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Misteek Eternal
Posted - 2003.11.01 07:15:00 - [1]

Whenever I try to run 2 clients on the same computer, even if it's from the same directory, twice or 2 separate directories, I always have the same problem. One of the clients just shuts down (usually the first one to start).
What should I try to fix? I looked all over my video card options in Windows and Driver and still I get the same problem.
Any ideeas ? Help ?
Thank you very much in advance!

Aurora Procellarum Inc.
Posted - 2003.11.01 15:24:00 - [2]

Are you running in full-screen or windowed mode?? May not have anything to do with it, but worth a try.Smile

Misteek Eternal
Posted - 2003.11.01 19:16:00 - [3]

Window mode.
Computer is :

-AMD Athlon 2200+
-Geforce FX 5200 128MB
-512 DDRAM
-Onboard AC 97 Sound

That's about what I can think could be the problems....

Misteek Eternal
Posted - 2003.11.01 22:28:00 - [4]

Help please
I disabled the audio from BIOS and it still dropes one client.
What oh what should i do ?

Posted - 2003.11.02 02:57:00 - [5]

Turn off graphics options and run 1024 windowed.

Misteek Eternal
Posted - 2003.11.02 09:58:00 - [6]

All graphics options are disabled and I am running in 1024 and in window...
I upgraded and downgraded my video drivers and still nothing...
what should i do ?

Posted - 2003.11.02 14:30:00 - [7]

Make sure you've got 'sun is occluded by ships' turned off on both clients, as a friend of mine had the same problem and turning that off fixed it.
If its not that then i've no idea, sorry Sad

Misteek Eternal
Posted - 2003.11.02 18:19:00 - [8]

It's off...still the same problem!

Antonin Dvorak
Posted - 2003.11.03 21:09:00 - [9]

When you say 2 clients, you arn't trying to run 2 charactors from the same Eve account are you? If you are tyring to play 2 chars from the same account at the same time, you can't.

Misteek Eternal
Posted - 2003.11.03 23:00:00 - [10]

No, 2 different accounts.
It has to be some hardware problem but I can't figure it out. No one from the CCP team who can answer this ? please

Dr Peace
4S Corporation
Posted - 2003.11.04 12:25:00 - [11]

Are you absolutely sure you are running two different exes and also that you are running in win98 compatability mode?

Misteek Eternal
Posted - 2003.11.04 14:28:00 - [12]

Yes I'm running either 2 different exes or same exe. Same problem each case.
But, I don't know what win98 compatibility mode is tho...can you explain please ?

Misteek Eternal
Posted - 2003.11.05 21:05:00 - [13]

Anyone can help me out ?
No one encountered this error before ?

Posted - 2003.11.05 22:01:00 - [14]

Edited by: Leniera on 05/11/2003 22:03:29
Ok what you have to do when running 2 EVE.exe's is to copy the whole EVE directory usually CCP Folder and copy it to another location, and therefore you will have 2 game directories to run 2 games from. You can't run 2 eve clients from the same directory. Oh and make sure you make a new shortcut to your desktop and name it EVE2 or something from your copied directory, remember the patch updater won't update the copied folder and hence you'll have to patch it manually or delete it and recopy the original folder once patched.

Hope that helps Smile


Misteek Eternal
Posted - 2003.11.06 06:12:00 - [15]

That's exactly how I run it...

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2003.11.06 12:25:00 - [16]


Eve as a game is more complex than that. Actually almost all software will not work if you just make copy to different directory.

The thing is that Windows is using registry to keep track of where some files are and just copying to diffrent dir will not resolve problem. So when you start second client it still will read and update lets say same configuration file.

To run multiple versions of same software it has to be specificaly designed and compiled to do so and it makes no difference if you keep one or thousand copies then.

The only workaround I can think of to avoid problems is to get second computer and network them together to use same internet access.

Misteek Eternal
Posted - 2003.11.06 17:06:00 - [17]

Anyone ?

Posted - 2003.11.07 00:50:00 - [18]

are you running them under seperate users ?

Cain Calzon
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2003.11.07 00:59:00 - [19]

Edited by: Cain Calzon on 07/11/2003 00:59:18
on the compatibility question. if you are running windows xp and windows 2k you get an option of running the exe file in a windows 95, 98, nt4, 2000 compatibility mode. to enable it on windows 2000 you need to a some tricky things before. but with windows xp its enabled by default. on how to do it, just goto properties on eve.exe file, and select "compatibility" at the top of properties screen. now you should see "run this program in compatibility for" and a box with different OS choices. try windows 98

Posted - 2003.11.09 11:38:00 - [20]

My friend came over and we tried to run two accounts on my computer and encountered the exact same problem.

Tried the same things you did.

Same problem.

Only things we have in common AMD Athlon cpu and AC'97 onboard sound. hmmm

Misteek Eternal
Posted - 2003.11.09 15:24:00 - [21]

Glad I'm not the only one with the problem. If you find any cure for this can you please post it here ?

CEO Pyrex
DarkStar 1
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2003.11.10 14:23:00 - [22]


Thanks for the info in this topic this has solved my problems with two accounts.

I had the same problems as Misteek what i did was:

1 copied the entire ccp file onto another HD and right click dragged the eve.exe (icon was different to the eve oneShocked) and put it next to the eve.exe original on the desktop.

Next i went in and selected 1024x800 for both and dropped the detail right down on all bits (including the sun thingy)

Now i can play with both accounts fine, (B4 i was unable to jump with one without loosing the other)


proof that the forums are full of luvly peeps Wink

Posted - 2003.11.11 12:59:00 - [23]

Looks like I want not the only one to suddenly get hit with this. I do not know when exactly it started because last couple weeks I only ran one account.

I ran two accounts form the same directory for months. They would run for hours and hours on end, hardly ever a problem. Both with normal sound and graphics.

Then recently I can not run two anymore. One of the two clients crashes randomly in game if it makes it past the EULA screen. Most of the time it immediately crashes once the EULA screen pops up.

I tried reinstalling, installing into two directories, changing drivers, turning sounds off, none of it worked.

I will go try the sun occlusion and turn the graphics down. Then the error thingy as well.

Posted - 2003.11.11 13:42:00 - [24]

I think it was botht he sun occlusion once I did get into game.

The client crashing at the EULA screen had to be the error message about the sound card. Sorta makes sens ebecuase hard to have a sun crash you when you can not even get into game.

suppress.errorMessages=1 (cache, prefs.ini)

Both accounts running fine now and I have sound with both.

If you run two accounts from the same directory you will have problems with the cache not being saved. As in messages being new despite having read them. changes to prefs do not save, autorepeats not staying on, etc. Running each account from a seperate directory allows the preferences and cache items to be saved correctly.

Posted - 2003.11.11 17:55:00 - [25]

your running out of ram if your going to run two clients on the same computer you need 1GB of ram =)


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