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Trinity Corporate Services
Terran United Federation
Posted - 2007.11.26 16:42:00 - [361]

I contacted GM about removing Shares from my corp! Me been a noob created extra 9000 (I was bored). Then a few months later i want to do an IPO but there too many shares. They said they don't have a tool to remove.

So how an Idea GM have the tools to do it!
Also To remove shares the same way to creating by voting etc.

I think we need an option to remove shares as well as creating them. I have seen some corp that has 500 shares and its annoying i cant get rid of mine. Funny thing is these corp not that old too.

I just noticed this thread

Posted - 2007.12.06 04:16:00 - [362]

With Trinity, our Junior Accountants are now getting office rental mail. We like to give this in the title we give our newest recruits, so they can see the corporation's bankroll.
However, they are now getting mail about office bills they can't pay. If the notifications could be removed from that role, that would be great.
Thank you for your time.

God's of Eve
Posted - 2007.12.13 17:29:00 - [363]

Feature Request:

A log of members that have left, or mail notification.
If it were to be a log, just the past week or two is all that it would need to contain. Not long enough to create huge files, but not so short you have to check it daily.

This is to enable larger corporations with outside forums to easily manage the deletions of members who have left, to allow corporations to get feedback on why people are leaving, etc.

Red Horizon Inc
Cascade Imminent
Posted - 2008.01.02 22:19:00 - [364]

Humm is this thread even alive?

Ah well onward.

Would it be possible to fix the current problems with research slots and renting them out to alliance members and stuff like that?

Situation: Any large corporation is effectively unable to establish a hi-sec research POS without having to use various work arround:
- Kick every one with the wrong standing out for a week, establish the tower then get everyone back in (messes up the job history but what can you do - good for cleaning out dead wood though).
- Establish an alt corporation in the alliance where the alts are under control of the people with the bpo's to be researched (inflated the character and corporation count in the eve universe for no good reason)

The problem of course is that they can't get their research needs met at specialized research corporations because the current structure corporation rights structure does not allow for the smooth functioning of said corporations without compromising security on valuable BPOs. At least not without some rather unnatural gyrations.

The question I need to ask is: Is it intentional that CPP designed the current slot rental system (with all it's misleading and broken configuration options) to be so bad as a way to discourage any formation of true research services corporations?

example: Why in the tower manager can you set the query and take rights on a mobile laboratory to "Alliance" but only members of the owning corporation can access the hangars??? Either this is broken and should be fixed or it should never have been put there in the first place. It is miss-leading and frustrating.

As the CEO of a corporation with a high sec research lab or two, my personal research needs are not a problem. My frustration arises in that I can't make my corporation more valuable to my alliance because of the way the other corporations that want to allow their non-directors to make use of any slots I may have for rent. There are two problems: 1) I can configure copy and invention slots for rental but no one can use them. 2) Any renting corporation has a situation where if they want member x to use the slot they need to setup a division where x can put his bpo but no one else has access to, assign the same wallet to the guy so he can start jobs and give the guy factory manager rights (which btw are not limited by location). The CEO and directors can still mess with things but if you do this the other pilots can't. This might be sort of OK in very small corporations but in larger ones is unworkable.

If there are plans to "fix" any of these and their related problems/inconsistencies, could we at least know someone is working on it (even if it'll take a year or two to show up since it's not "shiny")???

Posted - 2008.01.17 01:52:00 - [365]

Expansion of the shares system?

I currently use shares as an incentive for my corporate members, they recieve shares for a variety of tasks (sort of like a stock option retirement plan) that are exercisable whenever they want for there isk value given that they cannot bankrupt the corporation until it fulfills its financial obligations.

Share Value = (Corporation Wallets + Corporate Assets) / Outstanding Shares

I current do this through an excel spread sheet setup but I think it could add another dynamic to the game. You could if you wanted break shares into two categories, Privately held, and public offered. This would allow you to set up an EVE Stock market of sorts of publically traded corporations.

For example, a corporation decides to do an IPO (initial public offering) in order to enter the eve stock market, they must pay the $1 billion isk entry fee which turn into 10,000 publically traded shares at $100,000 isk each. As people purchase these shares the price obviously increases since the value is directly porportional to the stock market wallet and the money invested.

This could lead to new uses for stock splits, capital investments in other corporation ventures and as a potential revenue generation stream for the eve community.

Downfalls: pump and dump schemes, no guareentee of returns, but eh, thats the real world for you.

If you're a Mega Alliance undertaking a massive project, the shares dispersed by the alliance could easily cover the cost of your project and your investors could see a return on there investments as your capital increases from the success of your project (or loss from your failure). This is especially true in the area of station development.

The primary difference between public and private shares is the ability to vote remains inside the corporation, elminating some unwanted possibilities. I don't think anyone in eve would want a hostile takeover of there corporation (maybe some of you do?)

Like all stock markets, you are never guarentee'd a return on your investment, however, I believe there are more than enough opportunities in the eve world to allow this to work.

Any thoughts are appreciated, just an idea. Thanks Smile

Posted - 2008.01.18 16:32:00 - [366]

Edited by: Bolka on 18/01/2008 16:36:55

This thread could use an overall recap and up to date list of suggestions, some date to 2004.

Anyway, here are my main suggestions at this stage:


The EVE mail system was rather impressive in 2003 when games did not commonly offer internal mail, but today even some free browser-based games have much superior internal mail system. My Main points:

- EVE mail UI general overhaul
- Easy and quick access to unread mails (right now need to browse the complete list of people who ever sent you a mail, and check those that are not 0 unread)
- Better reading window (currently not big enough)
- Have a copy of the mails that were sent
- Folders?

- Longer text size
- at least for CEOs, it is impossible to ever send out a communication to the corp in one EVEmail

- Corp message wall
- To permanently post information accessible to all corp members, such as corp rules or news. Currently resending EVE mails every 2 weeks to all corp members.

- Better mailing lists
- At least be able to see the list of subscribed people, I don't use this list because I don't know who is receiving, or if anyone at all is receiving.


- Outstanding corp contracts and sale orders
- Currently you cannot know all your corp assets, because you are missing everything that is in the sales pipe. there should be a way to see the outstanding contracts and sale orders and their values.


- Embedded help information
- To know, at least, what type of access each role enables

Meerkat Maner
Posted - 2008.01.25 19:55:00 - [367]

Also, i think that corporate wallet should have subdivisions instead of just divisions.

Humma Kuvula
Posted - 2008.01.26 01:05:00 - [368]

Although I've been playing for awhile now, I've never really delved into some of the more intricate Corp features until recently.

However I recently bumped into any issue that I think would make a nice feature.

Allowing a corp to define what types of income go into which wallets.

As in have a wallet where taxes from corp members are automatically dropped into and/or a wallet for corp sales, etc.

Perhaps this already exists, but I've haven't been able to find it and no one else I've asked knows either.

Ars ex Discordia
Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2008.01.29 02:38:00 - [369]

Originally by: Bolka
Edited by: Bolka on 18/01/2008 16:36:55

- EVE mail UI general overhaul
- Easy and quick access to unread mails (right now need to browse the complete list of people who ever sent you a mail, and check those that are not 0 unread)

If you look at the top of the frame where it list all the mail you will see a tab that say unread. If you click this a few time it will bring all the unread mails to the op of the list.

With that said I would like away to sort by date. I have people eve mail me what they had me carrier down. To make the mails easily findable, I have to keep them unread and deal with the flashing light all the time.

Jader Trice
Posted - 2008.02.01 12:37:00 - [370]

yes! more functions for management of the game. (you're not going to get everyone to log into your 3rd party website)
how about a place to list corp rules, standard operating proceedures, etc. just some Bulletin board space.
scheduled events seem better suited for a calender/daily planner format, than mailing list. (like a better MOTD with more functions) players log in, and viola! the days agenda is appearent to all, or they can plan ahead for the weekend.
maybe I want to assign 10 players to a commander (kinda like fire dept command structure), to delegate responsibilities. they report to him, he handles their concerns. nobody falls through the cracks/feels neglected, the corp gets accountability, and better organization.
maybe corporate branch delineations. ex: military, industrial, logistics, public relations, instead of the need for multiple corps

I've not had to manage a corp, so forgive me for any misconceptions

Posted - 2008.02.04 11:22:00 - [371]

Is there an ETA for a corp-management Patch or some news? We really badly need one.
And if you are on it, please puplish a better Corp-Manual. For a Newbie and freshly made CEO like me, who runs a Corp together with some Friends, it was quite hard to get behind it. I had to chat much time with ppl, stealing their time, which they want to use for playing.

Schani Kratnorr
Posted - 2008.03.07 01:27:00 - [372]

Wages? Fundemental to any corporation really. How about specialized contracts between corp and member. The wage system could use existing mechanics to allow corps to pay wages to members. Would add a bit of practical realism to EVE.

Last Stand Bulgs
Posted - 2008.03.11 08:11:00 - [373]

Originally by: Bolka
Edited by: Bolka on 18/01/2008 16:36:55


- Embedded help information
- To know, at least, what type of access each role enables


ReZZerecteD AlckemisTs
Posted - 2008.03.16 05:39:00 - [374]

I'm not sure of everyone else's opinion or weather this subject has been touched on, but I'd like to see a reminder notice for Corp offices and alliance bills sent via evemail about one week before the bills are due. This would help instead of getting the reminder right when you renew your lease a month before. For the alliance bills thou it would be great to have the final notice sent again the day the bill is due.

Apocil Munar
Posted - 2008.03.16 11:30:00 - [375]

I would like to see the ability to either export a list of corp assets to a file or be able to have a Corp dedicated webpage that allows your members to view specific things happening with the corp. It doesn't have to have extremely fancy features but at least have the ability to post announcements, view corp assets and locations, and view corp wallet transaction logs. the ability to maintain corp while outside of the game would come in handy especially during the daily downtime.

Posted - 2008.03.30 08:18:00 - [376]

I was just wondering if there was any plans in the near future about giving more control over Corporate Tax for Corporations that use the tax. I think we should be able to make it where it also applies to Ore Mining or Market trades if we so desire to do so. As I understand it now is that only missions and bounties are taxed and only if they exceed 250K ISK or more or somewhere close to that number anyway. Just wondering about that. Thanks!

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