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Gunpoint Diplomacy
Posted - 2007.09.20 22:25:00 - [271]

Edited by: Evelgrivion on 20/09/2007 22:29:37
Hard to believe that this thread is still kicking 1 year and 11 days after the original post Shocked

Come on CCP, at least give us a reason why you don't think this could work Very Happy

Onwards with page 10 Cool

Jinx Barker
GFB Scientific
Posted - 2007.09.20 22:40:00 - [272]

Edited by: Jinx Barker on 20/09/2007 23:00:39
Originally by: Evelgrivion
Hard to believe that this thread is still kicking 1 year and 11 days after the original post Shocked

Come on CCP, at least give us a reason why you don't think this could work Very Happy

Onwards with page 10 Cool

You finally dragged yourself out? I was beginning to think you died or something!

Anyway, PAGE 10 - onward and forward - to a better POS system!


I shall endeavor to quote the following so as it can be present at least once on each page. This way people would have a quick outline first:

Originally by: The OP/Evilgrivion's Original Presentation

Anyway, here we go the awesome idea:
Exhibit A

Exhibit: B

Exhibit: C

Exhibits: D & E (Large File)

Exhibit: F

Exhibit: G

Exhibit: H

Exhibit: I (Fully Realised Modular POS)

Killer Rabbits of Caerbannog
Posted - 2007.09.21 00:08:00 - [273]

Edited by: SoldierOfFortune on 21/09/2007 00:08:43
All were asking is a simple "We've considered the OP" just so we known you've all at least seen it Laughing

Demolition Men
Posted - 2007.09.21 05:56:00 - [274]

Does anyone have any information on how revelations 3 will effect player owned stations? Player owned stations are in need of an overhaul and something like this would be great.

Admiral Armstrong
Northwest Passage
Posted - 2007.09.21 06:57:00 - [275]

Holy Hell.

Sir, your idea and presentation are simply amazing. I myself upon seeing my first POS felt a wave of dismay as I thought, "This is it?". It look like someone had spilled a box of car parts and put blew a giant bubble around it. Car parts 100,000x their actual size, mind you. But yessss. Your idea could breathe so much life and creativity, as well
as organization and order, in the POS system we currently have. I read that EVE has plans for player housing; I'm assuming something not too unlike Kruul's Pleasure Hub, and I feel that feature could fit perfectly with your idea.

Annie Maye
Posted - 2007.09.21 14:42:00 - [276]

Hmmm... Still waiting for a response from CCP. Anything would be nice.

Tonto Auri
Vhero' Multipurpose Corp
Posted - 2007.09.21 16:08:00 - [277]

Edited by: Tonto Auri on 21/09/2007 16:12:11
Count me in!

But that D&E explanation is unviewable. I see that it isn't image or guess what format is that file?
Only small JPG preview I've found in it.

Adding to both variants, they're looks much like outposts/conquerable stations acts now, with "destructible services" instead of actual module exposition.

Killer Rabbits of Caerbannog
Posted - 2007.09.22 14:35:00 - [278]

Shameless bump :/

Posted - 2007.09.22 22:06:00 - [279]

A bumpage to prevent great idea from leaving 1st page.

Khanak Hryad
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2007.09.23 16:36:00 - [280]

Originally by: Belenkas
A bumpage to prevent great idea from leaving 1st page.

wat he said! Laughing

Annie Maye
Posted - 2007.09.24 05:28:00 - [281]


Ulviirala Vauryndar
Vauryndar Dalharil
Posted - 2007.09.24 11:20:00 - [282]

Too bad I didn't stumble over this one earlier... like... 1 Year and 16 days ago. Despite all the rabble rabble about "awtsa only gfx change, screw you" it sure is more than that.

Furthermore, I'd bet it was or is on the drawing boards, just like many other things you may discover on the forums. Suggestions made years ago, finally implemented into the game 2 or 3 years later. There's still hope :)

Word on this, I'd sign the list and supporting this POS revised initiative. o>

Tonto Auri
Vhero' Multipurpose Corp
Posted - 2007.09.24 12:55:00 - [283]

Found D&E it is not a JPG (why it is 1mb in size). Guess it is Photoshop source format.
Here it is exported to JPG. Only 100k in size.
Please reupload :)

Servants of Drawnon
Posted - 2007.09.24 14:36:00 - [284]


Haven't seen this before!

And... just... wow! looks great... remind to ask someone about POSs at the next live dev-blog.

Annie Maye
Posted - 2007.09.25 00:35:00 - [285]

this would be good to bring up @ one of the live dev blogs.

James Hetfeild
Posted - 2007.09.25 16:33:00 - [286]

Looks good to me!!

Miranda Duvall
Saberick Interest and Development
Free Traders of EVE
Posted - 2007.09.26 17:08:00 - [287]

Really love this idea..
come on CCP, post your opinion on this one...

Posted - 2007.09.27 03:50:00 - [288]

One of the best posts on this section

Fixes one of the biggest letdowns in the whole game

Plz implement or at least give us a yes or no dont leave us hangingRazz

Kazuma Saruwatari
Posted - 2007.09.27 06:35:00 - [289]

holy high heckShocked

Now I'm an avid anti-POS warfare person (participated in POS wars, hated them ever since) and if even some of these ideas get into the game, I'd definately open up secondary/tertiary accounts just to thank CCP.

CCP, do not ignore this.

Sinder Ohm
Demonic Corp
Posted - 2007.09.27 09:47:00 - [290]

Bump I support this idea :)

Jinx Barker
GFB Scientific
Posted - 2007.09.27 09:54:00 - [291]

Oh man, the irony of it all just kills me....

Perhaps others can be the judge of it all as well.... Wink

Khanak Hryad
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2007.09.28 00:45:00 - [292]

Yay for link in that thread to this one

o btw....BUMP!!

Ministers Of Destruction.
The First Blood
Posted - 2007.10.01 00:49:00 - [293]


Come on devs, the OP deserves a response.

Jinx Barker
GFB Scientific
Posted - 2007.10.01 11:46:00 - [294]

Want to add something I consider EXTREMELY important.

In the recent months we have had a proliferation of threads where people are asking one simple question: "How do I switch the tower, without unanchorig all the structures?" The answer, in its short form is: "You can not!"

Now, the modular POS proposal could also solve that annoying little thing, where the nature of the construction blocks of the POS composition will allow: Off-lining a Tower, Unanchoring a Tower, Scooping the Tower, and re-deploying a NEW Tower in its place.

I have found myself in a similar circumstance a few times when I wanted to switch the towers and had to spend close to 48 hours just off-lining/unanchoring/anchoring/onlining/placing POS modules. A Nightmare, pure and unadulterated nightmare that ought to be solved with the introduction of the modular POS system.

Khanak Hryad
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2007.10.01 13:16:00 - [295]

the funny thing is, i dont even deal with POSs yet. i have seen them, though, and heard plenty of whines about em. O want this implemented before i get to that point in the gameVery Happy

Laah T'Sin
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2007.10.02 17:56:00 - [296]

Sir, your idea and presentation are simply amazing.


Looks really cool! I want this over walking on stations! First let's learn to fly (inside a POS) and then learn to walk! Wink

I think if CCP ever should implement this wonderful idea, I'll have to cry like a little girl.. with joy!

Please, oh please hallowed Developers! We besiege thee! <3

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2007.10.03 09:41:00 - [297]

Ah yes the POS idea, simply brilliant…. Well brilliant it’s only what one would come up with when thinking logical, but as for presentation, superb.
I long resisted starting to play eve online because I was afraid I would get addicted to it in the matter of hours, well I made the mistake of getting a trial account anyways (damn you CCP), long live addiction, well when I first saw a POS I was so disappointed I just didn’t play for several days trying to get over the shock of seeing a pretty much failing-on-all-sides-system.

Anyways as for my addition to this topic, I think it is important this idea gets worked out even more, especially in how to maintain current POS functionality somewhat, maybe introduce new things that could help in POS warfare. Problems aren’t hard to solve, in a fictional world like eve it’s easy to come up with a fictional technical solution.

I am against the dock ability on POS’ unless you really know how to work that out, maybe nerfing some and boosting other stuff to make the advantages and disadvantages add up to each other again.

Problems: Capital ships, Advanced warfare around POS’, Sizes/balancing, Conversation from current POS’
Well this is quite simple actually, but we have to expand the basic idea a bit.

First of we make the bubbles around towers a lot smaller, just big enough to fit the whole modular pos system in it at full capacity, I would also like to suggest boosters to get a bigger bubble when needed. (lets say bubble size is now 7.5km).

Then I introduce to you secondary towers, hubs and tubes, there are some different types depending on it’s final usage.

The tube systems are transportation/linking type structures and will require a lot of power as it will be able to link a main tower to a secondary tower. A tube is very long, say 20 to 40km maybe depending on size although this might really give great tactical advantages you can of course also see this as a weak link, a possibility, makes warfare interesting eh tactical info on POS’ would be critical. Tubes will have some sort of decent defence as they stick out of the bubble, but of course this defence has to be relatively easy to overcome.

Secondary towers can be linked using a hub, the hub will make it possible to share power and resources between the two systems etc but I wont go into that too much. Destroying the link would make the two towers individual again and the possible boosts you got from it disappear, if the power or CPU on one side is the inefficient systems will start to offline creating possible dangerous situations if you didn’t have the guns balanced out or something. Of course it might also be wise to put limitations on secondary towers on some parts (allowing less modules to be fitted and or not being able to fit some sorts of modules). A skill would be needed to be able to online/offline/construct secondary towers on site.

Hubs are totally dependant on the tower the tube is connected to, but hubs would primarily be used for far of guns or other systems, hubs can fit 3 modules of different types but needs at least a silo so when the tube is destroyed it can maintain it’s own individual shield bubble for some time when needed. This is also to solve the problems with Capital ships that don’t really manoeuvre easily trough tight spaces, so you could consider putting a maintenance array on the hub as well as a special module to allow the use of the main towers systems and other linked structures. Or optionally a sort of damage control unit making the shield around the hub stronger. Other purposes for hubs could be created by making the access privileges of a hub individual, you could allow several people to use the hub to say get to their own rented industry space, or to create the ability to let people outside your corp but inside the alliance drop of fuel etc. A skill would be needed to online/offline/construct hubs on site, of course.

So now my post is too lon

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2007.10.03 09:41:00 - [298]

continuation of last post if the system allows me to...

I think this covers the problem with capital ships somewhat, it also would restrict the number of capital or normal ships you can have outside a POS since the space inside bubbles would be limited. Besides this point, I think privileges on POS’ should be somewhat redone allowing private space etc.

This could also potentially boost POS warfare a lot as the tubes would be very vulnerable to attacks and individual systems are in fact mostly easier to attack than the whole lot. The hubs with their own shield when powered could also prove very useful when putting some turrets in it, and in case the shield drops because the lack of fuel guns would be easy to take out but it also creates a buffer of time one could use to set up a plan and get their titan out of there.

I think Converting wouldn’t prove much of a problem I think although it will probably involve scooping up your whole POS and putting it back again (using the new system and enabling the new textures), make a timeframe of say 24hrs from patch end to first maintenance downtime after 24hrs giving people time to replace their POS or scoop them up in relatively safe sky. People with really large POS’ could consider starting to break down before the patch heh, but there will probably be some peeps messing tings up for others, as always.

Posted - 2007.10.03 21:32:00 - [299]

nice, me like

Tonto Auri
Vhero' Multipurpose Corp
Posted - 2007.10.04 01:19:00 - [300]

sg3s, are You quoting my post in other thread?

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