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Posted - 2003.10.21 09:56:00 - [31]

If like me when you run these missions you bring some extra back to the station and mark it up thats fine, that is the price people are willing to pay instead of doing the jumps.

After doing the mission that triggered this thread i placed 250 units of electronic consumer goods on the market at 1450 isk each, I paid 235 isk each. I have sold 90 units so far so for the 3 jump journey I made the profit is fairly good, i should be up 200k by the end of it. I define that as free trade. if someone doesnt want it they will do the 3 jumps.

However jO, I define someone as a market griefer if it is beyond reason that anyone will pay the asking price. Nobody in the game would pay 70k isk for 1 unit of Megacyte so is it readonable to put 1 unit of consumer electronics on the market for 70k. I don't think so, its just stupid there is easy money to be made but that is just a waste of time.

Arthur Eld
Posted - 2003.10.21 13:33:00 - [32]

Edited by: Stoli on 20/10/2003 19:28:35
Edited by: Danton Marcellus on 20/10/2003 18:43:36
Wrong! Read up on de Beers and diamonds, OPEC and oil, medicine and the third world.

Market economy in general is withholding goods in order to get the profit you want, not selling for a reasonable price, that would be danger close to communism, now we can't have that can we?! Wink

Dante, you've been reading too many globalization conspiracy pamphlets lately! A market economy is the OTHER way around - producing goods or supplying services to meet the demands of others. In a market economy, sitting on your product/service means that someone else will get out there and supply the product/service, and you will be left with a whole lot of useless stock.

Market economics even applies to diamonds and oil. Diamonds - despite what my girlfriend seems to think - are not a necessity. If the prices are too high, no one will buy them, so the market (ie, demand) controls the price. As for oil, OPEC can't get the prices it WANTS (which would be a few hundred dollars a barrel), because it knows two things:

1) other producers will get into the game once the price gets high enough to justify doing things like drilling in the North Sea or the Siberian tundra (which is expensive), increasing the demand outside of OPEC, and forcing the price down;

2) if it stays too high for too long, people will develop alternatives that, for the moment, are too expensive to develop at the current price of oil. This risks having their entire stock being rendered relatively worthless.

As far as this game is concerned, if someone were successfully selling items that cost 230 ISK each at a rate of 70,000 ISK each, and there was a DEMAND for that item at that rate, then the market should very shortly be FLOODED with that item, with each market entrant selling at a rate below the one before him, as long as there was still a profit.

In other words, a player should be able to make a killing by buying up these consumer electronics elsewhere, and bringing them back to the region where someone is trying to sell for 70,000 ISK each. You come back and sell for 5,000 ISK each...either the hoarder has to buy up your stock to keep control of the market, or they have to reduce their entire stock to below 5,000 ISK to compete. Rinse and repeat - you will either make a quick fortune, or very quickly force the price down to a reasonable level.

And THAT, my dear Danton, is how the MARKET works. Very Happy

Bravo Very Happy

Danton Marcellus
Nebula Rasa Holdings
Posted - 2003.10.21 13:36:00 - [33]

Yeah you keep buying that WTO drivel, repetition makes truth.

Posted - 2003.10.21 18:40:00 - [34]

Until someone shows me a viable alternative that WORKS, I will believe that market forces will run true.

The WTO, by the way, is not to blame for the distinctly ANTI-market policies of many of its members. The main subject of current WTO talks is to remove US agricultural subsidies and Europe's CAP that is resulting in rich world farmers being able to dump their products in 3rd World countries at below-market prices, provisions that significantly distort the TRUE market...and imposed by governments which still seem to think that they know better than the market. THAT is, indeed, dangerously close to communism....

Posted - 2003.10.21 20:02:00 - [35]

This is not a free open market people.

This is a closed limited controlled market - and what makes that worse is the way the system supplies the universe.

If you are NOT the last one to put in a buy order, or CAN NOT be on DIRECTLY after rebooting then you are screwed. It's a fact and we all know it.

Nothing wrong with the people making a profit, but its not that they are smarter, its that they are taking advantage of a badly designed supply/demand system.


Danton Marcellus
Nebula Rasa Holdings
Posted - 2003.10.21 20:27:00 - [36]

Funny, I've never clinged to the server to get a buy order in just before downtime, yet I seem to do ok in getting what I want...

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