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Blackwater USA Inc.
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2003.07.09 19:32:00 - [1]

I have a Linksys Wireless AP+ router and switch, the 2.4Ghz version.Mfg Part: BEFW11S4
I have a laptop with WiFi(802.11B), and a PC.
I have a cable modem that I run into the Linksys and then run the CAT5 cable from the Linksys switching ports to the computer. And of course the Laptop is now wireless via the Linksys, unless playing EVE? Same issue with the PC. I have to have the Cable modem (external) feed plugged into the PC for EVE to work, I cannot use the wireless way unless I don't play EVE?? Please help!!!

Velvet Syndicate
Posted - 2003.07.10 12:18:00 - [2]

Sorry, I don't have a solution to your issues but I have a question for you. I'd been wanting to switch my home network to a wireless system for some time but haven't done so because of Latency concerns. I've been playing online games since I discovered Unreal's Multiplayer Option, and I heard that wireless networks had an inherent latency issue that could caus your reaction time to be affected. Since you've obviously already made the jump could you give me some feedback about your experience?

Thanks in advance.

Posted - 2003.07.11 18:06:00 - [3]

linksys routers seem to have lots of problems with todays online games. no one knows how to fix it yet but what i did is got a new router. it's not a linksys router but it is made by them but i dont have anyproblems now and i've got 2pcs 1 laptop and an xbox on dsl line still no problems.

Joshua Calvert
Rule One
Posted - 2003.07.12 08:01:00 - [4]

There's a couple people in my corp. using Linksys 10/100 routers - they have reported no issues.

Blackwater USA Inc.
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2003.09.09 18:28:00 - [5]

Ok, I have a cable modem going to the Linksys DSL wireless router? Could that be the problem?

Posted - 2003.09.09 21:37:00 - [6]

crice, I had your exact same issue, my main man. I could play EVE for a certian length of time, and then it would CTD. It is the router, no doubt about that, and it's the firewall that's built into it. To get access to being able to turn off the firewall, you need to get the IP address for the router and then imput that into your interent browser. If you know your account information and password, which I don't even know for myself and don't know where to get it, you can turn off the firewall. Another thing to do is to connect your cable modem directly to the computer that uses EVE. Once I did that, I CTD no more, but the other people in my family now keep *****ing about 'social time' and 'sharing' and other nonsense that us gamers have learned to overcome Wink

Posted - 2003.09.10 15:32:00 - [7]

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Edited by: Sleepy on 10/09/2003 15:39:40
I had a similar problem with the Linksys router when i first tried Wireless, some apps could connect to web some couldn't. I got a refund and bought the D-Link wireless router instead and it worked first time out the box, i now have two pc's and 1 laptop connected wirelessly.

Broker: Since installing the wireless i have played, CS, Allied Assualt, Battlefied 1941, EVE (of course) and UT 2003 and had no response problems at all.

Just be sure not to put more than 2 Walls/Floors(MAX) between the router and the PC.

Plus point to wireless is that you can use it outside as long as it isn't too far from the router, Playing EVE in the sunshine with a cool beverage by your side Cool....bliss

Justine Swift
Posted - 2003.09.13 05:18:00 - [8]

had the same problem with a buddy, could play Star Wars Galaxies but no EVE. Replaced his wireless network card (Oronico Gold I think) with a linksys wireless card, works like a charm now.

Mars Mar
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2003.09.14 11:49:00 - [9]

I have a wireless network at home, it's the same structure as circe have. But I have the D-link Plus series (22Mbps) And I haven't notice any latency when playing online games. OFcourse it get's a little bit laggier if you are very far away and have a weak signal but if the signal is strong there's no problem, at least not for me.
I really really recommend the D-link plus series, can't get easier to setup. the DI-614+ is an superb wireless router, and not so expensive

Posted - 2003.09.15 02:38:00 - [10]

I also have this router. I experienced alot of connectivity problems with it after first installing, and after a bit of research found out that there's a problem with the firmware that screws up the connectivity.

Go to the Linksys website, under support, and download and install the latest firmware update for your router. I'll bet that will help fix your problem. You'll notice a world of difference after doing so, believe me.

I hope this helps you out!

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2003.09.16 13:34:00 - [11]

I knew about a bug with linksys routers using the plug n play feature for the network ports and DX9. It would case any multiplayer game to crash when attempting to go online. The only solution I know of is to disable that feature. After that everything worked great. Good luck.


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