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Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2003.09.21 16:45:00 - [1]

Omega Corp. New Recruit Information.

General Info.

Omega Corp was founded in the 3rd phase of beta testing by Duke Droklar. We are currently part of the Stain Alliance with several other corporations that help to defend the region from hostile corporations.


The goal of Omega Corp is to be the most influential corporation in the Eve Universe. We strive to this end. Omega Corp has 10ís of Billions ISK worth of assets and we are continuing to grow. When the time is right (When CCP finally puts in station construction) we will be taking control of an area of space with the help of the C4 Alliance member corps which currently include Omega Corp (Founding Corporation) Solar Wind (Not Solar Winds), Roving Guns, Redemption, and Ion.


Omega Corp. offers plenty of room for advancement for those members that wish to move up the chain of command and proven their ability to lead.

Ranking in the corporation is as follows:

Applicant (brand new members)
Duke (CEO)

Benefits of being an OC member

∑ Earn up to 5 Million per hour on corporate mining operations
∑ Blueprint Copy Brokering
∑ Get ships at cost or BYOM (Bring Your Own Minerals)
∑ Teamspeak server that members can use if they wish to talk to each other instead of typing everything out in the in-game chat
∑ Shipís used in corporate military operations are insured by the corporation. In some cases a corporation ship will be provided to you so you do not need to risk your personal ship.

Corporate Mining Operations

Frequently the corporation will conduct mining operations to mine the Bistot-rich asteroid fields within our territory. This will consist of the Duke or another officer in the corporation leading the mining operation.

Members who wish to participate will be paid a base salary of 250,000 ISK per mining laser per hour (adjusted for skills and equipment if applicable) and 75,000 ISK per hour per Harvester Mining Drone. Very advanced members with the right equipment and skills can earn up to 5,000,000 ISK per hour on corporate mining operations.

Divisions and Baronies

Members who have proven themselves a valuable asset to the corporation can start a division of Omega Corp if they wish to do so. Members who wish to do this will receive a start up package of blueprints from the corporation and 25,000,000 in starter cash. This aplies to members of rank Knight or above.

Once a certain level of success is achieved, the Division will be considered an Advanced Division. This should be added to the Divisions Corp description. This will entitle that Division to Cruiser and Battleship copies. The success of the Division as well as the track record of continued service to OC Prime would be taken greatly into consideration for a Lordship.

Lords that continue to expand their Divisions wealth and display exceptional service to OC Prime will be granted a Barony. He may create another corp. with a name of his choosing preceded by the OC tag... i.e.: OC Euro, OC GMT, OC Stalkers, Etc. If the name is "questionable" like OC Griefers then it will not be approved by the Duke.

More information is available upon request regarding this if you are accepted into the corporation.

Call to Arms

All members that have been with the corporation for any length of time are required to help defend our territory.

All members should eventually train either their primary or create a secondary character light cavalry character to assist the military when needed. We can tell you specifically what skills you will need to fly in the cavalry if you are unsure.

If you would like more information about Omega Corp please join our in game public channel OC-PUBLIC or Eve-Mail Korath.

Fetty Chico
Republic Military School
Posted - 2003.09.21 21:17:00 - [2]

sounds to good to be true

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2003.09.21 21:39:00 - [3]

Yup, all true. Capitalism and teamwork makes it happen. Very Happy

Posted - 2003.09.22 04:08:00 - [4]


Duke Droklar
Omega Corp
Posted - 2003.09.22 10:51:00 - [5]

No taxes. The corp turns profit on the mining ops, manufacturing and 50% of the copies that the copy brokers sell. They make money and the corp makes money.... as it should be.

Copy brokering is imo the best way at the moment to earn money (until respawn is fixed). The corp generally sells copies to members at 50% the going rate and the brokers resell them at a handsome profit.

I've heard of too many corps that work their members in a socialist style enviroment where a select few benefit while the workers are bled dry. If that describes your position within your current corp then you're being taken advantage of.

If you want a corp that gives it's members the opportunity to advance as far as they have the drive to achieve then Omega Corp is what you've been looking for.

Royal Amarr Institute
Posted - 2003.09.22 12:35:00 - [6]

sounds very interesting
i have 2 questions
1) how many memders do u have?
2) how many of those r in Europe

i ask as i'm in a med size corp, but with only a few uk/europe players.
and i spend most of my time with only 1-2 others online at the same time

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2003.09.22 12:53:00 - [7]

Edited by: Korath on 22/09/2003 12:53:00
1) how many memders do u have?
2) how many of those r in Europe

If you look in game the description says about 100 memebers although its probably closer to about 30 or 40 actual people if you don't count alts.

We do have a few people in euro as well as a couple ausie's i believe. We're currently trying to build up those area's so we can have 24/7 coverage.

Duke Droklar
Omega Corp
Posted - 2003.09.23 00:30:00 - [8]

Many of our US members play unusual hours so it's rare to find less then 5-6 online during Euro hours.

Our long range plans include multiple subcorps we call Baronies. This will allow for tight knit groups while increasing the military, industrial and financial strength of the whole.

This will allow members with ceo ambitions to do so within the corp structure. They will be granted dominion over a portion of OC territory complete with an OC built station (when this capability is in-game).

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2003.09.24 16:30:00 - [9]


The Subtle Knife
Chain of Chaos
Posted - 2003.09.24 17:09:00 - [10]

Duke, now ya got me interested.

This sounds promising

Omega Corp
Posted - 2003.09.26 11:38:00 - [11]

Well Plasmatique, you're welcome to give us a visit in our oc-public chat channel.

Dr Gonzo
Posted - 2003.09.26 12:11:00 - [12]

Do Omega have an IRC channel?

The ingame public channel is called oc- right?

Digital Sin
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2003.09.26 12:19:00 - [13]

ingame channel is OC-Public. Great post Korath you beat me to the punch!!


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