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The Collective
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2005.06.30 20:18:00 - [211]


no need to say anything about them :]

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2005.07.01 05:56:00 - [212]

Jade Constantine -- For keeping the game alive for me when I was about to quit, and keeping such a positive attitude despite her situation. Love her or hate her, she brought about a new style of roleplay that kept this game alive, and that I wish there was more of. It's too bad there is no other way for her to speak to the communtiy the same way without the forums. It would be great to get another massive propaganda campaign going to maybe stir up the staleness that's been aroound here lately.

Kalahari Wayrest
Posted - 2005.07.01 07:22:00 - [213]

(In no particular order - some information is probably wrong but the question was how I was influenced...So it comes down to how I see them Wink I've probably forgotten a few people)

Jade and Jasmine Constantine: Mainly for their politics and propaganda. Formation of Jericho Fraction and Star Fraction.

Kaleigh Doyle: Formation of the infamous Glamour Bunny Corperation and the Glamour Syndicate. Also known for her political viewpoint.

Skull HSC: From personal experience I can tell you he's a great leader...and his voice certainly carries Neutral

Admiral Golan Trevize: For being a very camp Admiral.(this definatley made an impression Wink)

Hardin: Second for spin after Jade Constantine. Current CEO of PIE. Possibly founder of CVA...

Istavaan Shogatsu: Most known for causing controversy being behind a heist and assasination and writing damn good fiction.

Hamish: Being mentioned in said fiction.

Arenis Xemdal: Carrying out said heist and assasination.

Mirial: Being recipiant of said heist and assasination.

Adrielle Firewalker: Formation of Amarr Will Eat Itself corporation, People's Republic of Minmatar and Ushra'Khan. (haha you got mentioned Razz)

Pulgor: For being an Ammatar in public.

Pacal Balan: Minmatar have their religious zealots too, and this man was at the head of most of it.

Al Haquis: For being the quintessential Minmatar.

Maggot: Formation of Freelance Unincoperated Corporation and Friends of Matar. Current executor of Ushra'Khan.

Xirtram VOTF: Formation of Vengence of the Fallen and founder member of Curse Alliance. Dark Lord of Curse (or Pator)

Foyle: Known as the Dark Queen of Curse, later formed Force of Evil alliance.

Lord Zap and Stavros: Infamous pirates from infamous m0o corp.

Tank CEO: Founder of m3g4 corp and later biomass cartel.

Nirvy: Being a one man army against a corporation and winning.

Russo: For being insane and controversal. (being...civil...) Formation of AMAX corporation.

Myadra: The face of the Blood Inquisition.

DJ Doby: Not a leader, but definatley a legend Wink

...Hope I wasn't supposed to nominate just one Razz

(Incindentally, as far as influencing goes, Morkt Drak helped me with my miner2 blueprint, Jash Illian built my first battleship, Mk Ultra and Jus2Awesome taught me pirates aren't scary, Psychopath[/b] taught me they were.)

Toby Tyke
Posted - 2005.07.01 11:40:00 - [214]

Chowdown (Shinra) and N00b Scriptor (ATUK). Fantastic Corps and the best fleet commanders.

Eve Space Exploration Guild
Posted - 2005.07.01 13:54:00 - [215]

Didn't read the whole thread so sorry if these are already posted:

Mchalin - Best fleet commander
LordMix, aka Lord Log.. - for being an EVE legend in his own right.

Imperial Dreams
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2005.07.01 15:07:00 - [216]

Argh I just spent and hour doing a long post and accidentally deleted it...aaaarrrhghhhjh

Maybe later...

Istvaan Shogaatsu
Guiding Hand Social Club
Posted - 2005.07.01 16:18:00 - [217]

Edited by: Istvaan Shogaatsu on 03/07/2005 03:40:42
Just resubbed, and loving this post, thanks for remembering me in my brief WoW absence :)

Instead of listing and rehashing the established heroes of our community I'm gonna mention someone who hasn't been around for a long time now - Deadline of Sabaoth from the beta. He is why most Amarr RPers currently act the way they do.

Also Thundercloud, Deadline's equivalent for the Minmatar. He was one of the only Minmie RPers who managed to be original instead of fitting into the cretinous 'rarr freedom fighter' mold.

Posted - 2005.07.01 20:44:00 - [218]


Still way under EVE's radar. YARRRR!!

Dust Puppy
Posted - 2005.07.02 10:17:00 - [219]

Edited by: Dust Puppy on 02/07/2005 10:20:05
There are of course a lot of people worthy of a mention here but Iīm only naming a few.

Jade Constantine - Love her or hate her she makes this game interesting with her political propaganda and as far as I've heard she was a big factor for the GNW.

Halseth Durn - It takes two to tango Shocked

Morning Maniac - Running probably the only or at the very least most famous non profit organization in game and does it well.

The Blades - Could really name anyone there, nice chaps all willing to take up the good fight. The guys in charge deserve a special mention Raven DeBlade and Mindblank.

Pottsey - For thinking outside the box.

Winterblink - For his fantastic comic.

Joshua Calvert - At the very least for his l33t forum whoring ability Shocked.

Rod Blaine - For always being right Shocked

m0o - They get a special mention for making grown men wet themselves, probably Lord Zap deserves a special mention.

Space Invader - Being the "nice" pirates from the beginning. Setec was according to many people the most cunning commander the game has ever had. Viceroy ends every event by killing the GM Shocked.

I'm gonna stop here but could go on for quite a while.

Edit: Forgot about one.

Islay - Creator of Character Manager and the Ship Fitting tool.

Herko Kerghans
Posted - 2005.07.02 12:04:00 - [220]

Edited by: Herko Kerghans on 02/07/2005 12:04:46

So, Oveur!

Eleven pages choc full'o legends... and you even managed to get yourself on the list! Very Happy

Now, c'mon, tell us... what is this all about?


Rage and Terror
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2005.07.03 00:53:00 - [221]

Joshua Foiritain, for all the gallente roleplayers out there Smile

Saladin XIII
Finite Horizon
Posted - 2005.07.04 03:21:00 - [222]

Tank CEO and Daakkon - For keeping a dead profession alive
Vegeta - "For pwnage"
DigitalCommunist - His ideas and forum posts are great but hes a wannabe pirate and a giant ****
Viceroy - For being a great lawyer
Stavros - Just like tank hes one of the original badasses of the game
BobGhengisKhan - again another of the original's
Lord Zap - another original otherwise known as Lord Fap
The Reverend - For being the chav he is ^_^
Istvaan Shogaatsu - For being the most ebil person in EVE and keeping the RP of this game so fresh so clean
Killswitch - Crazy guy and deserves every right to be on the list (too bad he doesn't play anymore Sad)
Hardin - Another guy that has kept the RP of this game so fresh so clean (Amarr RP)
Molle - Ultimate Scheme Pwnage
Jexter - One of the original badass pirates and still going strong
Hanns - For being such a badass
Killza - Another original badass
Riddari - "He left m0o for CLS and still had fun" takes some serious balls to do that ^_^
Sassinak - An original badass and a chav who can never shutup Razz
Smoked - m3g4
Tornsoul - For creating an empire (alliance)
CYVOK - For creating an empire (corp)
SlaMD - For pure blackbird/raven pwnage
Makkar - Another guy that has kept the RP of this game so fresh so clean (Minmatar RP)
Skull HSC - For being the best fleet commander and friend i've ever known
Jade Constantine - For being the only person that can make me fall asleep aswell as keeping me so interested in politics
Seleene and Charity Regard - For bringing another gameplay profession into the game and making it successful
Levin, Odet, Abominable, Fairlane, Sochin - For being great friends and keeping EVE fun for me
Borg Fusion & Swisher - the most infamous of pirates/corp thieves
Nilkarus - D.N.A. Nuff said
Rod Blaine - For always being right Razz
Joshua Calvert - has outspammed anyone on the forums
Joshua Foiritain - Gallente Roleplaying
XirtamVOTF - for crapping out an assraping alliance...twice

Every single person on my list has influenced the world of eve in 1 way or the other. Not all of them I necesarily like but I respect them for what they've done

Khaldorn Murino
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2005.07.04 11:20:00 - [223]

Seeing as love is being spread quite liberally over here, ill add a few more to my list who have influenced me.

Istvaan Shogatsu - Sneaky down low arrogant and loves himself, derides anyone who is not up to par or who hasnt giving him a kicking in the past. Feeding the ego, but you cant deny, the man can write damn good fiction (and chronicles). Influenced me in the fact that when i write i try to be as good as him and fail miserably, but its something to aim for. Also cant help the feeling that if i met him in RL i would probably like him. He is part of the old timers club of EVE, those who existed way before I came to this game and walk around in zimmers talking about how great they are. You gotta love em to death. (tell me about Thundercloud)

Viceroy - Another member of the old timer zimmer club. But everytime I read his vision of how EVE should be I cant help agreeing. Im not a pirate, im one of those cretinous 'rarr freedom fighter' isty mentioned, but man, more danger is better.

CCP Hammerhead - For giving me the means to bring death and destruction to our foes. Who secretly wants to be out there blowing slavers up with us.

Gnauton and CCP Event team - For making eve grittier and dirtier and bringing much love to the story line and events. Oh and that artist for putting slaver heads on spikes and drawing damn good nasty arse pics.

Aurora - yeah, they get a lot of stick. But there volunteers, who give their time to try to make our game more interesting. And ive been involved in nasty events, but ive also been involved in great ones that leave us wanting more.

Al Haquis - This man is a legend. Flying a fleet lead by the Al is an experience no one will ever forget, the man is so passionate about EVE and our section of it it hurts. He's fun and he's changed my EVE experience all for the better.

Gaius Kador - The eptimome of Evil Amarrian. But a bloody nice bloke underneath. I wish he'd post more to be quite honest.

Hardin - Yeah, we all love the chin with the spin (sorry mate Smile ), keeps those CVA people in line and fighting. Spins more yarns that ive had hot dinners.

Darius - for helping me to write stories that ive had fun writing, and for guiding me in that.

Archbishop - For his great posts on the summit.

Sforza - For being a great fleet leader, for giving me ships and then laughing when I lose them in the most atrocious ways. For joining fleets i lead even though 90% of the time he leaves them in a pod. For joining FU2 along with the rest of the VBS lads and making FU2 and even greater place.

Now, i think thats enough love for now. Theres loads more of course, but you can never list em all who have influenced you.

Body Count Inc.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2005.07.04 19:37:00 - [224]

Originally by: Jasmine Constantine
Well I was curious so I did some counting and I've come to an interim set of totals for the "Eve Legends" proposed and discussed on this thread.

Whoa... like 5 people voted for me. That's five more than I ever thought would. :) Thanks all. Now to ponder who to nominate...

Joaquin Farrad
Posted - 2005.07.04 23:27:00 - [225]

Originally by: Khaldorn Murino
(tell me about Thundercloud)

This I can answer.

Wahpekute "Thundercloud" Assiniboine was one of the very few Minmatars early in Eve's exsistance, along with Vasdenjas "theDeviant" Bokor, that explored the other various possibilities of the Minmatar psyche, not just the freedom fight. Vas was the Chairman of the board in the Endless Corporation at one point, and Wahp explored things like interracial love (his unfinished story "Love can set you free" down near the bottom of the library here), betrayal, and things of that nature. TC once said that the freedom fight should not be the central obsession of a good Minmatar RP character.

Pretty much, he took his character Wahp, and ouright tortured and mutilated him with no sympathy, rather than cuddled and protected. While everyone usually protected their character and image, TC was going out of his way to sink Wahp further into Hell. One of the most interesting Minmatar characters I ever knew. Current Minmatar RP players say their characters have issues, but TC's Wahpekute had malicious haunting freak demons.

He also was a damn good writer too, on par with HG here. Co-wrote that one story long ago, "Reclamation", with people from Endless and Sabaoth. Pushed fo a lot of collaborative fiction between the rp factions/races. It was a great achievement, sadly one that hasn't been seen since. Probbably because people are extremely protective of their characters, and bear to see them go though the kinda changes, victories, and failures TC was happy and willing to put Wahp and his side through.

The character Wahpekute is still alive, you can read about him in the Hamish Saga, as a nod to his contribution, and because he's a great antagonist to Istvaan. As for the man behind Wahpekute, TC, he may be around. More than likely off somewhere reinventing himself.

Drop a line TC, we miss yah.

Posted - 2005.07.05 22:52:00 - [226]

Zeepo 4 teh win

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2005.07.06 01:07:00 - [227]

in no particular order

Lord Zap, Tank Ceo, stavros, XpoHoc - their names carry their fame no need to elaborate

Viceroy, DigitalCommunist, Gerome Deutrande (sp?), Kurenin, Levin Cavil - for being some of coolest ppl in eve

Tornsoul - for being meaning of word honesty and truth and for BIG games ofc

Nathan Voughn - political mastermind

Lifewire, bizzare - best fcs in this game ive flown under

stiizum hiidii (sp?) ie stan :P - very influental man "from the shadow"

shone - ceo one of the best corps in eve, all runned by himself

hellgremlin - awesome writer & corp thief :P

reah - he has bhaalgorn ffs :D

hardin - he gets the rp done

tomb - he gets the things nerfed :D

syniteon, stellarzord - my *****es
zakon - my slave

Mercurialis Inc.
Posted - 2005.07.08 07:11:00 - [228]

Morkt Drak - For pretty much everything, ranging from market manipulation to Caldari RP.

Ecliptical - For leading the winning team in the Amarr championships.

Lemetar Relem - My fellow ex-reporter, for stirring up the alliance politics briefly, before getting hit in the face with the whirlwind of backlash.

Trooper B99 - Perhaps a lesser known individual, but one who has participated in several major events and done some nice RP around them.

There are tons more of influential people that haven't been mentioned in this thread yet. I'm sure I'll think of a few more to post.

Mercurialis Inc.
Posted - 2005.07.08 07:16:00 - [229]

Edited by: Beringe on 08/07/2005 07:18:46's so typical that I should remember right after I press the post button.

Jera - of Drink Starsi (tm). For obvious reasons.

GunnyP - For taking over TTi after the 'magic hat' fiasco.

Athule Snanm - For being a different type of Amarrian.

Calladen Nimitz - Because I will always have a soft spot for people with ideals.

Frankinator - It's only fair to mention him if Nilkarus is going to be. Wink Seriously fun guy.

Umlat - Whose tyrannical ego-trips disbanded ORS, one of the early alliances.

James Raven
Posted - 2005.07.08 16:58:00 - [230]

Short and sweet..

Istvaan Shogaatsu - He got me interested in this awesome game with one of his stories of theft and cunning.

Matt Ivresse
Posted - 2005.07.08 17:43:00 - [231]

Well, I guess I've been away for so long I and my DUI racing stuff's been forgotten to the mists of Eve...well DUI's dead anyway so that's okay...

Anyways, I nominate the following:

Kaleigh Doyle: For proving that Gallente women are the sexiest women of Eve right next to the Minmatar Sebiestor ladies.

Charity Regard: For creating my fabbo signature for the forums and being a great gal all round

Freewheeling/Tzadkiel: Best damned businessman I ever met. Big thanks for all those donations for DUI prizes as well.

Shar Tegral: For being there with the news stories and taking on all that heat from the Minmatars on Eve-Guardian.

Jera: The epitomy of Caldari nationalism (at least while I was around)

These are the ones I can remember from my old days. Only just came back a day or two ago so I dunno if some are gone, but big thanks for making my Eve-life memorable back then. Now time to start again...

The Second Sons
Posted - 2005.07.10 05:05:00 - [232]

Edited by: Hanns on 10/07/2005 05:11:12

In no particular order, Names that pop in my head when I think about my years in eve.

Darwin Long time Wingman and friend, no longer plays eve (account sold)Sad
Number One Another long time friend, account has gone, he know plays at BrotherDeath
TankCEO Cut my teeth with this guy, pirated a lot with him back in the day.
TechieZero Old school player and friend and great guy to have around
Smoked For being such a noob and selling all our assets on EBay
Jade Constantine During the NVA wars, supreme propaganda merchant, and all round talented Writer and RP'r
Hupa Great pilot and friend, and generally a good drunken Irish man to have around TS
Havocide Another legend, now plays as DirtyHarry
Lord Zap Canít have a thread about legends without his name Mara passari incident changed the face of eve
Stavros Another m0o legend, and TS Bull****ter Listening to this guy with Sutty on TS is pure hilarity
Sutty Combined with Stav makes for pure TS entertainment
j0rt Another pirate legend
Scrapyard Jack Funny forum ***** and RP guy, what happened to him?
Joshua Calvert The only person in EVE with more corp. changes than me
Zincol Quality guy PVP nutter
XpoHoc Another great PVP'r great guy to fly with
Daakkon Always manages to make me spit my drink over my monitor
SmokeDog First person ever to pod me
Monclair First person I ever podded
GM Fate IMHO Best GM
Maricheck From noob to legend, you know why Wink
Hardin Great RP'r and great guy in RL
Jadrut Another quality character
Sassinak Much respect for this guy
Nizzin For robbing F-E of billions of isk to sell on EBay (and getting caught by CCPLaughing)
Archain old School Space invaders and one of the first to make eve videos
Kiana'tre Another old Space invaders, and great guy, always lightens the mood on TS
Viceroy A true eve Legend, need I say anymore
DrunkenMaster Why so many cool people came from Space invaders? Cool
Ender Hawks Great guy, will be missed
Eneroth My favourite Swede
Killza Old school player, podded me then recruited me into M3G4Rolling Eyes
Warhound Flew with him to the amarr championship finals
sara kerrigan Another amarr championship wingman
TomB The most loved and hated person in eve Laughing
Vegeta TankCEO's favourite person.. lol
Darth Solo My favourite good guy
Jim Raynor Always made interesting and constructive posts about game balancing
Narayan Diesel Another old school guy name was changed to Gunn Diesel, and account sold Sad
Altai Saker Not and old school player but a great guy to fly with and good to have on TS
Gonzo Anyone who ever had this guy on TS... lol.. just lol.

Thatís all the people I can think of, I know Iíve left out a lot of people, but these names above me imho have made EVE the game it is today, mostly for me, but some have changed the course of the game, I like to think that everybody in eve plays a small part in making the game what it is today the legends and the noobs alike, thatís probably what keeps bringing me back to eve, and what makes it such a unique game.

RUS Academy
Posted - 2005.07.11 15:11:00 - [233]

Edited by: Scobichevskaya on 11/07/2005 15:12:00
ok, fine...
will just come and kick your nominated ass

Posted - 2005.07.12 10:25:00 - [234]

I got to post in this lets start

Josh Calvert

many many many others that i cant remember now and cos i gotta go work

Corente Empire
Posted - 2005.07.12 15:54:00 - [235]

Ragnar, lord zap, jade constantine, tank ceo, molle

Joshua Calvert
Rule One
Posted - 2005.07.13 07:28:00 - [236]

All of my votes are very flattering especially since I've done nothing of note ingame Laughing

This thread was about people who have influenced you in the game not about people you've seen post a lot of stuff on the forums Very Happy

Trooper B99
Body Count Inc.
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2005.07.13 11:02:00 - [237]

Wow, i never expected to get a nomination, but thanks Beringe! \o/

Matt, just to let you know Shar Tegral and Jera have both left the game for a few months now but Kaleigh, Charity and Freewheeling are about. If i didn't say it then, thanks for taking the time to do the betting in the Colosuss Races. Was nice to win some money off of you when i won my heat. Wink

Posted - 2005.07.17 13:24:00 - [238]

Edited by: Bruchpilot on 17/07/2005 13:49:26
TankCEO - for blowing up my first Tempest

Plim - Best PvPer in EVE Laughing

Darth Solo - for being a great leader and probably one of the most hated people in EVE

Malken - never, ever start to argue with him!

Light Darkness - for having a kickass month full of very good fleetbattles against him and his crew, he's a good leader and a skilled pilot as well.

Red Alliance - had fought one fleetbattle on their side. We were outnumbered and weren't on the same TS but still kicked the invadors out of the system with very uncoordinated attacks. Nice guys. Also great enemys back in the CA days: they fought us outnumbered and we did pretty bad against them.

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2005.07.17 21:41:00 - [239]

"All of my votes are very flattering especially since I've done nothing of note ingame Laughing"

I dunno about that 'done nothing' part, the "Joshua Calvert does all EVE corporations" holoreel is well... quite popular :s~

Posted - 2005.07.18 04:45:00 - [240]

Death Warrent
The man that started it all for me. Household name in pirate circles.

In no particular order.

Stars End
Factor Benz
Altai Saker

Much love and respect to the rest of KARN and Friends.

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