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Posted - 2006.03.19 20:13:00 - [1]

* An image flickers onto the screen of a gaunt sebeiestor, his eyes wide open, looking like he hasn't slept in days. A strange twitch disrupts every other sentence *

Greetings citizens.

I am Admiral for the long time anti-slaver corp, Stormriders. For many years now, we have sought only to destroy and crush our ancient enemy, the Amarrian Race. Tonight, that will change. Although in a CONCORD sanctioned war with the PIE Inc, the great and historic pro-slavery corporation, tonight the lasers will cease fire and the autocannons will cool down from their endless chatter. We, as a corporation, will be taking from PIE, a vast amount of Pax Amarria in their home system of Amarr. For this gigantic task, we will be using Industrial class haulers for the task. After exchanging some more 'sultry' goods with the Priests and spiritual leaders of Pie Inc in return for the Pax Amarria, we will then have begun the task of cleansing our souls of the mind damaging goods that keep our spirit from being pure. The exact time of the exchange and place within amarr is a secret, for obvious reasons. There is but one thing to say. Amarr Victor!

* The image is broken up. END OF TRANSMISSION *

Rho Dynamics
Posted - 2006.03.19 20:26:00 - [2]

Saikoyu stares at the screen. "This can not be real, can it?"

Gaven Lok'ri
PIE Inc.
Posted - 2006.03.19 20:40:00 - [3]

This is unexpected, if it can be believed.

Imperial Dreams
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2006.03.19 21:05:00 - [4]

I think I have seen everything now Shocked

Bruderschaft des Wahrhaftigen
Posted - 2006.03.19 22:09:00 - [5]

My stance on Pax Amarria is well known. I got nothing to add.

The minmatar creatures are more deceitful than expected. I pray the leadership of PIE has the wisdom to make the right decision.

Daryl Xero
Posted - 2006.03.19 22:33:00 - [6]

200 ISK says it's a new model of Transcranial Microcontroller...

Posted - 2006.03.19 22:57:00 - [7]

*The Admiral appears on the screen once more, looking tired but at ease*


At 22:00 hours Stormriders entered the Amarr system and communications were opened on a global scale, with PIE Inc. Below is a transcript.

[ 2006.03.19 21:52:24 ] Gaven Lok'ri > Good day... what are you claiming to be now?
[ 2006.03.19 21:52:31 ] Breed Love > well
[ 2006.03.19 21:52:36 ] Breed Love > we are pleased to inform you
[ 2006.03.19 21:52:42 ] Breed Love > that we've seen the light!
[ 2006.03.19 21:52:55 ] Breed Love > we know who is the true God now
[ 2006.03.19 21:53:09 ] Breed Love > and we want to take that knowledge to the rest of the minmatar republic
[ 2006.03.19 21:53:16 ] Monsignor > /emote is skeptical
[ 2006.03.19 21:53:19 ] Daemun Khanid > Indeed?
[ 2006.03.19 21:53:29 ] bonesy19uk > don't be cynical Monsignor
[ 2006.03.19 21:53:30 ] Udyr Vulpayne > a noble goal if your intentions are pure
[ 2006.03.19 21:53:32 ] Breed Love > yeah this is true
[ 2006.03.19 21:53:36 ] Breed Love > it might be hard to believe
[ 2006.03.19 21:53:43 ] Breed Love > but it is the truth
[ 2006.03.19 21:53:45 ] Jerek Laz > If you are true to your word... we have the material your... requested
[ 2006.03.19 21:53:45 ] Rodj Blake > and you are prepared to receive enlightenment?
[ 2006.03.19 21:53:50 ] Breed Love > yeah
[ 2006.03.19 21:54:06 ] Jadzia DAXX > lo amarr peeps
[ 2006.03.19 21:54:12 ] Breed Love > but we do need help with that indeed
[ 2006.03.19 21:54:13 ] Daemun Khanid > If it is, then today is quite a monumentous occasion
[ 2006.03.19 21:54:18 ] bonesy19uk > we are prepared to hand over our stock of unpure items to you, so you can dispose of them as you wish
[ 2006.03.19 21:54:26 ] Vicarrah > /emote waves at rodj
[ 2006.03.19 21:54:29 ] Breed Love > we demand that you give us as many pax amarria books as you can
[ 2006.03.19 21:54:34 ] Breed Love > yeah
[ 2006.03.19 21:54:39 ] Daemun Khanid > You demand?
[ 2006.03.19 21:54:40 ] Lallara Zhuul > demand?
[ 2006.03.19 21:54:49 ] Udyr Vulpayne > you may ask..not demand
[ 2006.03.19 21:54:52 ] Monsignor > Blessed are those who accept God as savior.
[ 2006.03.19 21:55:00 ] Daemun Khanid > Perhaps you should choose your words more wisely if you come here in peace
[ 2006.03.19 21:55:00 ] Lallara Zhuul > your attitude betrays your intentions
[ 2006.03.19 21:55:00 ] Ryas Nia > poor english translation sorry
[ 2006.03.19 21:55:04 ] Breed Love > well, we are helping you to spread the word about the God
[ 2006.03.19 21:55:09 ] Breed Love > so we have right to demand
[ 2006.03.19 21:55:26 ] bonesy19uk > just as you have demanded things from our race, over so many years
[ 2006.03.19 21:55:29 ] Lallara Zhuul > you have no rights as long as you have not been redeemed in the eyes of God
[ 2006.03.19 21:55:30 ] Breed Love > besides, we give you quafe and exotic dancers in return!
[ 2006.03.19 21:55:35 ] Jerek Laz > Do not allow fiery tempers to... sully what seems to be well intended
[ 2006.03.19 21:55:43 ] bonesy19uk > Jerek is correct
[ 2006.03.19 21:55:50 ] Breed Love > yeah
[ 2006.03.19 21:56:07 ] Monsignor > We have no need of your exotic dancers.
[ 2006.03.19 21:56:08 ] Gaven Lok'ri > I dont quite see how you have any right to demand anything. However It is not as if we do not give Pax out for free anyway.
[ 2006.03.19 21:56:10 ] Rodj Blake > perhaps you would be willing to give us slaves as well?
[ 2006.03.19 21:56:16 ] Breed Love > so we want to exchange our cargo load to the pax amarria!
[ 2006.03.19 21:56:22 ] Monsignor > Perhaps you could demonstrate your sincerity by offering a prayer?
[ 2006.03.19 21:56:24 ] Breed Love > we dont have any unfortunately
[ 2006.03.19 21:56:33 ] Breed Love > they are extremely hard to smuggle out of the republic you see
[ 2006.03.19 21:56:45 ] Daemun Khanid > I say again, if you come in peace you should choose your words more wisely minmatar. You seem quite hostile for someone with intentions of enlightenment.

Gaven Lok'ri
PIE Inc.
Posted - 2006.03.19 22:58:00 - [8]

Edited by: Gaven Lok''ri on 19/03/2006 22:58:46
Edited by: Gaven Lok''ri on 19/03/2006 22:58:27
(waiting for Bonesy to finish his account)

Posted - 2006.03.19 23:02:00 - [9]

Edited by: bonesy19uk on 19/03/2006 23:02:39
[ 2006.03.19 21:57:00 ] bonesy19uk > we are a little desperate, is all
[ 2006.03.19 21:57:05 ] Vicarrah > meh, always with the rhetoric from both sides.... when will you learn that there are other ways?
[ 2006.03.19 21:57:08 ] Breed Love > im sorry if thats what it looks like
[ 2006.03.19 21:57:27 ] Ryas Nia > while we wish to repent and ammend our ways it will be a hard road back to minmatar space
[ 2006.03.19 21:57:31 ] Jerek Laz > I imagine this carries no small amount of... collateral damage, when you are viewed by your brethern in your "Republic"?
[ 2006.03.19 21:57:39 ] Breed Love > but as bonesy said we are a bit desperate, and the new combat booster experiments werent really helping it either

[ 2006.03.19 21:58:12 ] Breed Love > we are in peaceful ships
[ 2006.03.19 21:58:18 ] Breed Love > industrials
[ 2006.03.19 21:58:25 ] Albar Gray > I'm sure we can accept that such a move, as they make now, if trythful, could be stressful. So we should be generous
[ 2006.03.19 21:58:34 ] Daemun Khanid > agreed
[ 2006.03.19 21:58:37 ] Breed Love > we dont intend to do anyone any harm
[ 2006.03.19 21:58:37 ] Vicarrah > there's no such thing as a peaceful ship, unless you're in a shuttle
[ 2006.03.19 21:59:04 ] Breed Love > so, is it a deal?
[ 2006.03.19 21:59:10 ] Ryas Nia > the word of god requires a more worth transport than a shuttle
[ 2006.03.19 21:59:15 ] bonesy19uk > Vicarrah, you cannot carry many Pax Amarria in a shuttle. So when needs must
[ 2006.03.19 21:59:29 ] Vicarrah > why carry the worthless rag anyway?
[ 2006.03.19 21:59:39 ] bonesy19uk > The world must be enlightened!
[ 2006.03.19 21:59:52 ] Breed Love > is it a deal?
[ 2006.03.19 21:59:56 ] Gaven Lok'ri > Bring your ships to the rendevous, then.
[ 2006.03.19 22:00:01 ] Breed Love > wonderful
[ 2006.03.19 22:00:05 ] Gaven Lok'ri > If they are non combat we will bring the Pax.
[ 2006.03.19 22:00:05 ] Breed Love > Amarr Victor!
[ 2006.03.19 22:02:19 ] Breed Love > as you see our intentions are peaceful
[ 2006.03.19 22:02:39 ] Udyr Vulpayne > you seem to be true to your word so far
[ 2006.03.19 22:02:39 ] Cyrus Sphinx > Dose anyone know if there are any large corps. recruting?
[ 2006.03.19 22:05:18 ] Jerek Laz > Approaching rendevouz
[ 2006.03.19 22:07:13 ] Jerek Laz > Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[ 2006.03.19 22:07:33 ] Breed Love > mwaahahhahahahhha
[ 2006.03.19 22:07:43 ] Breed Love > you fell for it you primitive amarr souls
[ 2006.03.19 22:07:49 ] Breed Love > the pax amarria is OURSS!!!
[ 2006.03.19 22:07:58 ] Jerek Laz > Foul HEATHENS! Your word is as foul as your race!
[ 2006.03.19 22:08:50 ] Breed Love > we are going to burn the glue and cure this combat booster madness!!
[ 2006.03.19 22:10:00 ] Breed Love > did you really think that we wanted to do something this stupid??
[ 2006.03.19 22:10:13 ] Breed Love > all we need is glue!
[ 2006.03.19 22:10:18 ] Breed Love > the glue you use to make this book
[ 2006.03.19 22:10:49 ] Monsignor > Minmatar trechery knows no bounds!
[ 2006.03.19 22:10:51 ] Udyr Vulpayne > this betrayal will not be forgotten
[ 2006.03.19 22:11:07 ] Breed Love > and what are you going to do?
[ 2006.03.19 22:11:51 ] Gaven Lok'ri > Kill you. As usual.
[ 2006.03.19 22:12:10 ] Breed Love > thats the way it used to be
[ 2006.03.19 22:12:33 ] Breed Love > but now we know amarrians are as naive as we thought
[ 2006.03.19 22:12:40 ] Gaven Lok'ri > /emote grins
[ 2006.03.19 22:12:59 ] Monsignor > And God looked down upon the travesty that was Matar and he was displeased. So he sent his chosen to bring order to the heathens. Scriptures VIII V2
[ 2006.03.19 22:13:08 ] Gaven Lok'ri > I wouldnt call that result optimal, terrorist.
[ 2006.03.19 22:13:08 ] Gaven Lok'ri > Though I expect you got what you wanted.
[ 2006.03.19 22:13:35 ] bonesy19uk > all we need is the primitve glue used to bind these books.

Daryl Xero
Posted - 2006.03.19 23:11:00 - [10]


...Wow, just wow...

They're sniffing glue now...


Gaven Lok'ri
PIE Inc.
Posted - 2006.03.19 23:17:00 - [11]

Edited by: Gaven Lok''ri on 19/03/2006 23:33:25

Sometimes you must spring a trap to understand its meaning. And sometimes you must risk springing an obvious trap on the off chance that it is what it appears. It was not a surprise at all to see the industrials revealed as combat vessels. Though I must admit, we never would have expected that they would need the pax to sniff the glue.

Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.

PIE pilots today found themselves faceing six Q-Ships as the pilots of SRS opened fire on a Bestower carrying over 1000 Pax.

All six Q-ships were destroyed along with the bestower they targeted. 600 pax survived in the can.

While it really is almost incomprehensible as to why the SRS needed so many pax--to sniff the glue in the bindings-- it is also incomprehensible as to why they would sacrifice 6 well equipped Q-ships in combat against 6 frigates to accomplish this when they could have just bought them on the market.

Edit: But then I guess the same could be said of the slaves they free. So perhaps the moral of the story is that Terrorists are insane.

Posted - 2006.03.19 23:25:00 - [12]

[ 2006.03.19 22:13:38 ] Gaven Lok'ri > At a much higher price than it was worth.
[ 2006.03.19 22:13:49 ] bonesy19uk > to act as a solvent in curing this wretched neural booster!
[ 2006.03.19 22:14:08 ] Daemun Khanid > Your regular dose of Vitoc and other drugs isn't enough, now you must sniff glue?
[ 2006.03.19 22:14:17 ] Monsignor > I have your cure terrorist.
[ 2006.03.19 22:14:25 ] Monsignor > The light of Gods holy laser!
[ 2006.03.19 22:14:32 ] Daemun Khanid > The minmatar continue to become more pathetic
[ 2006.03.19 22:14:55 ] Monsignor > Indeed Brother Daemun. With each week they become more and more in disarray.
[ 2006.03.19 22:17:18 ] bonesy19uk > Once this booster has been ridden from our systems, we will be back to crush you
[ 2006.03.19 22:18:37 ] Jerek Laz > now you see why you must be redeemed; you sully your bodies with foul influences
[ 2006.03.19 22:19:02 ] Jerek Laz > and then lie and cheat to overcome them... cast aside this path of sin and join us in your rightful place as obedient servants

As you can see from this post, we had ulterior motives. Please excuse me that I speak on behalf of Breed Love, he is still a little...on edge. After a brief sejourn into 0.0 space, Breed Love discovered a new form of (illegal) Neural Booster. This booster had not been in anyway proven by any scientific authority, but Breed Love decided that the benefits far outweighed the risks attached to the boosters. After several weeks taking the booster, he then returned to Stromriders, almost a new pilot. His personal kill tally had taken an incredible turn upwards. However, 1 week ago, all began to turn sour. He experienced severe paranoia, muscle spasms and other extreme side-effects to the booster. Tests at our medical centre showed he had used a certain type of Neural Booster developed by the Cartel. For days, myself and a team of scientists and other corpmembers worked on the side effects and a possible cure to them. One unnamed Cartel scientist was contacted and he managed to release a coded message hat contained the antidote. A solvent was discovered that would eliminate the booster from his system. This solvent was to be found in the binding of the Pax Amarria. Breed Love then decided that a plan of fooling the naive amarrians into giving us the pax amarria for no cost. SRS members made a rendezvous with the Pie Inc force in Amarr; we were immediately conforonted with a frigate squad. No fire was exchanged until the bestower class Industrial came within 3km of our haulers. At that point, our battle badgers and tanked mammoths opened fire on the bestower, to show that we had not given into their demands. The Bestower was finally taken down, the cargo scooped up by Arrant Knave in a slasher class frigate and extracted out of the system. 1039 pax amarria were recovered by SRS forces. Each of our Industrials finally succombed to laser fire, but our task is complete. The scientists have the Pax Amarria and are working on the antidote as we speak.

Although losses were heavy, we managed to avoid using isk that would otherwise be put into the war effort, into buying the Pax Amarria; or propaganda in our eyes.
We wish Breed a speedy recovery. He has been reprimanded for his use of illegal boosters. We do not need their effects to defeat the Amarr scum.

*The Admiral's image fades away. MESSAGE END*

(ooc indy battles are fun ;)

Breed Love
Posted - 2006.03.19 23:30:00 - [13]


im be cure almost soon!!! Ammaar die!!

Posted - 2006.03.19 23:30:00 - [14]

Originally by: Gaven Lok'ri
But then I guess the same could be said of the slaves they free. So perhaps the moral of the story is that Terrorists are insane.

The effect of the boosters were incredible. His insanity is because of these awful substances, rather than his stance as a 'terrorist'. As Operation leader, we followed his orders implicitly.

Ryas Nia
Posted - 2006.03.19 23:48:00 - [15]

Freedome and the chance to burn the Pax Amarria bare no cost to the Minmatar people.

Darmed Khan
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2006.03.20 00:33:00 - [16]

This is certainly disturbing news Bonesy. I can only hope that Breed Love makes a full recovery. If you need any extra help in producing a cure (Or destroying ships carrying Pax Amarria), do not hesitate to ask.

Azador Kavian
Khanid Provincial Vanguard
Black Inquisition
Posted - 2006.03.20 03:46:00 - [17]

I've never read anything more stupid in my entire life. I'm not sure I know what to say.

Lucius Lefebvre
Posted - 2006.03.20 05:39:00 - [18]

You couldn't find anything this good in a netcom. Extraordinary stuff.

Daryl Xero
Posted - 2006.03.20 06:43:00 - [19]

I only wish I could stop laughing so hard... my sides hurt too much Laughing

Torak Dakos
Posted - 2006.03.20 08:10:00 - [20]

Another example of how weak minded the Minmatar really are.

Adrielle Firewalker
Amarr Will Eat Itself
Posted - 2006.03.20 09:58:00 - [21]


They make me so proud.

Jerek Laz
PIE Inc.
Posted - 2006.03.20 10:49:00 - [22]

And lo, the heathens show their true natrue and why they must be reclaimed!

If it is boosters they want, then we have ample supplies of vitoc for their use. And for the more techy savvy, transcranial micro-controlelrs for that techno-bliss while living the plantation life.

Truly, they will regret destroying the Bestower of Pax!

...My pride and joy.... *Sniffles*

Rodj Blake
PIE Inc.
Posted - 2006.03.20 10:54:00 - [23]

This whole incident merely serves to prove that Minmatars have congenitally addictive personalities with a pre-disposition towards violence, and that they need guidance, discipline and support to control their primeval urges.

We can provide that guidance, discipline and support.

Mr Vapor
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2006.03.20 11:05:00 - [24]


Vapor walked into the briefing room to find several ripped up copies of Pax Amarria. He wondered what they were doing there. Then it hit him......

"Ahh, the sweet smell of glue."

Vapor sat down at the briefing table and started sniffing. Heaven was indeed found in the small things in life.

Kade Jeekin
Posted - 2006.03.20 11:12:00 - [25]

Hey mate sorry to hear of your troubles. Pity it was such a private matter, though understandable. I regularly blow up loads of PA left over from slaver convoys. I'll save a few copies. Would the glue affect other implants? If not then it sounds like a good end for PA rather then just being space dust.

Mr Vapor
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2006.03.20 11:33:00 - [26]


Vapor, quite intoxicated from sniffing glue, stumbles around the station randomly assaulting and humping the locals.

"PAX AMARRIA ROOOOLS!!!" he screams.

Shortly thereafter, Vapor was beaten senseless by station guards and thrown in the brig.

Edward Sarum
Posted - 2006.03.20 11:53:00 - [27]

This siutation also shows something deep and more sinister, the need for the Amarr to maintain thier purity. By allowing other races to attain equal or even superior status in many so called Amarr corporation we have invited a potential viper into our midst.

By staying pure we know a brother or sister is defedning our backs during battle. However the heathen will come with lies that tatse sweet as honey. They will make our souls rejoice at the sound that they want to serve God. they will then get what they can and stabb us as we sleep.

There is a deep leason here all Amarr must learn..

Mirkur Draug'Tyr
Posted - 2006.03.20 12:24:00 - [28]

Shocked Sad Question Surprised Very Happy Twisted Evil Cool

Posted - 2006.03.20 13:47:00 - [29]

Although losses were heavy, we managed to avoid using isk that would otherwise be put into the war effort, into buying the Pax Amarria; or propaganda in our eyes.

So, 6 q-ships, combat fitted, in exchange for a cargoload of books....

I guess we'll have to add 'basic math' to the list of benefits that we can offer the Matari people.

Glamour Syndicate
Posted - 2006.03.20 14:08:00 - [30]

Edited by: Shemar on 20/03/2006 14:10:42
Mystery, illegal substance abuse, betrayal, fight, redemption... add a little sex appeal and we have the makings of a hit. Who do I talk to about holoreel rights?

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