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Quantum Industries
Prime Orbital Systems
Posted - 2006.03.15 14:31:00 - [91]

Ok, here goes...

1. Modable mods/ships so you can make even more insane setups
2. Make it clear what the current main story line is, and stick with it until it is finished. Finish it at all costs.
3. Randomize npcs in missions greatly. I don't care if it means you don't get the same bounty each time, just make it different.
4. Exploration
5. Remove local and have system monitoring via sov
6. Atmosphere scooping/gas cloud mining/comet mining. A specialised hauling ship.
7. Better defense against hostiles logging on/off in your system. Atm, you can't find them as probes take too long/ate broken/can't get them if they're warping around.
8. Lots of smaller patches rather than few larger ones. This one's probably just personal preference.
9. Station containers and secure containers in 0.0. Or bpos for them availible. 1000 items in one location hurts. And corp hangars end up messy.
10. Um... nerf missiles? (says the caldari missile trained guy) I hear ravens instant pop inties :(

Yuki Li
Omerta Syndicate
Posted - 2006.03.15 18:15:00 - [92]

Edited by: Yuki Li on 15/03/2006 18:16:08
1. Yuki Li's modified Siege Missile Launcher of massive wtfbbq - please.

2. T2 Ammo, tried using Javelin in a shield tanked ship? can't have, because the moment you load it you're no longer shield tanked.

3. Escrow system. (It's like where's wally atm)

4. T2 BPOs, the rich get richer, the poor get mercs hired to kill them.

5. Faction ships - they're either useless or horribly priced. Or both.

6. Holes in RP. F.ex If Caldari corps are supposed to have parent corps, make it possible, rather than complaining that it's meta-gaming when people say they do.

7. Bring other t1 frigates on par with the Rifter. Or the Rifter on par with the other t1 frigates. It's a claw in noobs clothing.

8. T2 Ammo. You nerfed missiles, then made it worse. Now the inties can't even OUTRUN the missiles of imminent doom, like they could before, and all the t2 guns got higher damage ammo. So did the Raven provided you're shooting a fracking station.

9. Factional Missiles. Everyone else got faction ammo. Why didn't my Raven, Cerberus, Caracal, Crow?

10. ECM. Why is my Caracal jamming a Vigilant with 3x Minmatar Racial jammers. Hilarious, a nice killmail, a dead pirate, but what the hell. Nerf ECM on ships not intended for use of ECM.

Hard Rock Mining Co.
Territorial Claim Unit
Posted - 2006.03.16 08:45:00 - [93]

1. Differences in Regions: Other than the names of the systems/constellations/NPC's therein, most areas are the same.

2. Instajumps: Removing a majority of bookmarks will cut down on lag. Create skills and/or modules that give close to the same effect with proper training and /or fitting.

3. Warp Core Stabilizers: Change to the EW based system, skills/range should be more important than points.

4. Reduce build times on Tech II ships: Faster build times = greater supply = reduced costs.

5. Lack of player-initiated NPC events i.e. gather rare items to build a key which is activated on a deadspace gate to access an uber-tough rare spawn (i.e. an NPC dread plus escorts)

6. Not enough cowbell. More needed.

7. More standings slots.

8. Not enough functionality for NPC standings Add assorted things for NPC standing and loyalty points(Equipment purchase / rental, etc. etc. )

9. Story Arc completion: More player events, and finish ones that are still floating around in the nethers unfinished. (Serpentis Titan anyone?)

10. More contests where you award me free stuff.

I need a new Motherboard, processor, Video card, memory, and monitor. Hook me up please.

Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2006.03.17 08:31:00 - [94]

Edited by: Lygos on 17/03/2006 08:35:58

10: Concord vs. Faction Navies
9: +20 player contracting tool for valuable, short term agent offers to reduce epidemic of self employment and social anomie
8: Frigate/Cruiser piracy in 0.3 by some gates & some stations
7: Meta items different rather than better
6: Anti-Empire NPCs (Guristas) that recognize friendly players.
5: Pro-Empire spawn (Minmatar Fleet) mixed in 0.0 and lowsec.
4: Need for scramblers vs. non-suicidal npcs
3: Make faction standing matter as much or more concord standing for seeing who's a threat
2: Bury concord standing under rankings
1: Make stargates 500km long.

Aurael Drakewing
Legio Immortalis
Abyssus Incendia
Posted - 2006.03.17 14:48:00 - [95]

My wishlist....

1. Revamp manual flight control to be more accurate and useable. (double-clicking at some point in space isn't really navagating IMO) I like the "one click for heading, another for elevation" idea previously posted.

2. Change the travel system. 15 KM run = dead ship 90% of the time in non-friendly controlled space. While I agree, travel should not be 100% safe 100% of the time, if it's not at least reasonably safe then either a) people won't leave systems at all, b) the problem will be compounded immeasureably as they start traveling in bigger and bigger groups (and the camps get bigger and bigger...I think you see my point), or c) someone finds some way around the problem (Eg, insta-BMs) Even if it was perfectly safe, it detracts from game enjoyment, at least for me, when it takes a significant amount of time to travel from one system to another.

3. Ship size/class/role balancing. A Battleship (or even Battlecruiser) should not fear a group of Frigates, unless that group is fairly big (read: more than 4-5), is specifically equipped to counter BS/BC's and has solid tactics; conversely, a Frig shouldn't be able to be ganked by a BS or BC unless it's specifically setup to counter Frigs.

4. More dynamic galaxy. Add in Faction warfare, changeable Empire boundries, standings that have purpose beyond availability of agents, more NPCs in space, *something* to show that the galaxy is filled with more than just players, and players can actually effect events in a meaningful way.

5. Tactical manuvers. Make a battle feel like a battle rather than a bunch of dots sitting there pounding away at each other. (Ties in with next 2)

6. Directional weapons fittings, for Battlecruiser-class and above hulls. Eg, 3 forward (bow), 6 port/starboard, 2 rear (aft) slots, each can only fire in a 90-degree arc based on facing. Effects which weapons can fire on which targets (yes, this should effect missile bays exactly the same as turrets), and where the damage occurs...good groundwork for module damage as well, but does require major rework of module fittings.

7. Directional damage (again BC and above only) for shield and armor hitpoints. Can be used to lengthen combat, and causes large-ship pilots to make tactical decisions rather than just "point and shoot" (Eg, starboard shields are down, broadside-roll to bring port shields to bear).

8. Loyalty points/Agent offers. Please make these accumlate per Corp rather than per agent, and make the offers more of a limited-access market. Or possibly split it where Corp loyalty points get you access to the limited market, but accrue slowly and Agent loyalty points can be used to get the Agent to do something for you (Eg, free locates, NPC ferrying of equipment from that station to another for a cost, etc) but accrue faster.

9. T2 BPO lottery. This can be worked similar to LPs and offers...RPs now come in 2 different forms, Original Research and Chartered Research. OR points work like Corp LP, eventually getting you access to a limited T2 BPO/BPC market, CR points allow you to use the agent for some benefit of your own research (reduce ME/PL/copying research times/costs by X% per CR point used)

8. Market changes. Make sub-categories collapseable like the main categories, and add folders and sorting to the quickbar.

TuRtLe HeAd
Apocalypse Enterprises
Posted - 2006.03.17 15:10:00 - [96]

1- Tech II BPO's seeding from open market after 6 months to allow fair trading. (After all its not exactly new anymore)
2- Bookmarks, Stop allowing warping close to a gate/station.
3- Local, Allow to see if its a war Target By player.
4- Jamming Made fairer, Increase All ships Sensor strengths to prevent the insta win Domi/ishtar.
5- Teir 3 Battleships (New Models not old ones revamped)
6- Teir 2 Battlecruisers (new Models)
7- Mines coming back in.
8- Complexes Being sorted to stop key farmers. (Pemsah and Hoseen)
9- Random phenomena, (Worm holes, that jump you accross the entire eve system to a random system, and close after say 12 hours)
10- An official EvE Kill tracker that auto parses kills backdated from the characters creation.

Dionyssis Kontominas
Posted - 2006.03.17 17:37:00 - [97]

1) More Starbase/POS modules with consumer/producer aspects of commercial/insutrial products already used in Game. Easily implemented IMHO. Have already posted analysis and example in Sticky "Next-Gen Research & Manufacturing" thread in "Features and Ideas Discussion" channel, page 9


Donna Darko
Posted - 2006.03.17 20:56:00 - [98]

1: Scan probes and the ability to find a specific target in the system - and their counter-measure.
2: Improve interface usability (I can do a whole essay on this, but this includes "add more keyboard shortcuts!")
3: Improve local chat, with the ability to discern between people that are considered FRIENDLY or ENEMY of your corp/alliance/yourself. (No security status information!)
4: Improve non-combat aspects of the game (i.e. trading, mining, exploring)
5: tech 2 ships prices OR insurance - we need a solution please!
6: tech 2 ships should be specialized, not tech 1 + 20%.
7: ability to use ship scanner and cargo scanner TOGETHER with a passive targetter on Covert Ops ships.
8: make level 4 missions a real team effort, with NPC targetting several people based on the roles filled in.
9: improve escrow system and courier missions
10: improve NPC trading mechanics

Aegis Starship Enterprises
Posted - 2006.03.17 22:33:00 - [99]

1) Be able to land on planets
2) create a reason to land on planets
3) Make travel faster (micro jumpdrives)
4) Add some new music (like the ones on the website that were deleted about 2 years ago from the downloads page)
5) Write a manual that covers everything and it upto date (introducing new people to eve and saying "i dunno how it works now tbh" isn't good)
6) stop drones attacking gang members
7) un-nerf the amarr or nerf everyone else so the amarr don't need un-nerfing (I know amarr space is big but I tell mates that join not to go amarr; judging by the map I'm not the only one!)
8) Read the post I made called "direction finding" in the ideas lab
9) Pay big companies some money so that firewalls don't make out like the end of the world in near when eve tries to connect to the internet.
10) New graphics engine

Gold Diggers Inc.
Posted - 2006.03.18 00:04:00 - [100]

#1 Fix the public bounty system so that the bounty target cannot profit from the bounty. (See ArrowBOUNTY REFORM: Payout Cap at Value of Destroyed Property.) This will make for a much better game for all (carebears and pirates alike). Otherwise eliminate bounties, because the current pretend system fails to serve any purpose other than to mislead noobs. No other proposals; me is a one-big-fix-at-a-time type of a guy. Wink

Hyperborea Re
Posted - 2006.03.18 00:26:00 - [101]

Exercise eh?

1. Dont't listen so much to what players say.
2. Never include player item customisation (other than design stuff) it will ruin everything.
3. Get rid of the annoying circling targeting cross x2 times and dividing lines from locked tragets.
4. Content (but No "colorful flashing shootme to get a dread" game mods).
5. No new toys.
6. No warp throug objects.
7. Factional warfare? Give pirate factions a NPC-market like empire, no aggro pirates standing, sentry fire etc. .
8. Remove NPC-claimed space and stations from 0.0.
9. Limit bookmarks per player.
10. Let us see some actual humans in this mess (station animations whatever).

Stellar Tide
Posted - 2006.03.18 16:17:00 - [102]

Edited by: Tessen on 18/03/2006 16:35:19
Edited by: Tessen on 18/03/2006 16:32:21
Edited by: Tessen on 18/03/2006 16:27:01

1. T2 Lottery : BPO T2 should no longer exist and agent should only give BPC. Of course, number of copies avaiable should vary and reward should be far more frequent.

2. Drones : fix docking bug, give us a "disable Drone IA button" (ie you dont give order they come back to mother ship, no inteligence, no stupid attack, no problems)

3. XML Interface that allow player customisation

4. Avatars : can change avatars (still pay) even for a different race/tribe skin ; race and stats don't change, only skin. After all human brains are all identical from a race to another. Memory data transfert should work even to other races.

5. AFK and War target spot on chats portraits (like green/red spot for buddylist)

6. Instas. Make instas corporationwide available. Lag issue should be resolved : a 200 player corp would divide by 200 the number of bookmarks in database. Introduce a "Bookmarker" role. Dont remove them : Interdictor is a perfect anti-insta solutions for gate campers.

7. Transport : Interbus transport service (expensive) and 200-250k m3 industrial ship. (Freigter's like restrictions)

8. Add more options and filters to escrow (ie no more than x jumps away, system security level filter, price range, ignore (character, corp, alliance) offers ...)

9. Long range Tractor bearms (40km)

10. Fix some station undocking issues (1 or 2 gallanteans station models are painfull to leave after undocking)

And please make small patches event once a mounth instead of crazy lagy bugged big things as last one.

November Corporation
Posted - 2006.03.18 20:27:00 - [103]

1. Local Chat - limits tactical warfare, makes pvp too consentual

2. General Combat Balance - limits tactical warfare, big ships too effective against small ships using big weapons, combat too short

3. Risk vs Reward - too much isk for too little risk

4. Size & Security - instajumps kill warfare and logistics utterly

5. Resources - too static and predictable

6. Environments - immersion and tactical warfare

7. Tech 2 - specialization/balance problems, economic/R&D problems

8. Infrastructure - focus on player structures in 0.0 over npc ones, destructable

9. Attribute Padding - certain attributes being "win" for certain "professions", no way to modify

10. Currency - too much isk in eve, too few services to use it on

Vang Vorkain
Posted - 2006.03.18 21:50:00 - [104]

1...Give us non pvp players more stuff!
2...make concord go into 0.1 space and up! let the A$$ holes have 0.0 space, then maby the game would be 50-50 then.
3...quit trying to force us into 0.0 space, by adding all the stuff to mine in 0.0 space(wont work)
4...start to reallize there are players that dont want pvp and help us enjoy the game more.
5...quit cattering to the big corps and older players, there not your base(us new players are)
6...make security status mean something! concord needs to start taking players out that have bad rep!
7...make gate guns protect players like there soppose to!
8...u want more players in 0.4 and lower! give us the protection then maby we will spreed out more! the gas clouds in diffrent sys besides 0.0 cosmos space( Stuoid idea) to make just for the A$$ holes of the game!
10... start listing to us non pvp players or your player base is going to go down!

Hawk Fireblade
Posted - 2006.03.19 07:37:00 - [105]

1. Bugs

2. Complete overhaul of the research system, and Tech x, with a co-ordinated look at the fitting system to achieve this.

3. A total and complete look at the transit system, how people get about, so to be able to remove insta bookies, but in a fashion that gives something back to aid and or speed up travel, jumpdrive travel could be a vehical for this.

4. Total overhaul of Combat, how it's played out, how ships move are detected (proper Sensor Model), in a fashion that makes combat tactical and more spread out, without those blobs, and definately something alot more than F1 F2 F3 etc, shield facings, turn rates gun arcs the options here are infinate, though I think some fundemental changes to ship movement and the UI would be needed too to facilitate this.

5. Deep space industry, measures to promote manufacture and resource gathering in 0 space away from empire that helps get people out to populate the universe.

6. The ability for players and corps to organise their hangers alot better.

7. Layered POS security access.

8. Benefits of soverenty that include sentry guns etc.

9. Improve your testing! And particulary getting a test cluster that's both fun and encourages players to test, as well as stressing serverside code.

10. Oveur learns Morris dancin if 1-9 aren't done. ;) heh

Darmed Khan
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2006.03.19 11:01:00 - [106]

This is a tricky one!

1. Get your event team sorted out so that they can finish all their events! Gallente president, Amarr emperor, Thukker standing change, Insorum, and however many smaller events that have been forgotten.
2. Fix the bugs. ALL the bugs Twisted Evil
3. Give us something worthwhile to do with all the "passengers". Homeless, marines, exotic dancers, slaves, etc.
4. Tactical environments.
5. Contract system!
6. Give ships crews. Different crews give different bonuses. If a crew dies, you pay compensation to their families. (Yes! It's an isk sink! You like those, don't you?)
7. Make NPC faction/corp standings more meaningful. E.g. NPC's will deny you docking rights, or make you pay a fee.
8. Give us a way to move our slaves into minmatar space so we can free them without getting spanked by minmatar customs!
9. Let us blow up planets YARRRR!!
10. When you make a capital mining ship, make it do something cool. Like swallow an asteroid, or attach itself to it and melt it away.

Les chevaliers de l'ordre
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2006.03.19 12:31:00 - [107]

1. Local Chat - Dont view number nor who's there = more tactical manoeuvers, need more scout & scouting job to be done = better pvp experience, less "let's compare local number before we do anything else ..."
2. Corp management - Time to review all and everything, need to be more workable.
3. Travel Overhaul - Warp core stab vs Scrambler, do something plz (% to escape, % to scramble, Stacking penalties, or anything else you think is good). Oh, and about travel... Can you start thinking about a stasis bubble ?
4. Retribution - still need one more med slot
5. Laser - the abilities to do "some kind" of different damage (kinetic damage ?)
6. Station undocking - some gallente station are still painfull when undocking
7. Industrial ship & transport ship - more cargo space (industrial like 10,000 base cargo, transport like 15,000)
8. Drones IA - Review it or disable it, and allow us to fully control em (attack, ignore, defend target, etc etc)
10. Missing Tech II - Hurry, give us T2 scrambler, T2 webifier, T2 capital thingies, etc etc...

Lord Waxduck
League of Gentlemen
Posted - 2006.03.19 12:40:00 - [108]

1/ remove gate to gate BM and introduce a seprate high speed high way only useable buy good concord security status (to reduce gate camping)

2/ faction NPC should only drop same faction loot (ie- angel should drop angel named loot not civilain guns or serpentis should not drop lasers)

3/ new factional missions will stuff travel right across the board , so will need to find a way to travel into other sectors of space without dieing.

4/ CORP LOGOS should be alowed to be painted onto ship flanks

5/ Warp disruption probes should be allowed in empire space but not at the gates, so you can take ships out of warp in empire. But make a them work on a timer like 10 sec duration only in 0.5 or lower space

6/ POS ship maintance bays should allow the repair of corp ships at a mineral cost rather than isk

7/ The reimburse ment system in the insurance shold work form the current regional price of ship replacement, rather than base price , as HAC ships cost a little more than 18 mil that you get from the current system.

8/ Battle ships we need more variants of these ships for better fleet ops

9/ Planet station would be very nice

10/clones should be fitted with any implants you have fitted as there is no way to reimburse the cost of buying new ones if you get ganked buy pkers.

Adira Saxx
Posted - 2006.03.19 13:35:00 - [109]

Edited by: Adira Saxx on 19/03/2006 13:40:14
1) Stability- and bug-fixes.
2) Ship Retrofitting :)
3) Cheaper wars in 0.5 space. Much more expensive wars in 1.0 space. Stop the sanctioned noob-corp gankings.
4) Complete removal of bookmarks to empty space.
5) Make bookmarks invalid if they point to a non-existant object. (And now it's impossible to rig permanent instas to cans too. Good!)
6) Add skills that affect your closest warp to distance.
7) Add modules that affect your closest warp to distance.
8) Make ship size affect the closest warp to distance.
9) Complete and total removal of those darn learning skills. All they do is slow down the early game for new players. Pointless! Give people the stats from the start instead - and make the bloodlines TRULY different.
10) Drone autoscoop on disconnect-warp. I'm sick of being disconnected in deadspace complexes and losing my drones.

Irrepressible Mirth
Posted - 2006.03.20 15:50:00 - [110]

Long term:

1 Planets (I know it's on the list. *hugs ccp*)

2 Combat improvements. Make it longer (several minutes minimum), but make it more difficult to get away. Only suggestion i can think off right now is reduce all damage by 90% and increase warp time when on pvp timer by 200%.

3 Stations (I dock, I undock. Where are the strippers?)

4 More space environments, realistic ones. Why don't asteroid belts tear my ship apart? Bye bye macros :P

5 Somebody else also suggested the lack of being able to immerse yourself in eve. 1st person viewpoint, with flashy lights?

(6 Automatic warp in points are distinctly unrealistic. can't offer any suggestions tho, so ignore this one.)

Short term:

1 Fix bms. Allow people whose careers rely on bm making to move into exploration. Where are the Jove anyway?

2 More interaction with factions (woot next patch :) )

3 Why does my ship vanish when I log out? Gremlins? A hithero undiscovered cloaking power?

4 Give the minmatar some loving. Allow all ships to fit a rack of top guns without resorting to rcus.

5 Fix the t2 lottery, for the love of God and little fishes...

Acerus Malum
Encina Technologies
Posted - 2006.03.20 22:49:00 - [111]

10. If system-wide belts go in, don't forget to let us mine planetary rings as well!

9. Let us look up insurance costs/payouts of ships without owning them.

8. Add more detail to avatars. Some of the bloodlines races hardly reflect the same effort that it looks like the art team put into, say, the Ni-Kunni.

7. More flexible keyboard shortcuts. Don't require CTRL, ALT, SHIFT; don't make certain shortcuts (like CTRL-A for select all) immutable.

6. A "move in direction of cursor" key. I find it too difficult to manually fly in the middle of an asteroid field, because doubleclicking more often than not selects (and moves me towards) an asteroid.

5. Don't let us warp through objects (hopefully, this will also prevent us from warping on top of stations/gates via instas without crashing).

4. As above, improve pathfinding around solid objects.

3. Planetary interaction, and with it orbital bombardment, slave runs, migration of NPCs, production/consumption of consumer goods.

2. Clean up the overview and targeting display. Often, what appears to be selected on the overview isn't what's really the object of my commands, even if the targeting reticle is spinning around it.

1. Give mousewheel focus to whatever viewport the cursor is currently hovering over. Otherwise, I need to click something I don't want to, which in the heat of battle usually leads to me making mistakes. This would probably speed up my UI interaction the most.

Posted - 2006.03.21 11:05:00 - [112]

1. Propulsion jamming and it's counters:
Single frigates should not be able to jam single battleships etc. Give inteceptors a bonus to either web or scram effectiveness (either range or straight bonus to scramble strength). COmbat penalties for fitting multiple WCS.

2. Point defence weaponry for launcherless ships:
Goes in a utility slot, not a turret slot. Uses small charges of whatever weapon the race uses f/e a minmatar one would use small projectile ammo. Automatically fires on any incoming missiles within 30km when activated, modified for range with the ammo loaded so high damage ammo would be more likely to destroy a missile but would give less time to do so.

3. Instas: Nuff said

4. T2 BPO lottery: it's a silly way of doing it, as would a bidding system if it got changed. That would allow older players with millions of RP to bid it all on the best BP's and not give younger players a chance. Also seed more BPOs per cycle to ease demand.

5. Tech 2 missiles:
As a user of both guns and missiles (I should be matari!) I have to say t2 missiles are far too easy to obatin. Change it to a progression, the same way it is with turrets and include the support skills in the chain i.e. Missile Launcher ops V, standard missile V, Heavy missile V, Guided missile Precision V, Cruise Missile V for tech 2 cruise missiles.

6. The mothership idea thats currently in the general discussion forum is a damn good idea

7. I know it's getting looked at but reduce cap usage and cpu requirements on blasters in general.

8. Stabs on combat setups

9. Medal system for those that go above and beyond the call of duty for their corp/alliance/empire. Perks?

10. Factional perks for having high standing

Miss Overlord
Posted - 2006.03.21 11:27:00 - [113]

1.) Days since last login info for CEOs on their members to help with inactives
2.) Corp tax up to 100%
3.) Bounty contract system on NPC corpers (macro miner kiling)
4.) Push all accounts over 3 months old into player corps
5.) t2 BPO (give us BPCs)
6.) POS materials required for t1 production
7.) Divisional wallets functioning
8.) more aspects to corp security
9.) escrow system fixed + search system
10.) searchable for assets in station containers.

Dusk and Dawn
Posted - 2006.03.21 12:09:00 - [114]

Just make combat happen more often, waiting too long for it is fun killer number one

1) More time and effort devoted to balance

2) New Instasystem

3) No local info

4) Nerf Warp Core Stabs

5) Nerf aligning and instawarping out

6) Better system scanning

7) Make fleet battles more stationary and diverse, not just
sniper groups warping in at different range bookmarks

8) Encourage more equal fights, less ganks (difficult to do, maybe only in some arena environment)

9) More tactical choices that are actually made in combat, not only prior to it by equipping ships. Maybe also slow down ships, as its so incredibly difficult to execute maneuvers in laggy environment with MWD on.

10) Rework logoff system, and not only related to soevereignty

Don West
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2006.03.21 13:11:00 - [115]

Edited by: Don West on 21/03/2006 13:15:53

  • Ability to Search Escrow

  • Bump Mapped Ships

  • High Res Texture optional download

  • Ability to Skin you're ship, not just in-game but create a skin via photoshop ext. and import it

  • Player owned Bill boards in owned space. Maybe we could get rid of all the freak'n cargo cans floating in space.

  • Overview is clunky when you are showing too many items at one time. It hesitates everytime it refreshes when too many items are shown.

  • Leave Stabs alone.

  • Quick Ship Setup. Create a setup, save that setup, create another one and save it. Just dock, choose the setup you want and it's immediatly retro fitted with you're previous save.

  • Thorw us non-PVP's a bone. Seems everything is catered to PVP

  • Everytime I dock, undock, or the camera is reset from me looking at a ship that has just warped away the camera is in it's default position. Why can't it stay in the location I had it before? It zooms in too close.

Mangus Thermopyle
Divine Retribution
Daisho Syndicate
Posted - 2006.03.21 16:01:00 - [116]

1. Make buddy list actually contain buddys, by showing the standing next to the face icon in the list of players shown in local (and maybe in other chat windows as well). Today, most players in 0.0 have their buddy list filled with enemies.
2. Remove BMs and let everyone instajump (decrease warp speed if necessary, or provide with some unsafe gates which puts you more than 2.5km from the gate after warp). And ofcourse, remove all BMs within 250km from gates.
3. More complex combat (subtargeting, power/shield/engine management, etc).
4. Individual items, which can not be sold, traded or dropped. These items should be your reward for special things. For example, its far more fun to fly a Navy Raven if you (and everyone else) knows you had to do lots of missions to get it, instead of just buying 1bil ISK for 250$ on ebay.
5. Benefits for sovereignity: you should gain some additional means for defence when you have sovereignity (turrets, hired cops, etc).
6. Bounty hunting has a lot of possibilities, but is pretty worthless in EVE right now. Maybe add bounty hunter agents, which puts a contract on someone in an enemy faction, and your job is to find and kill him (or someone from a corp/alliance, etc).
7. More and better kill missions.
8. Allow players to raise standings in other ways than doing missions (I can never do Gurista missions since my standing with them is -7 for example).
9. Arenas, to allow new players to try 'safe' PvP. Also with events like PvP tournaments, with betting, etc. The possibilities is endless.
10. Small and fast is fun, mkay! Fleet battles nowdays is all about sniping BSes. New small ships, or modifications to existing ships or functions, should be made to make all sizes more useable in fleet battles.

James Snowscoran
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2006.03.21 22:51:00 - [117]

1. Economic PvP - Stock market/revamp dividends/corporations revisited

2. Rework bubbles/instas - Dynamic player interaction at gates in lowsec/0.0

3. Move lvl 3/4 agents to fringe space

4. Ship/module balancing

5. Combat boosters, 0.0 COSMOS

6. Tactical environments, make space more unique

7. Planetary interaction - docking at spaceports, planetary control, orbital bombardment
Twisted Evil

8. New ways to raise sec status (CONCORD special agents)

9. Contract system, bounty hunting improvements

10. Income/transactions taxation in NPC corps to get the players into real EVE faster and discourage alt hauling.

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2006.03.22 06:13:00 - [118]

I'm probably too late but I'll give it a try for fun

1) expand EVE PvP by adding new intelligence gathering and counter intelligence tools
2) Nerf local chat, at least in 0.0
3) make instas redundant by allowing 0 km warp
4) make 0.0 "good" spawn NPCs harder to kill, give them more damage, stronger faction EW, add more intys
5) Improve defender missile against Raven's torps and cruise missiles
6) Add official EVE Killboard, with option to restrict view access to corp only, alliance only, or have everything for public view.
7) Create faction wars, with voluntary sign ups and great focus from the special "game events" team.
8) Add more unique environments to special systems of EVE (most populated systems or most fought over)
9) Design and implement a more efficient system for world-wide news distribution (both player and non-player generated news)
10) Improve tactical fleet management by providing more useful information to fleet leaders and giving them more tools to coordinate their fleet.

Posted - 2006.03.22 13:51:00 - [119]

1) Aliens! (Species 8472 popping in out of subspace, yeehaa!)
2) Planet interaction (Fly over them, for starters)
3) Starbase interaction (Walk around, see Exotic Dancers)
4) Secure can shootout
5) CONCORD on strike once in a while
6) Natural phenomena in space (gas clouds, electrical storms)
7) Invasions as part of the coming factional warfare
8) More evolving content
9) Destroyable modules on ships
10) Pimp My Ship possibilities Laughing

M Mother
Posted - 2006.03.22 19:24:00 - [120]

1.first person! frigate pilots should have guns mounted on nose and real life flightskills should be a bonus.
2.ability to walk around in stations. seeing other ships docked and people walking around.
3.Totally remove jumpgates or add space without gates! traveling long distances should take hours and even days. (Reports on incomming forces ETA: 4 hours)
4.dynamic forms on ships. extended cargo should be seen outside the ship, also nosferatu and missilebays.
5.flakcannons on bigger ships. like ww2 antiaircraftguns also searchlight for cinematics.
6.Visible shipnames and names written on ships if wanted.
7.ability to choose between diff bonuses on a ship you use, not total freedom but maybe ability to choose between 4 things every time.
8.more things to discover in space, like old battleships and abandoned mine on astroids
9.ability to walk on planets and settle mineindustries music in jukebox!!!

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