like it.

Rodrom Caldera
Don't look at me
Posted - 2006.10.30 20:19:00 - [8]

Edited by: Rodrom Caldera on 31/10/2006 00:08:21

A flight Into Nothingness : Part 2

How little did I know. One Question leads to a other. It’s the everlasting circle of life. One breath can only produce so many words until you need to breath again.

My grandfather was always working. And seemed never to sleep. The few time I managed to get in his way he turned to me, Smiled and his eyes blue as the where always seems to dream. And walked away off again.
The first years where like that. Never talked much to me.

One day he was Very Existed. You could see that on the way he was nearly dancing towards me. The fragile old man look so young again. When he was close he looked at me. Took off his glasses and put it away. Again that smile and said one of those famous words “eureka”. I was stunned. What was going on? What did he do?
I asked him. Still no answer. . . keeps on saying “Eureka”. I thought to my self “ ok that those it, I need to know what he worked on” so at night I sneaked away. Fruitless of coarse, my grandfather caught me before I could get into his lab. He doesn’t look fragile now when he slapped my face to the wall. And he shouted “Stay Away From My LAB, You Have no business in there! Get back to your Room.” And so I did, Trying to hold my tears and was ****ed off because I got caught. The months following I did not try again. Just waited on moment to sneak in his lab.

Years gone by. And I got in his lab. What I saw was amazing. The lab was full of control panels, Flickering lights, Fluids, Conducts. I try to remember it all but it was so much and stunning that I can’t remember every detail of it. In the middle A large Piece of metal. I walked closer. It Was marked with signs I never had seen before. Except for 1 piece “EvE 02”
“This Is a peace Of the first Eve gate” I was shocked, busted! I turned around and Saw the old man there. “for many years I’ve been trying to decipher the Object” he said calm and relaxed. “for many Generations Scientists are trying to Explain where our origins lay. And many Died Trying. There are fanatics out there that prevent the truth to be revealed.”
“Why Are you telling me this?” I asked
“Because All the knowledge on our origins can’t be found here on this planet. Or even this piece of the Eve gate. The truth is out there” and he points up “and I’m to old ..”
“What do you mean by that grandfather?”
“You’re the only man I can trust, The only family left that can fulfil The prophesy. Its been my life’s work to seek answers on the question of life. Where did we came from” and he looked in my eyes with his dreamy blue eyes. “from tomorrow on I’ll teach you my findings and the knowledge. And prepare you for a journey into the depths of space”...

The Speed of my ship drops to sub light. I’ve travelled 190 AU across the system and approached the gate the leads me into the next system. Leaving behind the memories of the past. And Taking the next step towards the Truth that lies Ahead.

to think on

"The best leader is those that let other ppl do his job"

Rodrom Caldera
Don't look at me
Posted - 2006.10.31 22:44:00 - [9]

Edited by: Rodrom Caldera on 31/10/2006 22:44:55
How Deep is the rabbit hole?

A flash, I can feel the G-forces pulling on my ship. A vortex of colours surrounding me. Ghosts seem to roam in my ship. Sounds, awful sound of the metal against metal. It seems like a 100 woman are screaming while they been gutted. The pressure is rising. I start panicking. There is now way to stop there only 1 way and that’s forward. Flashes of objects passing. A deep turn. A other turn. Down, up and down. Even in my pod I feel the strains of the jump. Will this road ever end. I feel sick. The feeling is bad. Its like my head is being bounced against the wall continuously. My heart feels like its nearly exploding. My eyes feel like there popping out.

Suddenly It stopped. It seems that the Jump acceleration is done. The Pod fluid system is now compensating the pressure of the jump. Out of Aura’s Status report I can deduct that With the first jump The pod Adjusts on the pilots Anatomy. I looked at the time and noticed that this only had taken 5 sec. Still every muscle in my body hurts. Looking at the Jump timer I see that due to the long distance we are jumping and the pods Acclimatisation We had a latency of 2.3 min already (lag lol).

Deceleration just begun. The pressure of the jumps start becoming less. My whole body feels like a 1000 needles are stabbing my skin. But in a way it feels comfortable. Probably because Aura released some more of her fine chemicals in me. Jesus Being a pilot is like being on drugs all the time.

I arrived in the new system. Somewhere in this system I need to contact a College of my Grandfather.
Yet some more Questions will be answered. And gain allot more questions to!

Rodrom Caldera
Don't look at me
Posted - 2006.11.02 23:05:00 - [10]

Edited by: Rodrom Caldera on 02/11/2006 23:08:22
Whats life without death?

Time gives it away. scared as i was i started to rime to comfort me in my journey among the stars. in my dreams I still hear my grandfathers ascent clock ticking...

Tik tak,
Time slips away like a murderer in the night.
The clock is running ,the clock is going
Tik tak,
Say’s the clock on the pedestal of time
Tik tak,
Time’s go by
is going by
To a point we going to die
Birth to death, Reborn only to die again
Its being Alive that makes time slowly tik away
Until death get out to play.
Only 1 thing yet to do
Before time will get to you
Get a clone before you’re the bait
Safe yourself before its to late

in a way it comforts me. there are solutions that wil insure my life. not bound to the limitations of living on the planet. and so i continue my journey.
always going forward, never to look back
more and more it feels like its "Destiny"

miu chenshi
Posted - 2006.11.03 10:41:00 - [11]

Edited by: miu chenshi on 03/11/2006 10:41:54
cool story's i like to see more of them soon

Rodrom Caldera
Don't look at me
Posted - 2006.11.03 10:46:00 - [12]

Side story: Unfortold existenze

Darkness was only the beginning of a great event
Sound never heard of roams the galaxies to find those that will hear its praise.
Blood starts pumping trough the veins of the machine. Slowly but sure she starts to awaken
A new entity have been born. Mechanic, plasma, oil, metals and even flesh
Born with only 1 thing on its mind…. Prey

Every tentacle craves for death and destruction.
To unleash its power.
Slightly but sure it opens its sensors. Already scanning for its first victim.
Who will it be, where will he go first?
Its creation is only to insure victory
Its program is to survive.

Where is this need coming from to kill?
Like every other living thing, It wants to multiply
And there is no better way then to use the spare parts of those that will sees to exist.

The Mother drone Rises again out of the ashes that where left behind.
Its not the first time that it got killed.
But like every living organism it learns from it mistakes.
This time It will succeed.

One of the sensors start beeping
It found a Target.

A lone pirate was roaming around in a systems Asteroid belt
Looking for a easy target to kill. Not expecting what was going one.
The mother drone was so advanced that not the sensors or the Cam drones will pick it up.

The mother drone warps cloaked to the target and approaches it.
It already looks forward to the slather. Its scissor like hands ready to rip trough metal sheets , Flesh and bones.
Only a few meters more and its can start its Work of art. The art of killing

The pilot get a weird feeling about something. Something is not right. He lets his cam drones scan for unusual signatures. Nothing not even a blip. Unknowingly continues its cruising around the belt.

Its time to hit. No warning. Not even a sound.

The drone uncloaks. And is going on a collision course with the ship. Only a few seconds have past and she is already on top of the hull.

The pilot see something but its to late, nothing he can do now, just waiting to get killed. How could this happen. A few try’s to use his turrets on the monster but no use, he would only shoot himself. His hearth rate is going up. And start hyperventilating. The blood in its veins rushes though it body like a lava stream. He can hear the drone scratching to get into the ship. Pounding and drilling. One last act. He try’s to activate self destruct. But no use, its already being disabled. Only thing he could do now is wait. Wait for the pain. Wait for his death
And hoping it will be a quick one.

Ah, she got trough the armour plates, and with every pounds she get closer to the pod. And making sure that there is no escape. Her intentions with the pilot are slightly different, she wants to keep him alive. Just …
Ahh, the is the pod. With her tentacles she rips open the last layer of armor and pulls out the pilots pod. In her belly a compartment opens up. There she drops in the pod for processing. Then she hoks herself up to the shipwreck and start towing it a safe location.

The pilot contact with the ship is broken. Its going to happen now. The pilot hold its breath, prepared to die.
He hears the drills going though the pod hull…

In the belly the machines are already working on the pod. Drills are making a hole in the pod.
The holes have the own bloody purpose. They will be used to drain the pilot blood drop by drop. No big rush
She haves all the time. Its more … efficient.
But that’s not all. A micro drill appears. Looking its way into the pod.
In the pod it feels around the body for its target. Centimetre after centimetre it crawls up until it find the head.

Rodrom Caldera
Don't look at me
Posted - 2006.11.03 10:48:00 - [13]

Edited by: Rodrom Caldera on 11/12/2007 08:41:36

The pilot feels something is crawling up his legs. You could feel that its slightly looking for something. A horrible feeling. now that it crawled up to his back. He starts shivering, praying to the gods.
The thing reached the back of his skull. A sound of a powerdrill... He can feel it drilling trough his skull. And nothing he can do to make it stop.

The microdrill finished the job, the hole to the pilots brain is made. The drill clicks open. And small electrodes appear. All digging into the Soft tissue of the brain. Wich all have a specific target. Now the downloading can begin.

Hours go by. And the mother drone learns. All the experiences of the pilot downloaded to her own brain.
In the meantime to turned the ship into a pile of parts, ready to assemble a other Drone.
And then she will not be alone anymore. Oh no The both of them Will find more targets….


this is sidestory and related to the main story 100% i thought it was a good time to introduce it.

things to think about:

"Good or evil is only a matter of perception"

Cannizza Junior
Psykotic Meat
Posted - 2006.11.03 14:10:00 - [14]

Verry Good... Keep it coming Wink

War and Pestilence
Posted - 2006.11.03 16:58:00 - [15]

great story m8

Nianda SeCann
Posted - 2006.11.03 18:06:00 - [16]


nice to see a slightly different take on the eve experiance Smile

Rodrom Caldera
Don't look at me
Posted - 2006.11.05 03:00:00 - [17]

I'm sorrythat i did not post the next post yet. I'm Writing the next part as we speak. i prolly release it by tomorrow

Greets Rodrom

Rodrom Caldera
Don't look at me
Posted - 2006.11.07 11:47:00 - [18]

Darkness only hides what The light can find: part 1

Words Don’t come easy. Meeting strange ppl that knows you better then you know them. How can a man react to such confrontations. It is only those that have the social skill that accomplish a lot in the corporate life. Or even show the ability to lead. I questioned myself a lot if the journey I’m taking is the right thing for me. On the other hand I made a promise. As I approached the station a little frigit undocks and starts cruising at me. As it approaches it starts to target me. I maybe in secure space but these days you never know. monitoring on the common chatter frequency’s I’ve heard a lot of rumours about pilots getting killed before concord get there to help them. A bizarre Pulse emerged out of the frigit. Looking at Aura’s report it tells me that I’ve been scanned.
A communication buzz let me know that the pilot in question want to talk to me.

“welcome, Daion. Sorry its security measures. Some weird things are going on lately and we can be careful enough. But “Ivarenta Cresden” will fill you in. Please lower your speed and start docking sequence”

And so I did. Autopilot had kicked in and slowly aligned with the docking bay. I’ve put my mind at easy and decided to just go with the flow.

Scotty the hanger manager towed me into A ship hanger. Only a sec later I was hooked up on the internal market/communication network. Curiosity got me to peek on the market. It was Amazing. I could not believe how much stuff there was on the Space market. But most of all I saw all the ships lined up in a row going from small to huge. Unbelievable that such a thing Actually fits in a station . and I gradually start to understand how the kill learning system works. I Took a weapon skills first. This way I can protect myself, ofcoarce unknowning what adventures lay ahead

Rodrom Caldera
Don't look at me
Posted - 2006.11.11 22:06:00 - [19]

sorry for the long wait for the Release f my next part. ivebeen doing alot of light reading to make sure my content is on the right track.

A yell to the communitie is needed tho, i would like some Constructive critism. Its my goal to get you To know he Eve world on a very diffrent manner.
i have close to 500 readers in the past 2 weeks wich far exeed my expectations. so if it is possible to give me some tips hints and more
feel free to comment

Rodrom Caldera
Don't look at me
Posted - 2006.12.26 13:09:00 - [20]

Time go`s by and yet no update. yest its true. but if you wait long enouph i would get this last part of the story done. alltrough as a CEo i have my work layed out for me

Rodrom Caldera
Don't look at me
Posted - 2007.01.26 19:26:00 - [21]

The essence of time.

Evolution is the only fact that time exist. As cheese was once milk which was produced in a biochemical process inside a cow. Turning hydrocarbons and sugars into a magnesium rich fluid.

Stepping back in time is more interesting then going out into the future. By this I want to write the story of the gate. The origin of Eve. The beginning….

Part one.
Discovery of the unknown.

Space. A vast never-ending plane. Containing a mass of building blocks. Building blocks that’s by accident formed chemical reactions. Unknown before. But Evolving into what we now call life.

Time passed and life evolved from single cell organism’s to multi-cell creatures. Creatures that Adapt to the environment they lived in. Evolution is what brings reality into place.
The earth knows a lot of dominant species. Dinosaurs Walked the earth until Nature changed. Forcing the next evolution.

Humanoid Species became the next dominant creature on earth. Intelligent self aware beings.
Its our curiosity that drives us in taking on bigger extremes. Space travel was soon a reach. Leaving our mother earth to find new places.

Its been that curiosity that causes the need for diversity. Country’s Became Companies. The citizens became depended Consumers. The Ever evolving Need cause wars. Big wars that thrived trough the galaxy over centuries.

The War machine always evolving to become better, deadlier and more cost efficient made humans to depend more on technology then on each other. Driving groups of Companies apart trying to sustain them self’s trough the galaxy.

All wars Ended when a natural Wormhole Appeared. Our prime instinct “curiosity” made humankind to work together again. In a effort to explain this new unknown. Scientists Believed it was a doorway to a new galaxy. A path to the place we now known as EvE

Repo Industries
Posted - 2007.09.27 03:52:00 - [22]

Constructive Criticism... hehe - I knew you called my name - heard it echo throu the void...

You need an editor dammit i can't take the typos.. Rod, send me your stuff to proof-read at least.

By the way - don't go auto-pilotng through low sec while afk - you **** me off when you don't return convo's.

Rodrom Caldera
Don't look at me
Posted - 2007.12.11 08:31:00 - [23]

Coming soon.. Im actually picking up writing again. Returned to eve again. And once more I hope to find PPl that would support me on this.

Rodrom Caldera
Don't look at me
Posted - 2007.12.12 20:54:00 - [24]

The Oil That Runs The Machine

Metallic noises bouncing trough the corridor, appearing and disappearing
just like ghosts. Microdust tickling the belly of the beast. Moaning metal
sheets singing the song of endurance. This is just normal. It all part of it.

The machine. Centuries long past away, for this once was a work of art.
Constructed in secret . and its use... long forgotten. And yet there still
a sparkle of life is that keeping it running.

The solar winds took this beast. This Long forgotten dream of survival along
on its path. A destination unknown in a unexplored piece of space. Surrounded
by millions of asteroids, ice crystals ,destroyed moons.and debri It’s here
where the machine lives. The Planet Destroyer.

Its origin is easy to be determent. The smooth futurist curves and lines of
which is uncannily Jovian. And its only Jovian that would dare to develop such
a machine that’s capable to perform its deadly task. This monstrosity contains
all kinds of abandoned technologies. As advanced it may have been. now
drifting across the universe, just like a dead fish in the water. Or so it seems.

Deep inside the core held alive barely by a ingénues System of medical
technologies and strong will turns the pilot into memory of a man. Now he is mere
the oil that runs the machine. How impossible it may seem that this piece of
biological matter survived so long to remains a mystery. And trying to answer
these questions will only cause more.

Endless long nights kept me thinking about the battle that now formed this Graveyard of
success. That I now call home. Feelings of guilt an despair kept me going for so long.
And now it will be the tool that will end my existence. As I am initiating the countdown
of my own destruction. An end to it all.

Life began to emerge in the machine. The Self-destruction is being initiated. Only a few
seconds away…

Across the known worlds people start looking to the sky. A new bright white Star appeared.
So clear that even in daylight you could distinguish it. How little did they now that this
wondrous star was in fact the end of a monster that caused so much so much pain, death and

Is this the End? Is this The Beginning of the End? No … It’s the End of The Beginning.

The self-destruction did more than destroy the Planet Destroyer. It caused a chained reaction
and created new life. A sun Bright in the sky and Planets reformed. Ready To start again…

Rodrom Caldera
Don't look at me
Posted - 2007.12.16 01:48:00 - [25]

New Story: Stil Beeing Developed. but here is a nice previuw. Any sudjestons are welcome

Blood Stained: The One Got Away:

The dark shed no light upon its followers.

Deep in space. A factory of death is hiding inside A huge hollow asteroid. Its product... Reproduction. It's a place beyond nightmares. Where flesh, metals and blood being fused into

A living thinking Rouge drone. One of the collective. One of many. This assimilation process requires organic matter. And what's better then flesh and blood of a living human being.

The Factory is remarkable by itself. As the process of creating these little monsters of death and destruction. The process look like a harmonies orchestrated Musical symphony of flesh being ripped of limps and bones, sounds of the machine slicing, cutting drilling and sawing.. And all accompanied by the screams of man, woman and child. This process itself is nothing compared to sterile controlled environment in witch Surgeons work there miracles.

No.. It's a Slaughterhouse, processing these human being like cattle. As a machine can not feel guild, pity or sympathy.

How these humans got here? Harvesting drones is the answer. Attacking human colonies across the border of the forbidden zone. The rouge drone regions.

K'gorka was one of those that got picked up and brought to the factory. Being moved to this place of horrors. It just seems al unrealistic. Deafening screams, shrieks and sounds did make it better. Ho he longed to wake up. Being back with his family. Giving the wife a good morning hug, kiss... telling the kids to be good at school. Then to leave for work witch was on the farm. Arriving at the field dropping on his knees. To feel the damp cold sand of life... but in stead he felt only metal with a black substance that more looks like a mixture between blood and grease. Reality is hard, And hit him like a ton of bricks. No need to wake up. As this is not a dream. His hearth start pounding.. Muscles cramping together ready to snap. Bleeding cuts he was covered with is the only prove of his struggle to escape. Driven by his will to survive he longed for a other attempt to escape. Being dropped in this waiting


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