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Griffen Hawk
Thanos and Killjoy Productions
Posted - 2004.07.09 11:10:00 - [31]

newcastle here come on the toon

hehe i know a few smoggies but none that play eve :( probly just a little too mutch smoke in front of there pc's

Dexter Rast
Mercenary Forces
Exquisite Malevolence
Posted - 2004.07.11 09:06:00 - [32]

Sedgefeild here, not enough monkey hangers and smoggies ingame for my liking Laughing

Da Kid
Black Nova Corp
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2004.07.14 08:26:00 - [33]

i support BORO and i have a couple of mates who live in Billingham, but im from central england Smile

Dirty Deeds Corp.
Axiom Empire
Posted - 2004.11.15 23:56:00 - [34]

Middlesbrough here :)
Studying at teesside uni at the moment(yes I know its not exactly oxford but I like it :)

Posted - 2004.11.19 16:01:00 - [35]

Mackem here Cool

The Shamen
Chemical Vision
Posted - 2005.04.19 13:44:00 - [36]

Nice to see a few North Easterners. Hope you are all enjoying EVE still. Boro Town Centre here.

Lig Lira
Freedom Confederation
Posted - 2005.04.24 00:57:00 - [37]

Used to live in stockton Very Happy

Indra Sebuchiore
Posted - 2005.04.27 09:50:00 - [38]

Geordie here. Plenty of my workmates play EVE, so there's more of us Northeners here than you'd think.

The mackem
The Dark Space Initiative
Revival Of The Talocan Empire
Posted - 2005.09.27 07:52:00 - [39]

I'm from SEAHAM

Dimitri Chandler
Dark Knights of Deneb
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2005.10.08 11:04:00 - [40]

Oh you folk from Smogland are so common.
My butler has been to Middlesbrough and wasn't impressed.
I tend to avoid anywhere that lies on the A19 as its such a lower-class road.
I shall stick to the leafy paradise that is Low Fell for my preferred residence arrangements thank you very much.

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2006.11.11 14:34:00 - [41]

I live in the Boro for my sins, just round the corner from the Uni, although originaly from London.

can often be found propping up the bar in "The Navi" in the shadow of the Boro ground.

Middlesbrough, where the sky's green and the trees turn blue !! ShockedWink

Ronak Gdarr
Posted - 2006.12.12 04:49:00 - [42]

i'm From durham here so newcastle and boro are well within any travelling distances ... Twisted Evil

Jak Sparra
Posted - 2006.12.18 10:19:00 - [43]

I'm from Sunderland. (Its canny sh!te)Very Happy

Any of yous fancy gannin for a pint in sunderland soon? I normally drink down at 'The Borough', its on the corner opposite 'the point' and across from Debenhams. if you ever go in and see a lad with a tattoo of a swallow on his left hand and a koi carp on his arm, then thats meSmile
I'm off over x-mas so lets have a bit of a sesh' like!

Malevolent Intentions
Posted - 2007.09.05 16:39:00 - [44]

Im from Billingham, anyone fancy meeting up?

Crazy by Nature
Posted - 2007.09.14 10:58:00 - [45]

Originally from billingham, but been living in the boro now for a few years. I just live around the corner from the uni, just off southfield road Very Happy

hmm, parmo's

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