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Posted - 2006.09.19 00:36:00 - [151]

Whoohoo!! "Thank you all for your patience and sticking with us through thick and thin, we will make it up to you in the near future."

Devs - Does that mean free EXTRA GAMETIME for all those downtime we've had to bear? (Wishful thinking)

Resin Kadir
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2006.09.19 12:08:00 - [152]

As always I have no doubt CCP will overcome the issues. We all cried for the first 3 days after RMR came out but it got better. With bigger leaps come bigger bruises but they all go away. Thank you for the update. We asked for it and you delivered.


Posted - 2006.09.19 12:16:00 - [153]

Originally by: Sharkbait
just letting you know, we have 3 possible fixes for the current problems.

I presume that the first of these 3 is "out" (rollback due to a hotfix deployed at downtime ...). ;-)

Raider Zero
Tormentum Insomniae
Posted - 2006.09.19 12:44:00 - [154]

Edited by: Raider Zero on 19/09/2006 13:00:07
Edited by: Raider Zero on 19/09/2006 12:44:49
Well, here I go off to work. Without being able to change skills because the hotfix was broken and the roll-back somehow broke the boot-up procedure. At least one of my accounts will not lose any time, but c'mon. Guys, I love the game, but this is torturous and now I'm gonna lose way to much training time to not say something about it.

Hope things get fixed and sorted out soon.

I know that other games have allowed a 'respec' after major deployments to help players adjust. Given that Eve's skill system is completely different, can somebody at CCP figure out the total amount of skill traing time lost due to unscheduled DT and reimburse the players somehow for those poor, poor lost SP? I know that's probably not posible and you're all working hard on it, so please nobody flame this.

Also, when Oveur gives us the news that Hotfixes might be delaying boot-up after DT has started, that doesn't help anybody to set long skills. I'd have no problem with this at all if it were told to us properly so that we could prepare.

Miss Overlord
Posted - 2006.09.19 13:25:00 - [155]

well i have a 25 day skill training atm so wont be loosing any SP on this

CCP Sharkbait

Posted - 2006.09.19 14:11:00 - [156]

there was a problem with the startup scripts. this wasn't anything to do with the hotfixes, but they have been fixed anyways.

i will keep you updated

Miss Overlord
Posted - 2006.09.20 01:15:00 - [157]

so whats the next step sharky if u can inform us

Posted - 2006.09.20 01:32:00 - [158]

Edited by: Resolve on 20/09/2006 01:35:27
Originally by: Sharkbait
there was a problem with the startup scripts. this wasn't anything to do with the hotfixes, but they have been fixed anyways.

i will keep you updated

Thanks for the updates Sharkbait and Oveur. It is most appreciated. Personally, I love to see it and by seeing a lot of posts on the boards, I'd say most people would love this type of update when Things Go Badô. Small posts just to update the playerbase would be optimal, instead of waiting for a dev blog to explain it all.

A centralized place for people to get info from devs (even a "Dev Post Finder ala would be a HUGE plus. Having to go from this forum to that forum, this post to that post is tiresome, monotonous and not time-feasable for many (including me, though I try to keep up-to-date), just to get some piece of info to see what's really going on. The info is usually there, just not remotely readily-accessible.

Part of communication is accessibility. This topic is stickied ATM but will eventually be relegated to the Nth page of the forums.

Again, love the info and keep it coming! I always like to see devs replying, acknowledging issues and letting us know that it is not just being ignored, people appreciate that.

A more central place to access these tid-bits of megacyte would help with the (relatively)recent player unrest would be...Super-Duperô.

Sazumaan Johnza
Capital Construction Research
Pioneer Alliance
Posted - 2006.09.20 04:23:00 - [159]

To all the moaners can I please ask you to appreciate three things:

1. Direct DEV feedback is usually unheard of. Developers *never* talk to the end-users, it's usually done via "communications managers" (a.k.a marketing / PR / "community updates" etc etc). We have a real priviledge here so respect that. Can't believe how rude some of you are just go STFU morons.

2. Long term strategy. CCP is obviously in it for the long haul and I am sick and tired of all the moaners complaining about the current issues. They have limited resources with limited time so just accept the fact that they are working on the issues and that they will be resolved in time. When have you been outside last? Yes, EVE is your life as it is mine but please get some long-term perspective.

3. Shareholder value. Don't be under any illusion that CCP is here to have fun. At the end of the day they are here to make money and if their core and *only* product causes a loss of subscriptions they will do *everything* to minimise such loss. Ever thought about the fact that they need a stable sexy product more than we do?

Keep up the good work CCP and we're looking forward to continued excellent communication and better stability.

- Sazu

Phoenix Lonestar
Clockwork Orange Ltd
Posted - 2006.09.20 07:15:00 - [160]

Edited by: Phoenix Lonestar on 20/09/2006 07:19:40
Edited by: Phoenix Lonestar on 20/09/2006 07:17:49
Conservative estimates put CCP's income from EVE (using CCP's own numbers) at around $43,000US/day. More liberal estimates are pegged at $75,000US/day. Surely the CUSTOMERS who provide this income are allowed to *****, moan, and gripe as much as they want, without being heckled by fanboys.

There was a thread already posted in the General forums that was moved to the Known Issues and Workarounds section in an attempt to make it fade into obscurity. At this point it's 10 pages long and wasn't answered (and still isn't, if you read the text of Oveur's post, and it's conspicuous omission of any mention of lag, and its insistence that Dragon was the greatest thing to happen to EVE since the yarrrrdware upgrade), until 8 days after the thread began. The PR on this mess has been horrible, but at least I see some interaction and acknowledgement occurring in this thread. I must thank CCP for that, but at the same time, I wonder if you guys play the game anymore. You look at your numbers for memory and CPU usage on your end, but you ignore the playability on the client end. Just because your monitoring software says CPU usage is down overall, doesn't mean that everyone who is experiencing lag is imagining things.

And the one thing that REALLY got under my skin was that the post said we'd all be rewarded for our patience. We won't. We all know we won't. Don't say it if you don't mean it. I fear the "reward" will be the release of Kali. Our reward is a planned expansion, that will more than likely introduce new bugs and performance issues for weeks? Not much of a reward. Though a way to do a respec would be awfully nice =D. Those extra 500k-1mil SP that I don't need for anything would be welcome in other skill branches. Just a thought, hehehe. Or even skill queuing! Now that would be FANTASTIC.

CCP Sharkbait

Posted - 2006.09.20 09:48:00 - [161]

Originally by: Miss Overlord
so whats the next step sharky if u can inform us

hmm. good question. the startup scripts was the problem with the hotfix. it's something that should have popped up sooner but for some strange reason didn't. the hotfix with the debugging stuff was put out, but there was a problem with the memory debugging feature that was added. not sure what the problem was, i just know it was working fine on a local host and the 5 days it was on sisi before it went to TQ. so i guess the next step is for Porkbelly to fix that. Once he has fixed that he will be looking into the memory problems.

Richard thought the fix for the pos problem most probably wouldn't work, so Papasmurf roled the fix back (from sisi, it never made TQ) and started working on it again yesterday morning. he got a fix in the morning, but our only problem is that we have been unable to reproduce this on either sisi or local test servers. So looks like we are going to have to test that on TQ. but i have full faith in Papasmurf Wink

Valar is looking into the current node death problem, not sure the details on it as there is nothing i can do to help him really and i've been doing other stuff. but it's being looked into.

Mike is now working on the memory leak problem for the market nodes and generally looking for leaks. We took some fresh market data from TQ which he is looking at and once the memory debugging is fixed, then he can watch the memory useage while it's live.

it's all go atm Razz

Miss Overlord
Posted - 2006.09.20 11:10:00 - [162]

very informative as always sharkbait - thanks for the heads up so tonights dt might just be worth going to bed i think expect 2-3 hours but all good as long as things are attempting to being fixed im happy to wait

Grey Area
Posted - 2006.09.21 17:31:00 - [163]

Sharkbait...that was a very clear update...but I refer to my earlier suggestion...why don't you put this kind of stuff into a "Service Status" thread where everyone knows where to find it - we (players) don't need to post there, we just need YOU LOT (devs) to use it to keep us up to date. Everyone would know where to look, and there'd be no more "Oh, TQ isn't up, I don't know what the prolem is, so I'll have a whine on the forums".

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