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Princess Akmazara
Posted - 2003.08.18 20:46:00 - [1]

Edited by: Princess Akmazara on 18/08/2003 20:49:51

Princess Akmazara sat at her desk in the regional palace in Tash-Murkon. Her dissatisfaction with the entire Amarr-Minmatar situation was growing daily and her desire to return home was great. Still there was much work to be done. The poor needed a voice and she needed freedom. Her departure from the court last year had been unpleasent. Her insistence on helping the poor and her compassion for even servents was a source of great gossip in court.

Soon though things would change. The Sisters would soon emerge. Daughters of the five great houses of Amarr. Dedicated to helping to helpless. Childhood friends the other daughters would soon make their intentions known to their families as well. It would not be easy, nothing such as this ever is, but it was necessary to save the universe from the greed that threatend to engulf it.

A low buzz rang out and she quickly stood and ran to the door. Sliding open there stood a tall heavyset man in a shimmering white robe before her. "Father......" she said stunned, for it was not who she expected.

She stood aside as the man walked gracefully into the small anteroom. Seemingly without effort his presence created energy and sense of power that Akmazara was readily aware of.

"Yes our daughter, We have missed you often, our court is not the same in your absence, will you not return home with us?”

"Father, I love you so, but my work is not complete here. There is so much to be done". She stated firmly as she walked over to a small sitting area and sat down.

Moving to the lounge her father sat at her side and looked into her eyes "Daughter, why do you persist, these people, they do not deserve your help, you are a daughter of the royal house not some servant, please, return to the court with us. We need you."

"I can not" she said plainly. His shoulders sagged and he shook his head slowly. "We understand you must do what you feel is right. But know this our daughter, you may not be of the same bloodline as I, but we loved your mother dearly, you will always be a daughter of Amarr".

She looked at him then reached for his hand and held it tightly. "Thank you father".

Standing he slowly walked to the door then stopped and turned. "I have a gift for you my daughter, to help you in your quest, its outside" he said. He moved over to the door and walked slowly outside, gazing up at the stars.

She followed him out and looked up as well, in orbit, high above the planet was a large shadow, small flashing lights ringed its perimeter and it seemed to stretch forever.

"What is it" she asked although she already knew.

"My apology" he said softly as he turned and uncharacteristically hugged his daughter. He then turned and without another word walked to a waiting shuttle, the Amarrian Royal Guard keeping its distance but ready to protect their leader at a moments notice.

Akmazara watched the shuttle move up into the night sky and join with a second Apocalypse battleship in orbit. As her father’s flagship moved away she noticed a small shuttle parked near where her fathers had been. A tall gentleman exited and approached her. He wore the uniform of the Royal House and stood stiffly at attention in front of the princess.

"We are ready for departure your Highness" he snapped as she glanced up at the battleship high in orbit then back at him.

"I shall only be a minute" she stated as she turned and walked back into the Palace, a small smile appearing on her face.

(to be continued)

Bad Harlequin
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2003.08.18 20:57:00 - [2]

/me grits teeth

It's nice you're putting such work into this but you... don't... exist... you are not and cannot "be" the emperor's daughter... technically, as the original primefic directive went, you can't even write ABOUT the emperor's daughter.

Now you've obviously put a lot of thought and work into this and i don't think anyone would be put out - check that, make it "who cares if anyone would be put out" - if you posted in the library, since that's not "interactive."

The summit is meant to be IC postings of YOUR character, and YOUR character is clearly not the emperor's daughter who began her spacefaring life freelancing solo in an Impaired.

Your character or fanfic does not have to be about Grand Worldshaking Events, or royalty, or flawless people with unshakable faith to be interesting or even powerful.

Have a little more faith in your own writing.

Jade Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2003.08.18 21:14:00 - [3]

Edited by: Jade Constantine on 18/08/2003 21:15:24

But then again, lots of people buy holereels and interactive fiction senseorama rigs. A bestower I once stole from Amarri space was loaded with the things; every subject from "pride and personality" [the rise of an Amarri noble to dominance of his social circle] to "love slaves of khanid" [a virtual orgy of bondage games amongst the fallen morality of the dark amarr] it seems the citizens of the empire can't get enough of these technological flights of fancy and why not? The daily drugery of civil servitude is no less corrupting to the spirit as physical labour on the slave farms can be to the body.

I say such things as sense-o-rama addiction are signs of an intellectual desire for revolution hitherto unstated by the conscious mind.

Look at the subject matter here; the "princess" is a champion of light and goodness and social justice for the oppressed victims of megacorps.

A classic sense of wish fulfillment coping strategy from a conscious mind full-laden with the unspoken guilt complex common to most adult Amarri citizens.

One day she might snap and hey presto ... another recruit for the glorious revolution.

Best hedge your bets monsieur Harlequin

Posted - 2003.08.18 21:34:00 - [4]

Ugly as sin? Check.

Delusions of grandeur? Check.

Yup. Shes Amarr royalty alright.

Princess Akmazara
Posted - 2003.08.19 00:32:00 - [5]

I think Jade sees exactly where this is headed. SNAP Twisted Evil

Princess Akmazara
Posted - 2003.08.19 00:42:00 - [6]


Akmazara boarded the Apocolypse and retired to her quarters. Located in the front of the massive battleship she had a wonderful view of the stars as the ship jumped into warp.

Everything was going according to plan. The old man was a fool and she had him where she wanted him. Daughter? Surely he jest! She was placed early in the household but she was far from one of them. Soon they would see the fury of The Sisters and the oppressors of freedom and the poor would pay the ultimate price.

Moving across the suite she lay on a large pedastal bed and gazed at the stars. She always enjoyed spacetravel and being out among the heavens. Soon her plans would reach fruition and she would have her revenge on the Royal House of Amarr.

As she lay on her bed the door slide silently aside and a man entered. She glanced over and smiled at the dark cloaked man, noticing the Slaver at his side on a leash.

"Do put him outside will you?" she asked.

"But of course my lady..... then we have matters to discuss" he said in a deep gravely voice as he led the slaver to an anteroom and closed the door.

"Yes old friend....... that we do indeed........"

(to be continued)

The Illuminati.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2003.08.19 00:51:00 - [7]

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR I likes cute little princesses they make great workers in my giant space brothel!!!

yaaaaaar!!!! especially those little gallente ones no social diseases like those little minmattar scum...

stavros wanderers off to find his ointment, it STINGS IT STINGS!

Posted - 2003.08.19 01:50:00 - [8]

Ugly as sin? Check.

I didnt see any Minmatarri dogs (ooops meant wom(e)n ) in that thread. Perhaps you mean your good self slave?

IShocked think the truth should be told

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2003.08.19 10:29:00 - [9]

This episode has convinced me that this Akzamara person is a deranged fool. Not only is it impossible that a daughter of the Emperor himself comments here, it is impossible that she saw Heidaran walk, or standing in her doorstep.

Heidaran is a 500 year old husk of a man. He has been imprisoned in his life-supporting cybernetics systems for quite some time now.

(( Akzamara, you're a good writer. Don't spoil it by using prime fiction in your work ))

Princess Akmazara
Posted - 2003.08.19 11:13:00 - [10]

Awaking the next morning from a restful sleep Akmazara gazed out the viewport at the twin planets of Caldari Prime.

The night was but a memory, passion and feelings beyond that which she had experienced before. Once again her friend had satisfied her every desire then departed as mysteriously as he had arrived.

Standing she walked to the wardrobe. A servant had set a gown aside for her and she quietly dressed. While she normally had help today she was all alone by her request.... she had much thinking to do.

Leaving the suite she wandered past stunned crewmen. Walking down a long passageway she eventually came to a wall of glass. "ENTER" she said plainly as a panel slid aside and she entered.

The garden onboard the Apocolypse was as beautiful as any back home. Flowers, plants and trees grew in abundance. The smell of water from the artificial pond wafted across the glass enclosed greenhouse.

Sitting on a chair she began to contemplate her life and what had brought her here. A descendant of an Emperor, a daughter of an heir to one of the five great houses of Amarr. Her place was guaranteed yet she left for the great unknown. Her desire to help the less fortunate had driven her away from the trappings of empire into an unforgotten and unforgiving universe.

She recalled the visit by her father early in the week. How he had begged her to return home and she had declined. It is indeed true that her father, while an heir, was not the true Emperor. She had grown up being taught he was the true leader but alas one of the other five houses held the throne. Politics and the trappings of court had never been her strong point nor had mastering the ins and outs of social relations been her one desire.

Yet here she was. Alone in a massive warship, ready to obey her every command, sworn to serve. How could she best serve the disinfranchised, the poor, the meek and tired.

She would destroy that which destroyed them. It was the only way.........

(to be continued)

(I've tried to "correct" my error of royal heritage by making my character an heir's relative and not an heir although the outline I had for these storyline may not work now - it is just a game after all)

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2003.08.19 11:21:00 - [11]

(( It's not free-for-all rp ;). Thanks for 'correcting' it, though. ))


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