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Naval Protection Corp
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2006.08.29 20:56:00 - [121]


just got a new 12-15hour job and u come with this, even have all the requirements and beta isd expirience ugh

this sucks, couldn`t it have been released earlier? Laughing

Nefera Sen
Posted - 2006.08.29 21:09:00 - [122]

For the lucky people that get this opportunity, would they have to make thier own flight plans? And if so what sort of prices are we talking about for say London to Reykjavk?

Also to those at ccp that have already left their home countries to work in Iceland... What are your impressions of working and living in Iceland? What advice & tips would you give an aspiring traveler?

The Slayer
Posted - 2006.08.29 21:18:00 - [123]

Yeh I need to know that too, will flights be provided for the interview if there is one also?

Gavin Kineli
Cross Roads
Ouroboros Cross Combine
Posted - 2006.08.29 21:29:00 - [124]

What about non-GM internships? I'd really love to work for CCP in some other intern capacity.

I currently live in Redmond, WA, this summer I've been an intern for Nintendo, doing software/hardware engineering for them. I'm a junior at Digipen Institute of Technology, studying computer engineering. An internship at CCP would be an amazing experience, and I meet all your requirements except I don't live in the EU :)

So what about other internships?

The Slayer
Posted - 2006.08.29 21:55:00 - [125]

Edited by: The Slayer on 29/08/2006 21:56:03
Originally by: kieron

We have plans for future internship offers, not only on the GM team, but QA and content as well.

Nuff said.

Posted - 2006.08.29 22:03:00 - [126]

Live in the EU... yes
20 years or older... lol yes
Speak, read and write fluent English... that's a matter of opinion ;)
Willing to relocate to Iceland and co-habitate with 2 other interns... mkay
Must not have any detrimental marks on your game account(s) or major warnings on your forum history... I suppose being hit with the "sig is too large" stick is ok?
Eve subscription for 3 years... no
Previous GM experience on a different title can waive some of the EVE experience time... score :D
Customer service experience... yes, but I don't want to talk about it.

I'd actually do the CCP thing if my wife, cats and bank manager would let me take the pay cut and relocate, or if I was still young enough not to have a wife and cats or a bank that owned my pay packet Rolling Eyes

I'm not complaining, I know what an internship is about. I guess a lot of people don't have good enough English to know what "Intern" means. Think along the lines of apprentice, recruit, coffee maker, noob scout, person who gets all the interesting, educational, character-building jobs... the ones that nobody else wants ;)

And character-building is NOT the same as char creation!

Coincidentally, I was talking today to a friend who's trying to get paid work in a law firm before she starts the next stage of her training next year. Not easy.

Good luck to whoever gets the positions - customer service is a test of character, to say the least.

Raddick Explorations
Posted - 2006.08.29 22:40:00 - [127]

Originally by: Ralle030583

omg.. dont saw that this is an internship ...
forget what i've written ;-)

not to myself:
read .. read again.. then answer

Every single forum poster should write that down by hand 1,000 times Laughing

$600 after rent, home costs & most food is really not bad. I may just give this a bash! :o

Doctor Shady
Posted - 2006.08.29 23:57:00 - [128]

can some one link the email adresse to apply please, i still cant get it to work.

The Slayer
Posted - 2006.08.30 00:04:00 - [129]

Malthros Zenobia
Posted - 2006.08.30 01:50:00 - [130]

Edited by: Malthros Zenobia on 30/08/2006 02:12:54
Originally by: Laendra
Originally by: kieron
Originally by: Malthros Zenobia
What prevents someone from the US or other non-EU locations from answering petitions from their current location until that 60-day period passes?

Due to security concerns CCP does not want the GM client or interface out of the office. Too much potential damage could be done with either to let both of them go off-site.

Sounds like they need an office in the US then... Razz

My thoughts exactly.Cool

edit: So call center experience is a plus eh? Even only a few months of it done between university terms?Very Happy

Malthros Zenobia
Posted - 2006.08.30 02:03:00 - [131]

I'm loving the 'pay' complaints, it's a great way of weeding out those who 'want' to do it.

Or it atleast points out those who only do selective reading. Wink

Posted - 2006.08.30 04:32:00 - [132]

I lived in Germany for a year (I'm from the US) when I was in college - room and board paid for by the university;. I spent less than $600/month, and that included traveling around.

This is an opportunity to 'pause your life' for 3-6 months - got a place to crash, with your own bedroom, money to feed yourself and buy beer. All you gotta do is answer petitions for 8 hours a day 5 days a week and you can spend the rest of the time at the bar picking up hot icelandic chicks who think it's sexy that you know english.

If CCP will pick up my divorce lawyer, I'm in.

Ixion Defence Systems
Posted - 2006.08.30 04:45:00 - [133]

Edited by: Arkanor on 30/08/2006 04:45:59
3 years, I imagine that would scratch a lot of people out.

The Slayer
Posted - 2006.08.30 10:38:00 - [134]

I dont want to seem pushy or impatient but is there a time frame for replies to applications? I know you said you needed staff ASAP but how soon is soon (in case I need to give notice at my current job).

Space Perverts and Forum Warriors United
Posted - 2006.08.30 11:10:00 - [135]

Sorry kieron, seems like I cannot come and tease you guys. I told my boss that I wanna go to Iceland for 3month inter, he said "Not gonna happen, go back to server room". I think I cried inside Crying or Very sad

Anyway, stop slacking kieron.. you know why. *cough fanfest photos cough*

Posted - 2006.08.30 11:15:00 - [136]

Originally by: kieron
Subject to exchange rate fluctuations, that amounts to ~470€ or ~42.2k ISK per month.

so basicly you could earn more by mining veld for half an hour :P

Posted - 2006.08.30 11:16:00 - [137]

i only played for a year, but i have 3 accounts so that makes it equal to three years rite????? :P

IT Alliance
Posted - 2006.08.30 12:01:00 - [138]

Seems interesting, but i was wondering about the potential job opportunities later on down the line, would these be broader then GM line work. ?. I have been thinking about dropping my CV to a few game companies, but more in the direction of game and or content design, which is more along my lines of study and interest. Iceland is only 2 hours flight from here though, and i have been playing since beta.

Btw, what kind of timeframe are we looking at since it is going to take me about 6-7 more weeks to finish of my thesis and get my Msc.


Hedion University
Posted - 2006.08.30 13:07:00 - [139]

Looks interesting. I have gone through the whole thread and i cannot find one answer.

Who will take care of flight arrangements to Iceland and back? In other words: Will CCP pay the plane fare to and from Iceland?

Kongsberg Vaapenfabrikk Amarr branch.
Posted - 2006.08.30 13:47:00 - [140]

Edited by: Royaldo on 30/08/2006 13:49:55
sry dunno if this has been answered.
eu countries.. would people from non eu countries be allowed to appli but are still from europe? like say norway?

EVE Corporation Making Everything
Posted - 2006.08.30 14:18:00 - [141]

> This salary is competitive with
> the MMOG industry standard

As there no standard wage for these things.. failure to mention salary when asked always makes me not want to waste my time with a company.

In fact, as a goldern rule of experience, if any company doens't give you a straight answer to a straight question, don't bother with them for employment, you won't like it there.

Nelix Trist
Posted - 2006.08.30 14:46:00 - [142]

Edited by: Nelix Trist on 30/08/2006 14:46:36
Right, to answer all questions here are the answers.

Q1 - Who pays for the flights to Iceland?
A1 - CCP will cover the costs to and from Iceland

Q2 - Can I be considered for an inters if I'm from a non EU country
A2 - No. Only EU based citizens can be considered (Shorter time to organize working Visa's)

Q3 I dont have enough playing time on my Eve Online account, can I still apply?
A3 Yes, long as you have relevant experience in the Customer Support industry, or wither you have been a GM for an MMORPG game in the past.

Q4 - $600 for working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week? That rubbish!
A4 This is an Intern placement not a full paid job. You are employed to learn hence why you will not be paid a full salary. The apartment, travel, and some food costs will be covered by CCP, so you dont have to worry about rent and so on.

Hope this helps a few people.

Serania Lai'Daigano
Posted - 2006.08.30 15:57:00 - [143]

Edited by: Serania Lai''Daigano on 30/08/2006 16:26:53
Originally by: Nelix Trist
Q2 - Can I be considered for an inters if I'm from a non EU country
A2 - No. Only EU based citizens can be considered (Shorter time to organize working Visa's)

Partly correct. There is the exception of Norway and Iceland that has signed the EES treaty and has signed treaties with Sweden, Denmark and Finland (ie all nordic countries) about free travels for its citizens across the borders. It has been in effect a long time now and should mean that Norwegians could apply for the intern positions as well as EU citizens.

If you live in any of those countries, a valid ID card is enough to travel freely and gain benefits from the public service in the country you reside and work in at the moment. There are also regulations concerning tax and retirement funds between all those countries.

You can read more about it on Nordisk eTax homepage if you're interested.

CCP Eris Discordia

Posted - 2006.08.30 16:32:00 - [144]

Originally by: BaldMan
Looks interesting. I have gone through the whole thread and i cannot find one answer.

Who will take care of flight arrangements to Iceland and back? In other words: Will CCP pay the plane fare to and from Iceland?

They did for the other interns

White Star Ltd
Posted - 2006.08.30 17:37:00 - [145]

Is ccp having a problem with the mail server?

I just got a warning email and it was saying my meggage had been delayed for 24 hours.

Also this happened to me when I sent a mail to the mods a few days ago and then it finally got sent back to me (the mod mail).

The Slayer
Posted - 2006.08.30 19:36:00 - [146]

Originally by: Nelix Trist
Edited by: Nelix Trist on 30/08/2006 14:46:36
Q1 - Who pays for the flights to Iceland?
A1 - CCP will cover the costs to and from Iceland

Hope this helps a few people.

Yes thanks, this is a great help. My particular circumstances mean I am unable to afford a flight (unemplyed for several months) so do you know if CCP actually pay for then send you the tickets or is it a "Get it yourself, we will reimburse you" thing. Im sure this is something that could be discussed person to person and if there isnt an answer no bother, im just curious.

Posted - 2006.08.30 20:44:00 - [147]

Edited by: Ironstorm on 30/08/2006 20:50:16
well, for everyone who not got an wife or any commitments.
who is young and already got enough from is native country this is indeed a dream, folks!

for all those guys who have no clue what an "internship" means, apart from the fact that you already out of interest, because your english knowledge is simpel to lousy. intership means you practice and learn your work, each day. during the period which is written as 3 to 6 month. after that you might get an employeecontract, depends how good or worse you are and your income will or should increase. how much is a question ? which is important for my opinion. not really if the appartment got an internet connection, that is more or less really secondary.
an other important question would be is the "might be" after internship employeecontract an open-end contract or an fixed-term contract ?

apart of this few important questions its always an question if you can live with the people, with whom you will spend all your worktime.

just an proposal, use plz your brain before you start writting into an thread, which is really an interesting option for everyone who wanna do something complete new !

an good move into this directon would be for example that you try to get to the eve-fanfest and talk directly to the people, who ever really wants this internship, should first of all see if he likes the country, talk to the people for more details and than you can decide.

greetz Ironstorm aka Tribune Maximus

Posted - 2006.08.30 20:50:00 - [148]

this is just too good an offer to not try it. Even though i do not have the 3 year subscription, i have extensive gm experience...

so here's to hoping it will count in my favor.... Very Happy

Linerra Tedora
Faulcon de Lazy
Posted - 2006.08.30 20:52:00 - [149]

hmm seems that forum settings are saved locally on your computer... or else something has reset so i no longer post with my normal setup main.. Shocked

Alassra Eventide
Space Lobster Expeditionary
Posted - 2006.08.30 20:54:00 - [150]


Why can't you be honorary EU for Visas?

Blast it all to hell!

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