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Holly Ba'bah
Posted - 2003.08.08 03:53:00 - [1]

Paying 3m for Cu's or 1m for Xecl's.

I need 4 in any combination.

I am also willing to trade 2 Cu's for 6 Xecl's. message in game

M. Corp
Posted - 2003.08.08 08:58:00 - [2]

I Have 4 CU Vapours to sell you at 3 million isk per unit.

Contact me in-game

Special Circumstances
Posted - 2003.08.08 09:53:00 - [3]

Why bother.
Just wait for tech 2 to come out.
The Miner 2 will pull more ore than a Cu Vapor (Cu Vapor - 49 base, Miner2 - 60 base) and will probably be a damn site cheaper :)

Posted - 2003.08.08 10:18:00 - [4]

Why bother.
Just wait for tech 2 to come out.
The Miner 2 will pull more ore than a Cu Vapor (Cu Vapor - 49 base, Miner2 - 60 base) and will probably be a damn site cheaper :)

The first time i heard this is 2 months ago, you see miner 2's? And how sure are you that its not even rare than cu's?

Posted - 2003.08.08 12:12:00 - [5]

For one thing Dream, they would be more available due to the fact that most likely they can be sold on the market... just a hunch though, not sure.

But then again, I've got my doubts that tech 2 miners ever WILL come out, because CCP is doing everything they can to slow stuff down. And miner 2's will only speed up the mining, which speeds up the isk growth, which speeds up EVERYTHING.

So don't hold your breath for any mining gear better or more common then what we've got now.

However in case you didn't notice... you can already buy tech 2 stuff on the NPC market.

Agent Shield
Posted - 2003.08.08 13:52:00 - [6]

Elithiomel, You are right, we all should just wait for Tech 2 to come out instead of buying better gear now.

Wait, maybe we should wait for Tech 3, because it will be better than Tech 2.

Wait, maybe we should wait for Tech 4, because it will be better than Tech 3.

Wait,,,,,,, You get the drift.

There are going to be players who are willing to pay 'now' for items that are better than what they have, even if rumours of the next biggest widget is just around the corner. Technology is always going to be coming out with bigger, better, & faster equipment; but it doesn't stop the sales of current existing modules.

Amarrian Missionaires
Posted - 2003.08.08 20:10:00 - [7]

Anyone remember how much ore Miner 1 USED to give before they nerfed it???

As I remember, it was 60.... Might be wrong though. If I'm right - I'm sure they'll nerf tech 2 miners before they're released.


Ayar Cachi
Posted - 2003.08.08 21:15:00 - [8]

In some sense, every 10 million in minerals I bring in with my Cu's would only be 8.16 million with regular miners.

Those Cu's are kick-ass. Esp when you have 5.

For any serious miner or mining corp (to build ships or whatever), the extra 22.5% RATE of mining is excellent. Worth every penny.

Of course, since it's a RATE bonus, you can't just compare the 40 to the 49. Rather, you have to integrate the slope over the time (hours) spent mining.

The ROI of a Cu is extended over the length of time you use them. I've had my Cu's for a litte while now, since I'm not dumb and just sitting there with Miner I's for like two months while saying "yeah, well, Tech 2 miner's are better". That's just moronic and somewhat illogical, IMO.

Over that TIME, the increased RATE of mining of the Cu's has paid for its multi-million ISK cost itself over and over.

Especially nice since Mining is often boring. And sometimes, depending on what is going on, I'm in a hurry. With Cu's I waste 22.5% less of my in-game time.

Clearly, the same argument will apply to Miner 2's relative to Cu's WHEN the former come out. But they aren't out yet.

The "Any Day Now" people are well...hmmm--they could have been getting 22.5% bonus ore for their time the whole time they've been saying "ADN". (I suspect that either they aren't too swift or simply never mine ore, so they don't understand the benefits. Probably they are mostly pirates, pirate hunters, station sessiles, or AFK miners who mine while at work or something. Of course the same people will probably be waiting for tech 5 miners, as has been pointed out above. In the meantime, I will enjoy the extra 22.5% every minute I spend mining in Eve.)

LV Praetorians
Posted - 2003.08.08 21:36:00 - [9]

I agree that for a serious miner (one who spends a good deal of in game time mining) the CU Vapors are a good investment. The time it takes to "break even" on that investment is reduced the more time you spend mining with them. Someone that mines all the time might have their CU Vapors pay for themselves in a matter of days. Someone that rarely mines, however, might go months before they have mined enough with them for them to have paid for themselves. It's really a question of how much benefit increased mining capacity will be to someone.

Personally, even though im in a dedicated mining corp, I am in the security wing, so I only mine with I have to (saving up ore to have a new ship built, etc). I find that the lower investment in EPS Gaussians or Dual Diodes is much more prudent (until recently when the price of them seems to have gone up by several orders of magnitude.. from 35k for the EPS up to 100k or more).

Holly Ba'bah
Posted - 2003.08.09 03:39:00 - [10]

Order filled, thanks V.

Buying them came down to one thing: I wanted them and could afford them.

I shop therefor I am.

M. Corp
Posted - 2003.08.09 13:17:00 - [11]

It was a pleasure doing business

Holly Ba'bah
Posted - 2003.08.09 15:16:00 - [12]

Heh, Doh!


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