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Xavier Zyrae
Demonic Retribution
Posted - 2006.03.05 16:02:00 - [31]

Originally by: Danitar
Very nice Thank you !

yw =)

ESSDB still alive and kicking, go check it out if you haven't done so yet...

Missile Spammer
Posted - 2006.04.05 00:25:00 - [32]

certainly the best ship db you'll find

Xavier Zyrae
Demonic Retribution
Posted - 2006.04.05 11:49:00 - [33]

Minor update:
Fixed some errors in drone bay size listed for Recon ships and removed the 7.5% shield resistance per lvl the Hulk had listed. (Tux recently posted this was a static 'bonus', like AF's have, and applies to all Barges.)

Syn Stalkyr
Agony Unleashed
Posted - 2006.06.09 18:27:00 - [34]

Keep it up, this thing is great. It gives me plenty to do while I do nothing at work for 8 hours a day. Cool

I hope you can keep up with all these dang patches comin out everday.

Mr M
Posted - 2006.07.01 05:29:00 - [35]

Will there be an update with the latest changes to ship in the future?

Tommy TenKreds
Animal Mercantile Executive
Posted - 2006.10.06 23:30:00 - [36]

Just discovered this. It's very helpful, thanks. Very Happy

Posted - 2006.10.07 00:47:00 - [37]

Nice work, keep it up Xavier. :)


1) Make the number of pages obvious. I searched for minmatar ships and was surprised not to see the Cyclone, It was hard to see that there was 2 pages of results.
2) Why 36 results per page max? increase this limit please.
3) Make 2 reset buttons. One for the "columns" (hidden ones) and another for the current search.

I hid columns I did not need (like hull hp), selected 2 ships to compare, then when I was finished I wanted to go back to seeing all the ships. The only way to do that was to reset everything, columns included. Thus my suggestion #3.

4) What if I desactivate a column by mistake and want to activate it back? Maybe you can list "hidden" columns at the bottom of the page using icons and checkBoxes, this way we can activate them back on if we wanted.

Posted - 2006.10.07 17:10:00 - [38]

Xavier : how do you prefer to receive feedback? by email or should we just post here?

A couple of problems:

- The Cheetah is a Minmatar ship, but it says in the requirements that it needs caldari skills. "Primary Skill Required - Caldari Frigate Level V"

- Comparing the the skill requirements for the Cheetah on eve-online [click here], I see that you only list 2 skills while the official website lists 7. Is there a reason to that?

Xavier Zyrae
Demonic Retribution
Posted - 2006.12.01 01:00:00 - [39]

Edited by: Xavier Zyrae on 01/12/2006 01:02:52
Originally by: Mr M
Will there be an update with the latest changes to ship in the future?

Yes! In fact, I've just finished it! =) All the stats are now fully up-to-date with the latest changes introduced with the Revelations release.

For those that were wondering:
- Yes, I updated every single stat manually (using the in-game info-windows).
- Yes, it took me quite a while.
- No, it wasn't much fun...

But hey, if my work is still appreciated by the EVE community, it was worth it! Smile

Originally by: Tommy TenKreds
Just discovered this. It's very helpful, thanks. Very Happy

You're welcome. =)

Originally by: Salah22
Nice work, keep it up Xavier. :)

Thanks for your suggestions, I'll keep them in mind when I get around to updating the ESSDB-engine. Feedback here is fine but you can also EVEmail it to me if you like.

As for the problems:
- Covert Ops racial-skill reqs. have been fixed.
- The skill reqs not listing all required skills is due to a technical issue, ESSDB currently only lists the parent-skills required, not the child skills required to actually train the parent-skills. I'll probably fix this when I update the ESSDB-engine sometime in the future.

That's it for this update... now go check out the Revelations stats!

Pilots Of Honour
Posted - 2006.12.01 01:25:00 - [40]

Sweet, very useful.

Xavier Zyrae
Demonic Retribution
Posted - 2006.12.01 12:58:00 - [41]

Originally by: Kiyano
Sweet, very useful.
Glad you like it, help spread the word!

If you haven't checked it out yet, you don't know what you're missing... Wink

Xavier Zyrae
Demonic Retribution
Posted - 2006.12.16 16:09:00 - [42]


Feedback appreciated. Wink

Omega Fleet Enterprises
Executive Outcomes
Posted - 2006.12.16 16:45:00 - [43]

Small, clean and easy to use tool that shows everything needed very quickly - I like it alot and i've used it countless times in the past. Thank you for the time and work you put into it. :)

Dr Bernard
Posted - 2007.07.30 03:03:00 - [44]

Anyone know what happened to this great tool. The web link no longer works Crying or Very sad

Pan Crastus
Anti-Metagaming League
Posted - 2007.08.01 13:30:00 - [45]

yeah shame...

Ajna Anami
Posted - 2007.08.14 17:20:00 - [46]

Hey, I've been using this website since I started playing, it's been an awesome resource.
In the past month (?) it has gone offline. Anyone know anything about it?
Any plans to get it up and running again would be appreciated.

Posted - 2007.08.22 13:39:00 - [47]

What's the best alternative tool?

Paco Drago
Posted - 2007.09.13 04:31:00 - [48]

I have also been missing this site very much since it went down. I hope it gets reincarnated sometime in the near future. In the meantine, does anyone know of a similar site where I can compare different ships' stats on the same page?

Rainbow Bear
Mercurialis Inc.
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2007.10.25 14:26:00 - [49]

Unashamed bump, as this was a great little tool and needs replacing asap! Very Happy

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