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Posted - 2003.07.05 05:47:00 - [1]

what is the point of asking me how you can help and then not answering for 4 hours?

I get a message saying how can we help, i type in a response and im still waiting on a damned reply!

What is wrong with you people!!! who is in charge up there i really want to know becuase they are the first to be canned in my book.


Vala Dae'Tarien
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2003.07.05 05:51:00 - [2]

Because there are many other people demanding their attention with petitions as well, they are just not as vocal and insistant as you are.

Be patient please, it's only 1 day.

Posted - 2003.07.05 05:56:00 - [3]

dont matter, i can be patient...

im observing patience right now with my finger on the re-subscribe button... guess ill be patient and wait till it expires in four days..

This customer service is really pitiful, even worse that Electronic Arts, and Earth and Beyond.

I am so ****ed i got my guild to leave and come here.

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2003.07.05 07:19:00 - [4]

Eagle, im with you on that one. I thought EnB was bad, until I played EVE...

Posted - 2003.07.05 08:06:00 - [5]

Dont be surprised, EVE running unsupported, and everybody know it. The best result of support is their "sorry". They never help.
- You got stuck? Dont worry, just wait for server restart..
- You lost money (BP, item, skills, ships) because of bug? We are sorry, we do not return lost money or items, its against our policy...

They will take ur money, its not agains their policy, and they will never help, its against their policy. Dont waste time on petitions.
Anyway, petition system are brocken now...

Cool patch, thanks guys, do more like this.

P.S. Just lost couple of BP, because of factories bugs, ant got another sorries. So am happy, and leaving (Unrent and rent did not work in my case).

Imperial Shipment
Posted - 2003.07.05 08:20:00 - [6]

If you are talking comms by e:mail then responses WILL be slow. I don't know what your request was but if he was something that, for example, could only be dealt with by an non-volunteer GM ( not sure if they have any but they will have 'internal' admin staff ) then it won't get done till monday ( i.e. when they are in work ). Either way an e:mail won't get an immediate response esepcially when they are likely to be swamped atm post patch.

Might add I'm NOT a member of polaris but do have game admin experience of a similar vein to polaris.

Posted - 2003.07.05 12:04:00 - [7]

I must disagree...

I have been stuck twice in the last 24 hours, because I travelled through a bugged stargate.

At first I delete cache and relogged... nope still stuck...

Ok next I filed a petition, within 30 minutes I was free again.

The second time I was stuck, I was free within 10 minutes.

So from my experience the GM's are doing a good job.

Im sorry you didnt have the same experience that I did.

Posted - 2003.07.05 12:15:00 - [8]

yeah, the one time i needed a GM (for a strange repair bug which costed me 200K instead of 67K) the helped me almost immediately

no complaints here...

Posted - 2003.07.05 23:41:00 - [9]

Guys, GM Availability depend on your game time. In my time zone (Pasific Time) I am usually waiting for hours (5-8 hours usually).

Example: I have posted petition yestarday. I got respond today. That is it.

There were nothing changed since betta.

There are no 7/24 support, there are something like 8 hours a day, Iceland business hours (May be there are small amount of GMs working another hours, may be, but I naver saw them). Not sure, if they work 7 days a week, probably only some of them on weekend.
And this is unacceptable for 24/7 game.

Cascade Imminent
Posted - 2003.07.06 00:35:00 - [10]

I have a lot of petitions and i worked out first reply takes on average for me 8 hours. thereafter 2nd reply takes 24 - 36hrs.

I have had a petition open for 6 days during which time i did nothing more than sit in a station. Thankfully after 6 days they finally sorted it out but comeon...


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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