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Morgit Seebring
PhaseShifter Technologies
Posted - 2005.12.20 19:10:00 - [61]

I've had this issue too, especially during Exodus. I changed from a FX5200 128Mb to a GeForce 6800 LE Gamers' edition, and it seemed much better. I've not managed to install RMR yet, as I've had some HDD issues and can't get a clean install. My new HDD arrived today, so I hope to be in game with RMR later tonight. The other issue with all of these random dropouts is that it could be causing HDD problems (like mine, strange huh?) as the system cuts out so suddenly, it can't be good for the HDD, surely?

Jay Phor
Destructive Influence
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2005.12.20 21:57:00 - [62]

comp crashes after starting eve, hardware is fine ( playing couple of hours BF2 ) looks like eve and directx or my nividia drives dont like themselves. This Problem is only while playing eve and since RMR. Got a nividia 6800 GT so pls dont tell me my card is too old:P. Must be definetly EVE and no hardware issue.

Maenia Gracilis
Posted - 2005.12.21 13:49:00 - [63]

Computer crashed here too, never happened before RMR. Nvidia FX5700 on an ASUS mobo, Athlon2400+, 512ram, XP Pro. Ship in station, click on ship/open drone bay - instant shutdown like the powercord had been pulled out the wall.

Did my HDD no end of harm, system files lost needing format and full install. This shows however I now have errors on the disk: you will have to believe me they weren't there before...that is until IMHO click on drone bay piled the heads into the disk platter like a runaway locomotive burning cr4ck.

This is all too much of a coincidence, given the preceding posts.

Darion Bonareth
Posted - 2005.12.21 14:13:00 - [64]

thanks to all who posted their stories of grief, you helped a great deal !

my notebook rebooted whenever i went into combat with more than one ship. turning off the in-game-sound helped a great deal. i am still on trial, but yesterday was the first evening in a week where i was actually able to game without major problems. (lagging still sometimes)

my honest thanks !!

Infinite Improbability Inc
Dusk and Dawn
Posted - 2006.01.03 19:21:00 - [65]

This is sooooo not cool.. I am having this issue too Linkage
only since installing RMR. and i have tried all of the suggested things..

*grabs hammer*

Posted - 2006.01.20 18:39:00 - [66]

My laptop with a Radeon Mobility 9000 goes to blue screen EVERY time i speek to an agent. If i do mining..i am ok for 30 mins or so but as soon as i talk to an agent...bamn! blue screen. I have tested this many times.

i have the latest hydravision drivers...and i have tried the Omega drivers which logs me right into a black screen with a mouse cursor...from bad to worse.

the blue screen points me to some ati file...

any suggestions?

Tamaoti Ipahe
Posted - 2006.01.21 01:02:00 - [67]

I was running EVE on two computers at the same time, when
the desktop blue-screened and the laptop hung. It was as
if a nasty evil message hit both at the same time.

I was able to restart both and get back in the game. I
was piloting two ships in the same system at the time.

Ahrman Vanaheim
Chimaera Combine
Novus Dominatum
Posted - 2006.01.23 11:25:00 - [68]

Ok, glad I checked the forums before buying a new vid card.
Same problems and only since RMR and only in EVE. About a week ago it started. PC just turned itself off like the powerplug had been pulled. Refused to restart for 5-8 minutes. Restarted eventually and the same thing happend half an hour later. So, ok I said overheating PC - seemed reasonable its very hot here at the moment. Then, it was ok for a week, but again today, 2 PC shutdowns. They seem to happen after about 2 hours of playing, and generally in graphics intensive situations (opening POS hangars filled with goods or combat).
My card is a ATI Radeon 9550, not the best but i've never had problems with it before.

PS. now on starting the PC I get the message, hardware monotor has found a error, press ** to check power setup Sad

After first crash I ended up with about 60mb of system files self deleting, this is not good at all.

Posted - 2006.01.23 11:42:00 - [69]

I have just posted on the similar thread nest to this one - this is a great resourse if its nvidea card problems

Lucien Ventris
Posted - 2006.01.25 12:20:00 - [70]

Again this is not hardware, if it was my god my computer just experience the exact same thing daaarn :(

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