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Peekaboo Kaboom
Lunar Expedition
Posted - 2006.02.12 13:45:00 - [31]

Edited by: Peekaboo Kaboom on 12/02/2006 13:46:00
Iteron V should look more like the Iteron IV imo. Sad

the Raven could also use a extreem overhaul, the bridge if you look closely reminds you very much of the Osprey, therefor the Raven is an Osprey with a gigantic arse Laughing

Veto Corp
Posted - 2006.02.12 13:49:00 - [32]

Originally by: St Dragon
Originally by: Valius Altmer
the dominix looks like a giant gorilla's head

Actually more like a fat whale.

Actually, Domi from right begind looks like a classic american car of 1960s-70s - the boot "wings" with lights (exhaust points in domi) - paint it pink for added Cadillac-ness Cool

Raptus Regaliter
Brutally Clever Empire
Posted - 2006.02.12 17:43:00 - [33]

The Amarrian Arbitrator has a few unaligned textures on its bottom half, making it look unfinished, and this is not intentionally so. Its just not properly UV-maped.

Meeko Gloom
The Scope
Posted - 2006.02.12 18:42:00 - [34]

yes i dont agree with the wood grain side panels on the domi.. but it still is the best tier one out thereVery Happy

Thorne Semperti
Black Omega Security
Posted - 2006.02.12 19:26:00 - [35]

Yeah, I think at some stage (when there are less pressing issues, such as upgrading the server), the devs should look into redoing all the textures of the ships, particularly most of the cruisers and battleships. You just can't compare the newer capital class ships, or the battlecruisers against them in terms of texture quality. Even the megathron, being one of the better looking old ships in the game, now looks a tad shoddy up close.

Unless I'm horribly mistaken, the capital class ships use bump mapping to make the models look far more detailed than they actually are? Anyway, if last years fanfest was anything to go by, the devs are looking at bringing dx9 effects into the fray. Hopefully they'll look into providing an optional hi-res skin pack with it for those of us with remotely modern computers..

The Major
The State
Posted - 2006.02.12 19:32:00 - [36]

I like just about every ship that was introduced AFTER launch.

Given that Battleships were only in Beta for about a week before launch and during that time some obscenely small number of people managed to mine enough to buy them without resorting to the final day BS fest I would suspect that yes some of the launch ships got rushed out as CCP by this point had missed every launch date estimate they had given their then publisher.

Some ships are clearly broken and do actually have some UV Mapping problems that would only take an afternoon to sort out. I'd like it if CCP just decided to fix these in one patch because tbh it isn't alot of work and if you sort out the small problems suddenly the pile of big problems doesn't seem quite as big.

Housekeeping if you will. I discovered this truth in my work after I kept blowing off smaller bugs to fix the big ones. I was under way more stress because my ToDo list was huge and I never ever got to the bottom of it. Spend 1 day a week sorting out the half hour fixes and you should half your todo list and be able to concentrate on the big problems better.

Some ships defy all reasonable logic. Like the Griffin. Sideways thrusters that clearly serve no purpose and above all look really dumb. I actually liked the ship in the hanger but when I took it outside the first time I was laughing so hard I fell off my chair.

The same goes for the Slasher. Recent Minmattar ships like the Cyclone or Nag are lovely to look at and imo are more minmattar than the older frigates and cruisers. The slasher only has to hit 1 piece of space debris and it would just fly apart. Fortunately with all the hole sin it the odds of that happening are reduced.

All the Amarr Frigs are brilliant. They have the best looking selection of Frigates of all the races. Although fix the floating wingtips of the Punisher please.

The Megathron is too big for its texture and the guns were clearly added as an afterthought. The Gun placement comment goes for most of the Turret BS except the Tempest which actually has them making sense all lined up like that.

The Raven is just... well there's Asymetrical and then there's just random. The Raven is the later.

The Scorpion looks unfinished and is another ship that would benefit alot from a better texture even if it doesn't get a geometry overhaul.

Minmattar BS I quite like in theory. The Phoon needs it's insides looking at and if you're gonna make a space Sailboat at least make it graceful and slightly smoother than the Tempest. Still great concepts though.

The Bantam... just no. Cargo/mining ship and it should actually look like it's a cargo/mining ship. Which it doesn't.

All the Caldari cruisers need some love. I like the concept behind the caracal if not the implementation. Same for the Blackbird. There are some very good ideas in there but the execution ruins them. I kinda like the Osprey and I think that is mostly down to the texture which is more matte black than gunmetal grey.

I quite like the Gallente Cruisers and the Amarr cruisers are good. The Augoror is a great concept but needs a higher res texture and some love on it's belly.

The Iteron and Badger range of Industrials are the most obvious haulers in game (in that they look how you expect a hauler to look). The Bestower is heavily outclassed by the newer sigil in looks.

The Hoarder needs a better texture, with some more red in it to break up it's outline a bit.

Overall I think I can get behind the concept for all the ships fully. But the older ships were clearly rushed out for launch while the newer ones have had more time and attention to detail. I think you can change the geometry of the ships without actually changing their appearance. Just rebuild them based on the same concept and overall profile and I think you'll get what most people imagine the ships to really look like.

Oh and try to make sure every part of a ship has a justifiable purpose or else they do truly look random which is bad.

St Dragon
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2006.02.12 19:42:00 - [37]

I actually like the look of the Blackbird.

Nikolai Nuvolari
Gilead's Bullet
Posted - 2006.02.12 21:01:00 - [38]

Originally by: Brastagi
Also while we at it! Why almost all faction Navy ship has to be black???
Because black ships are incredibly cool!
Hey, would you rather every faction ship be like the T2 Gallente ships made by Roden shipsyards? They're all PINK!

No, I didn't think so.

Originally by: MellaRinn
Actually, Domi from right begind looks like a classic american car of 1960s-70s - the boot "wings" with lights (exhaust points in domi) - paint it pink for added Cadillac-ness Cool
Yeah, I always thought of that whenever I saw it from behind. But seriously, don't make it pink, either make it WHITE, which is like a Texas Cadillac, or make it two-tone red and white, which is the classic Cadillac paint scheme.

Originally by: Kastiotic
I love the ship designs in EVE because not all of them are completely symmetrical.
Some are, like my beloved Harpy. Symmetrical ships just plain look better.

Originally by: Meeko Gloom
yes i dont agree with the wood grain side panels on the domi.. but it still is the best tier one out thereVery Happy
Err, no, the Armageddon is a Tier 1 and it looks completely cool. Way better than the Dominix.

Originally by: Jon Xylur
And give Scorp it's other wing. I think it deserves it.
Yes please!

Originally by: The Major
The Raven is just... well there's Asymetrical and then there's just random. The Raven is the later.
That is EXACTLY why that ship hurts my eyes so much.

Emeline Cabernet
Kongsberg Vaapenfabrikk Amarr branch.
Posted - 2006.02.12 21:24:00 - [39]

the apoc. please fix it.

Lisa Run
Posted - 2006.02.12 21:44:00 - [40]

Scorpion is first target for a reason and that's not EW !

Calisto Cody
The Black Swan Society
Posted - 2006.02.12 21:49:00 - [41]

phoon...make it look like ..well somthing

domi..let me remake the gall drone ship. maybe e big sleek vexor instead of the monster we have

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2006.02.12 22:02:00 - [42]

Apocalypse - looks like a 4-legged animal in mating position

Raven - needs to be enlarged by 30%

Atron - just looks messed up, enough said


Interstellar Services Department
Posted - 2006.02.13 01:07:00 - [43]

Please stop with the spamming Evil or Very Mad


J Dubbs
Posted - 2006.02.13 01:18:00 - [44]

The harpy could do with a bit of a clean, far too rusty for a T2 ship :/

Nikolai Nuvolari
Gilead's Bullet
Posted - 2006.02.13 01:20:00 - [45]

Edited by: Nikolai Nuvolari on 13/02/2006 01:20:25
Originally by: J Dubbs
The harpy could do with a bit of a clean, far too rusty for a T2 ship :/
Agreed, make my favorite ship prettier! I keep trying to explain to myself what color it is, but I always end up with...brown Crying or Very sad

Dimitri Chandler
Dark Knights of Deneb
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2006.02.13 01:31:00 - [46]

The megathron - looks like a tin opener
The Apocalypse - looks like a badly chewed comb
The Dominix - looks like a maladjusted and overweight fish
The Raven - looks like the aftermath of a pin the tail on the donkey competiton
The Rattlesnake - looks like the aftermath of a pin the tail on the donkey competiton in the woods
The Scorpion - looks like the aftermath of a pin the tail on a smaller donkey competition with less competent participants
The Minmatar Range - looks like the donkey
The bestower - looks like an iron
The Tempest - looks like broken shuttlec.ock
The Typhoon - looks like a half eaten dog chew
The Stiletto - looks like a bulldog clip
The Obelisk - looks like an ornamental paperweight

The horrible nature of Eve's ships is half the charm I think
Only the new ones and the dreadnoughts look sexy
Malediction is a nice looking ship, so is the Zealot and Deimos

Manion Taleroth
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2006.02.13 01:37:00 - [47]

The Blackbird looked alot better once I realized which end was the actual front. It's still ugly, though.

The Scope
Posted - 2006.02.13 01:41:00 - [48]

Something about the Catalyst really bothers me. It just doesn't seem to fit in with the rest of the Gallente ships.

Aperture Harmonics
Posted - 2006.02.13 01:42:00 - [49]

I like the look of the tempest, but only from certain angles (which, thankfully, are where most of the screenshots are taken). However, from pretty much any other angle, the ship looks like it could fall apart before it even turns its engines on; the 'upper' part of the ship (with the huge engine) is connected to the 'lower' part (with another engine) by a little piece of metal about | <-that big. A good view of the ship (camera to the forward, left, looking back) hides this little thing and makes it look almost passable; but in actual practice, the ship looks incredibly off center. Please fix. Shocked

Posted - 2006.02.13 02:27:00 - [50]

Only a few ships I would like changed:
Bellicose-Way too elongated
Moa- Alittle too boxy, but not that bad
Inquisitor- Kinda like a mutant tormentor
Thorax- Too vibrator-ey
Blackbird- Make it 'connect' more, too big spaces between engines, would look really pimpz0r if it was one connected curved plane
Tempest- Add more Bulk, still cool though

Everything else is tight, would like to especially comment a good job on the cyclone, cormorant, raven, osprey, stabber, scythe, heron, griffen, slasher, rifter, cyclone, prophecy, mammoth, badgers I and II, celestis, and the vexor. Just my opinions, but still artwork is damn good.

Zavernus Hamarabi
Rare Earth Elements
Posted - 2006.02.13 03:23:00 - [51]

Raven is THE ugliest ship in eve.
Griffin is most ******ed looking.
Like that guy said, cut the ******ed half off then mirror it.

Nikolai Nuvolari
Gilead's Bullet
Posted - 2006.02.13 03:33:00 - [52]

Originally by: Zavernus Hamarabi
Raven is THE ugliest ship in eve.
Nah, Moa ugliness > Raven ugliness
Originally by: Zavernus Hamarabi
Griffin is most ******ed looking.
Agreed, the Caldari engineer who made the sideways thrusters got executed for treason. Or stupidity. Something like that.

Nuri Aderynn
Federal Defence Union
Posted - 2006.02.13 03:53:00 - [53]

Originally by: Arkanor
The one that really needs a rework is the Exequror cruiser, the texture is simply bad.

Yes! The Serpentis version actually looks alright. I was flying my Exeq in a bright green system earlier and it could not have looked more like a flying booger.

I'm a recent convert to the ugly beauty of Minmatar ships. It's the red engine trails with brown ship that does it for me I think. Caldari are still my least favourite ships with a few exceptions.

Felony Assualt
Havoc Violence and Chaos
The Church.
Posted - 2006.02.13 05:07:00 - [54]

Doesnt the domi look like The Guggenhiem?

Evil's Dawn
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2006.02.13 05:12:00 - [55]

I think the best looking frigate is the Rifter. Defintely inspired by the x-wing fighters from Star Wars, and you gotta love the way it just floats in your hangar. I don't mind the Merlin, and the Amarr frigs are very nice looking.

I absolutely love the Catalyst, and the Coercer is pretty sweet looking too.

The best faction frigate is the Daredevil, with a nice combination of raw Minmatar design and smooth Gallente finish.

As for the Battleships, the Apoc is butt ugly. I actually kinda like the Raven weirdly enough; it kinda grew on me. The Tempest is ugly, but appealing somehow. The Mega looks like a dustbuster, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Those things are awesome! Laughing

My grandfather
Clan Shadow Wolf
Sylph Alliance
Posted - 2006.02.13 05:24:00 - [56]

I find most ships are quite appealing. That is, amarr and gallente look great, minie's don't look bad (the later designs are sometimes ****ing amazing - see naglfar), but the caldari just look... primitive. Moreso then the minmatar tbh.

Sexiest ship of them all is the thron though. Looks mean, sleek, and powerful at the same time.

I hope they continue on the bird-design for the amarr tier 2 bc's. Something like a SG:A wraith dart would be utterly cool.

Bishop 5
Macabre Votum
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2006.02.13 05:48:00 - [57]

is it just on my machine, or is there a texture problem on the left hand side of the dominix? just above the gun point in the middle of the big circly bit (technical term)
and while ur about it, change the colour from poo brown to sexy black, or shiny grey plzthx

Nomen Nescio
Posted - 2006.02.13 05:52:00 - [58]

Edited by: Nomen Nescio on 13/02/2006 13:52:59

EDIT: original url was changed.

Why can MOA look like

>>> THIS <<<


>>> THIS <<<


>>> THIS <<<

I do understand hardware constrains in MMO, but i mean, why shape can't be APPEALING?!

Nikolai Nuvolari
Gilead's Bullet
Posted - 2006.02.13 06:40:00 - [59]

Originally by: Nomen Nescio
Why can MOA look like

>>> THIS <<<

I do understand hardware constrains in MMO, but i mean, why shape can't be APPELING?!
WTF is that and why doesn't the Moa look like it?

Posted - 2006.02.13 10:55:00 - [60]

I think the new larger minmatar titan is just ridiculus. A long twisted saucage. Where is the creativity please ??!!

Although cool in the beginning, Im getting tired of looking at asymetrical designs. At least the new ship designs are improoved over the original ones.

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