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Morte DeSade
Posted - 2005.03.28 17:28:00 - [1]

Anyone know how to get these?

M'arek Elan
Umbra Inceptio
Posted - 2005.03.28 17:55:00 - [2]

Harvesters you can find on Escrow - for about 9-10m each.

Elite Mining Drones (and in fact any Mining Drones other than Basic and the remaining Harvesters) aren't in game yet.

Posted - 2005.03.28 20:16:00 - [3]

I saw some harvesters on escrow for less than that... lowest was around 6 mil but most were between 7-8 mil

Jet Collins
Dynamic Endeavors
Posted - 2005.03.28 21:25:00 - [4]

Yeah but how did the people get them to put them on escrow??? They are ripping us off with those prices

Vigilant's Vigilante's
Posted - 2005.03.28 21:44:00 - [5]

Originally by: Jet Collins
Yeah but how did the people get them to put them on escrow??? They are ripping us off with those prices

Way back they used to be drops off rats.... Now CCP removed them.... So, now they (people who have harvies) can demand any price they want.... Plain and Simple

Basic Mining Drones are the only ones with a BPO out... (**Kicks CCP***) .... Hurry up these will not imbalance the game...

The Enslaver
Posted - 2005.03.28 21:51:00 - [6]

They used to drop by the 100's from NPC Convoys.

However, after about a month - they were removed from convoys. There is currently no way to get any mining drones other than basics, without buying them - they have not been coming into the game since then.

/emote remembers getting harvies for 50k a pop Crying or Very sad

Posted - 2005.03.28 21:57:00 - [7]

I bought up my own harvies just as I heard that the supply had been cut \o/

Still a surprising number of them doing the rounds though, always over 5 at all times on 'scrow, should you need some Smile.

Posted - 2005.03.28 22:08:00 - [8]

I cant see the point. At that price they must take months to pay for themselves.

Is this a mining equivalent of a caldari navy raven?

The Enslaver
Posted - 2005.03.28 22:43:00 - [9]

Originally by: MutationZ
I cant see the point. At that price they must take months to pay for themselves.

Is this a mining equivalent of a caldari navy raven?

Actually I worked out that when mining high ends with it, it takes about 4 hours for them to pay for themselves.

Posted - 2005.03.28 23:35:00 - [10]

Edited by: Malafant on 28/03/2005 23:35:25
Can a harvester carry a size 16 unit of ore? (e.g. ark or crokite)

Ai Cadaen
Posted - 2005.03.29 00:33:00 - [11]

Yes, they can mine ark, bist and crok.

Take care to stay close to the roid they're mining tho or the spawning rats will take em down real quick (a nasty habit they've developed)

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2005.03.29 04:27:00 - [12]

Elite mining drones are in game, though in extreemly limited numbers.

I had 2 which I sold a long time ago. I have also seen people using standerd mining drones as well.

All mining drones,save for the basics, are from old drop. I think convoys droped them, but I'm not sure about that.

Rage and Terror
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2005.03.29 06:09:00 - [13]

Back in the old days you could buy all of the mining drones basic through advanced on the open market.
Elite and Harvies were the rarity, however.

Shinie Stuff Salvagers
Posted - 2005.03.29 10:33:00 - [14]

Once harvesters reached 1.5mill then they stopped being profitable unless you are a diehard miner (no pun intended).

I recommend ignoring them.

Syzygy Three
Elemental Stoneworks
Posted - 2005.03.29 10:48:00 - [15]

I never understood what the hangup is about making these commonly available again. What's the big deal? I know they make you productive and stuff, but come on, 8 million for a drone? When does it actually become absurd? Just increase their volume to 250 m3 (or 500 m3 for all I care) if you don't want people in cruisers using 10 or 15 of them at once.


Posted - 2005.03.29 12:21:00 - [16]

I don't understand why they haven't released these, or at least added them to the loot table?

Posted - 2005.03.29 12:56:00 - [17]

Once got a harvie as and agent bonus literally the day after Castor. Never seen one since, i asked on the forums and a couple of other players said that they had got one in the same way, then nothing which was a shame as i thought CCP might have been trying to introduce a limited supply of the little critters.

I used to use harvies but they got too expensive to replace given their suicidal tendencies whenever an npc spawn appeared.

Not surprised that they command such high prices given that the supply has been diminishing for such a long time now. More surprised in fact that there are any left at all.

Posted - 2005.03.29 13:04:00 - [18]

I "HAd" a full suite of 5 harvies 3 standard and 2 advanced for a long long time. was very popular in minind ops because with 5 harvies going before miner 2's, my rax was almost a BS in mining ability (about equal almost actually if they didn't use em too).

Miner II's changed all that.

NPC's headhunting harvies (they headhunt all miner drones, but it seemed like they REALLY headhunted harvies) changed it some more.

The fact that you have to keep within 1KM of the roid your chewing hurts for long mining ops as well, as your indy needs to make multiple can stops in one run...

Overal, they ARE worth the cash, especialy if your the one selling em... They are a very very rare item, and just for the props of having one they are almost wirth the 5M price tag. I wouldn't pay it till I could print my own money of course, and 9M is just about robbery IMHO considering how often you can see em. Half the time I think those 9M deals are folks who bought em realized they where great, but not really magical, and wanted to make some money on em.

On high ends yes they pay for themselves very quickly, BUT they also need to be watched extra closely, as one good missile and POOF... 5-10 mil down the drain.

Silly me, I think I donated em to a corp not long ago... I could have enough for a shiney New tier 1 BS with some basic equipment if I sold them and my Brutix with what i have in the bank right now... Oh well, Live and learn.

Posted - 2005.03.29 16:46:00 - [19]

I believe all drones are now available on market and are ingame.....if you can find them.

I "had" 7 elites. Been buying them since my start of game. Never once heard they were not to be in game. Did not know I supposedly wasn't supposed to have them even though i baught the ones i had off trade channel and escrow when they turned up.

I had a small fortune wrapped up in them. Till i got in a pickle and needed to sell them.

Put on escrow, the next day had and EVE mail stating they were not to be ingame and I(the GM) ended your escrow and swapped them with harvesters. TALK ABOUT WTF YOU GOT RIPPED OFF BY A GM AND NOTHING YOU CAN DO TNKS BYE. Blantantly took all the elites and swapped them one for one with harvies..... Talk about customer service....... well one could say i got serviced alright.

That was the last day i mined till just this last week. Evil or Very Mad

The very next week after they were taken away they(CCP) made them all available. Not to cool in my book.

I still think that GM is using them for his own.

Pretty irrately angered with how much cash I had in them, that GM should have traded me 50 harvestors for them 7 elites, and that GM should also have known that in one week they were leagal. So i got 7 harvies worth about 150 mill out of the deal. Neutral

probably my most pleasurable experiance in EVE and one that will never soon be forgoten.

the osprey full of elites is quite a fancy mining ship.


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