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Cutting Edge Incorporated
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2005.08.16 17:02:00 - [31]

How can we respect a guy who just implied he would rather see our entire race dead?

Respect him like a dog on a chain.
Lots of barking, but no bite.

Khan Rodak
Manu Dei
Posted - 2005.08.16 17:52:00 - [32]

I once said, and i'm saying it again:

The lack of Theological Council's respect for the Old Scriptures and their dismissal in complying a full report is starting to make weak souls weaker and unhealthy.

Posted - 2005.08.17 08:10:00 - [33]

At last.....a true Amarr speaks

Siri Danae
Xone Trading Corp.
Posted - 2005.08.17 16:23:00 - [34]

Clearly the Amarr need a Minmatar emperor. They are far too decadant.

Poor Old Ornery nOObs
Turdz Asshatz N Grieferz
Posted - 2005.08.18 06:18:00 - [35]

someone needs to wake stavros up

stavros for emperor

Posted - 2005.08.19 21:38:00 - [36]

Sarkos wonders if Hexford is from Shaal, and chuckles.


Mr Popov
Tribal Liberation Force
Posted - 2005.08.19 23:30:00 - [37]

The gods of EVE are capricous. There is no logical order or consistency in the universe. Just months ago, cruise missiles used to pulverize frigs and other small targets. Behold! for the gods of EVE have decided otherwise.

Xeno Samboza
Posted - 2005.08.22 11:49:00 - [38]

Edited by: Xeno Samboza on 22/08/2005 11:52:08
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XENON INDUSTRIES are in support of all Amarrians, and are keen supporters of the whoever becomes the next Emporer.

We respect Amarrians and will help to defend the Amarr culture, even if I am Gallente race. We acknowledge the technology that the Amarr Empire have.

Long live the Amarr Empire and her allies.

Xeno Samboza
CEO and ISP Member

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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