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Posted - 2003.07.21 05:26:00 - [1]

After spending the time to get Gunnary V and trajectory analisys skill started i tested and have bad news aperently the module used VIA this skill is suposed to add 1.12% or close to that to tracking speed yet it didnt.
Just wondering if this is known or if theres an ETA to when it will be fixed?
ty ;)

"Be there when it happens, or you miss out"

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2003.07.21 05:54:00 - [2]

Send in a bug report about this. Amy

IT Alliance
Posted - 2003.07.21 14:07:00 - [3]

how do you mean, waxer? I was under the impression Traj was +3% damage to all turrets.
Although I've never done any real testing, due to the dullness of testing these things :)

What module are you talking about?

Edited by: drunkenmaster on 21/07/2003 14:08:04

Posted - 2003.07.21 15:10:00 - [4]

i had to undock and turn module on before i saw any change on wep stats

Quantum Industries Inc.
Posted - 2003.07.22 07:51:00 - [5]

Edited by: Echo on 22/07/2003 07:56:05
No, that is incorrect.

Trajectory analysis gives a bonus to turret falloff per level (I believe that it is +5%). Surgical strike gives the +3% bonus to damage modifier for all turret types.

Posted - 2003.07.22 20:37:00 - [6]

you'r misreading me I'm talking about
{short n sweet unloaded nither statictics are effected TRACKINGSPEED/ACCURACY or Optimal Range, loaded only Optimal range so the module is bugged im thinking} ONLY READ FURTHER IF YOUR REALLY INTRESTED IN WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT ;)
The Modules that you can use once you have Traj. Analisys. they are {Activated} mid slot module's, And after further testing I realized without ammo none of the 5tatistics are effected but with ammo only the Optimal range was effected so the tracking speed/accuracy is the only part of this puzzle missing!
check this with 280MM S Siege cannons and a config with the modules im talking about + the low slot versions that only require Gunnary II loading with Depleted uranium I surpassed the Falloff 20000 by having an optimal range of 25,170.8863803 m ;) so whats going to happen here ? Or dose the falloff effect only past optimal range ? If so then i can still hit at a max of 45,170 m lol
1. Optical Tracking Computer I
[Des]{By predicting the trajectory of targets, it helps to boost the tracking speed and range of turrets.}
[Att]Volume 5 m3
Tech I
Activ. Cost 20
Act. Time Durr. 30 sec's
Max Range Multi. 1.12 X
Tracking speed Multi 1.24 %
[fittings]-- Req's Medium slot
CPU 31 Tf
PwrGrd 3 Mw

[Required skills]
Trajectory analysis LvL 1
Gunnary V
There is another module wityh a diffrent name same basic function.
this should clear up what im talking about ;)

TOG Empire
Combat Mining and Logistics
Posted - 2003.07.23 00:53:00 - [7]

So, what you're saying is the SKILL is fine, it's the MODULE that's buggy?

Bugrep it. AFAIK, the skill is fine.

Nerhtal Al'Thali
Nisroc Angels
The Obsidian Front
Posted - 2003.07.23 22:04:00 - [8]

Trajectory Analysis is 5% to Accuracy Falloff

The Tracking Computer Modules youre talking about takes a bit of fiddling to work out and when you turn them on and "show info" and both your tracking speed and optimal range has gone up you know their working for sure (otherwise they could be working in the background still)

These modules greatly increase the frequency of hitting with weapons, you will get less lightly hits and scratches with high tracking guns and with low tracking guns you will simply hit more often at least

neither the skill or the module is bugged

IT Alliance
Posted - 2003.07.24 08:56:00 - [9]

Sorry for my misunderstanding, I was thinking of sugary strike.

As for these modules, if they are 'activation' types, then surely, you'd have to activate them before you check the info.

Like, f.e. If I put an MWD on my ship, my cap drops immediately, but my max speed doesn't change. If I go out into space, activate it, and check my ships top speed again, it gives the correct reading.

Hope this is of some help.


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