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Posted - 2003.12.30 12:38:00 - [31]

Whats wrong with South of London? I'm from Croydon, now in Bromley.

Well, is it on?

Kallanagh Tellen
Royal Fleet Auxiliary
Collegium Amarria
Posted - 2004.01.01 23:29:00 - [32]

Well I'm exiled to the hole that is Stevenage for a year so might as well make the most of it, gimmie a time and a place and I'll be there ;)

Rymar D'Val
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2004.01.02 16:51:00 - [33]

Balham resident here...

Did any 'souf of da river' people ever met up for a bevvy?


Dr Peace
4S Corporation
Posted - 2004.01.03 21:37:00 - [34]

Wimbledon Resident.

Masuat'aa Matari
Posted - 2004.01.04 12:56:00 - [35]

I'm in the midlands, putting the 'ming' into Birmingham :)

London ain't so far, and how can I turn down an oppertunity to have a drink with PIE? LOL

So when/where is it happening?

Lethal Corp
Posted - 2004.01.08 18:58:00 - [36]

im in sunny slough (david brent land)
count me in for a **** up in town tho

IT Alliance
Posted - 2004.01.13 11:52:00 - [37]

i mostly live in Kingston-upon-thames

Jeriel Jamon
Posted - 2004.01.13 20:11:00 - [38]

I am based in Surbiton at the moment, living the "Good Life"


Posted - 2004.01.16 09:09:00 - [39]

I'm from Ashtead just south of Epsom... what we going to do about these drinks eh??

The Collective
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2004.01.16 15:24:00 - [40]

Im based in sunny Surbiton Smile

Orange Mecanique
Posted - 2004.02.19 14:36:00 - [41]

This is scary, judging by the last few posts. I was born in Epsom, went to school in Ashtead (played kids footie for Pelham Ashtead), play pool in and around Surbition/Kingston/Worcester Park and yes, I'm still living in Sutton.


Rancid Mare
Posted - 2004.02.19 20:31:00 - [42]

so someone gotta take the lead and arrange a good rinsing session ?

Posted - 2004.02.19 22:43:00 - [43]

when you guys suggested a get together - I thought you meant something more along the lines of a flash mob - I didn't realise you meant for a drink, but the idea sounds good, why not tout the idea to a few more people in your local chat and see if you can generate a bit more interest, could become a regular event if successful - even get a few of the bands aPlease visit your user settings to re-enable images.long to play, it would end up being like Glastonbury, cool!...

Rancid Mare
Posted - 2004.02.20 13:05:00 - [44]

Edited by: Rancid Mare on 20/02/2004 13:06:08
sorry totaly missed the point of your post.
i blame it totaly on that pic you posted.

im an old man..i canna be looking at cartoons of young babes.
if the pic ante illegal what im thinking deffinatley is.

Posted - 2004.04.12 20:25:00 - [45]

Fulham boy here up for a meet Razz

Miran Lem
Posted - 2004.04.12 21:00:00 - [46]

I live in Kingston so anywhere around South London is easy to get to. Fridays and weekends are best for any pub meets though since I work a fair way away. But if we get one going I'd be well up for that.

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