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Lord Wassabi
Posted - 2006.01.23 09:36:00 - [1]

Edited by: Lord Wassabi on 28/01/2006 09:56:01
Want to play in the wonderful world of Eve, but only want to pay with virtual currency?? Well, here is a deal for you! Game time codes are the perfect way to play the game, and just in time for the New Year, Im running a discount. After doing an ingame PC, This batch is going for 250 Million ISK.

Price: 250,000,000.00 ISK Per code. If you wish to buy in bulk, There will be an additional discount.

Please reply in this post with the game name that you would like to be contactd on. I will send you an EVE mail, and we will then work out the specifics.

Posted - 2006.01.23 10:06:00 - [2]

Please contact me about this sale.

HUN Corp.
HUN Reloaded
Posted - 2006.01.23 10:44:00 - [3]

send me the details pls

Mad Ness
Posted - 2006.01.23 11:38:00 - [4]

Whant buy one card. Contact me please

The Galactic Revelation
Posted - 2006.01.23 11:54:00 - [5]

I cant find the 90 day cards on this site

Posted - 2006.01.23 11:58:00 - [6]

if you still sell 90 day timecards for 250mil then contact me ingame pls:)

Forgotten Fluff
Fluffy Expeditions
Posted - 2006.01.23 13:39:00 - [7]

Edited by: Forgotten Fluff on 23/01/2006 13:39:15
if u still have 90d gtc for 250m for sale, please contact me ingame

Akira Yamata
Posted - 2006.01.23 14:12:00 - [8]

i'll take one

Trojan Horse
Posted - 2006.01.23 14:23:00 - [9]

I will take one...

what is the discount? i might take two or three...

Plz convo "Themistocles" in Game

Posted - 2006.01.23 15:51:00 - [10]

I'll take one.

Please eve mail me.

Posted - 2006.01.28 02:42:00 - [11]

I will take one if available,

please contact under chuckus

Posted - 2006.01.28 04:48:00 - [12]

one 90d gametime please!
and can i have fries with that? Laughing

john roe
Posted - 2006.01.28 05:06:00 - [13]

i'll take one 90 days code card.
please mail me ingame if it's still available.

john roe


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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