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Navy of Xoc
The Remnant Legion
Posted - 2005.03.08 15:48:00 - [31]

7. The only thing that promotes gate-ganking at the moment is agent missions taking place at SS. CCP could make such safespots easily discoverable or they could make kill missions take place at planets and moons. This would encourage less gankage and more active pirating.

8. Make NPC trading viable, increase the rewards of such trading greatly. Skills to increase market-scanning strength could be introduced. Again, make the NPC buyers pay more in 0.4-0.1.

9. Events! We need more of these.

10. Building race specific ships in race specific regions should be rewarded. Perhaps something like 5% better efficiency all around. This meaning 5% less required to build and 5% less time to build.

11. Move chokepoints in 0.0 further out, there has to be some sort of way that CCP change the map so that alliances can defend their territory more easily.

12. Introduce a proper ransom function. Like a trade window, pirates suggest a price and then the other person can accept or make an offer of their own. At any point, either player can click cancel and end the barter. If accepted, the funds get transferred to the pirate, the innocent becomes invulnerable to all modules but also has every one of their own modules put offline.

Those are just some things that CCP need to address quickly, that would make this game so, so much more interesting. In another thread, some m0o guy put the current situation brilliantly, If you had told me 12 months ago that you could make 20million ISK an hour at a safespot in Yulai, I would have laughed.

I laughed when I found out but then realized that this is the sort of the thing that makes the game so boring. An average EVE player will want to find the quickest way to make the most money, and Level 4 Agent missions are sooooooooooo much more profitable than anything else in safe space.

Svetlana Scarlet
Caldari Independent Navy Reserve
Posted - 2005.03.08 17:25:00 - [32]

Edited by: Svetlana Scarlet on 08/03/2005 18:04:35
Well....I know I'm really new to the game (started Friday) so I admit I really don't know that much compared to you guys. The one person that said how great it was that the game is getting "more boring" because "the newbies deserve it for ruining the game", I don't know what to say to that. Are you serious that you are glad the game sucks (at least, I'm taking that to be your meaning -- I certainly don't agree right now) and the new players deserve it because it is their fault? That's a pretty bad attitude.

Let's face it. You guys were here first, and I respect your opinions -- but a game where only people who played it in the first month and have played it since have fun, and new people have to suffer being second-tier or kicked around by the older players is not going to be real fun for the newbies. Do you really want a game where the only people who play are those who have been playing since the beginning? That seems pretty short-sighted, from a player point of view -- and certainly from CCP's POV, they would like to get more subscribers, since that means they make more money.

I have to agree, that as someone starting out, the idea that if I get a battleship, it is going to be destroyed in 10 seconds by jumping into a system where ten pirates who have been doing this since the stone age are just waiting for me to come through, well....that sounds pretty lame. I'm not saying it's not fair -- certainly, my battleship shouldn't have a chance in hell of winning that kind of fight, if I decided to stick it out -- but it would be nice if battles lasted a little longer. I would love to have cinematic ship combats like something out of Wrath of Khan, or Babylon 5, or the new Battlestar Galactica series....I wish Eve modeled that a little more and less like....well, Bambi vs. Godzilla.

I dunno. It sounds like CCP might be trying to address that by increasing ship HPs, but I don't know if that will fix it....we'll have to see. What I would like, though, is if ship-to-ship combat was a little more uncertain. Those ten pirates are sitting at that stargate camping it like that because they know if they stick together like that, there's no way anything short of a massive battlefleet is going to hurt them at all. If there was a chance that a battleship passing through might kill one of them before they could take it down, though, maybe they'd be a little more wary, and try to hunt their prey in a way that would keep their enemies guessing. Privateers in the Age of Sail didn't sit outside the Straits of Gibraltar waiting for anyone passing through to gank them, they sailed around the Caribbean -- and their prey would never know when or where they would strike. If they had just sat in one place, the British or Spanish fleet would have just sailed out and creamed them (or, inflicted such heavy casualties before they could run off that they would have been out of business anyway). I think Eve pirating would be more fun that way....but what do I know?

For the person that thinks that warp core stabilizers should not be in th game, so that you can lock someone down and force a fight on them anywhere....that seems pretty lame to me. What do you suggest to indy pilots, or frigate pilots? Just suck it up? It's not like they are going to be able to fight a group even as small as two or three cruisers (assuming equally skilled pilots). That doesn't seem fair to me. If I build my indy or my frigate so that it is set up so that it is specifically made to run away from anything, at the expense of all else -- aren't I paying a penalty for that by reducing cargo space and all of my other capabilities? it seems to me that the counter to that would be to include a ship in your pirate fleet that is fitted with as many disruptors as you can shove onto it and use that to keep them from running away. If you don't want to devote a ship to that, the price you pay is that you might not catch every fly who comes through your web -- you'll still probably catch a lot of unwary pilots though....

Is it really different when newbies or non-PvP players want to spend their time doing whatever they do in Empire space, safe from predation than when PvP pirates seem to want to be able to attack whoever they want without getting hurt? Seems like opposite sides of the same coin to me. You've got to find a happy medium somewhere -- Eve seems to have at least come close to that at this point.

Whew, long post. Sorry about that. :)

Jasmine Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2005.03.08 17:58:00 - [33]

Damn there is a lot of good ideas in this thread.

But I do remember some stuff from the old days:

Setec asking for a "shoot to disable" mode for piracy for example. Basically you'd toggle a switch on your guns and you'd still do full damage to the target but when the hull was "destroyed" it wouldn't actually be destroyed it would be about 20% and "incapacitated" for 5mins or so. That would give the pirate time to negotiate with the victim and collect a toll if the guy wanted to pay. If you pay the ship because "active" and heavily damaged after 5 mins and can leave. (Obviously I'd say "incapacitated" ships couldn't auto warp away on a logoff).

On the counter side of the coin.

Why can't you go to a security agent and ask for a bounty mission against a real minus sec player? (Or to a pirate or faction agent for a mission against a bad standing ((from that org)) player)?

If you take the mission you get handed a target (who must be online at that moment) a location (to find him or her) and 24 hours to make the kill with a temparary person to person aggression pass to avoid concordokkan.

You could make it so the agent hands a target based on quality (better = closer player from a random list) and appropriate bonus rewards. I'd say you shouldn't be punished for failing to kill the guy (cos he might just log off and not come back) but you should be punished for losing a ship in battle against the target.

How about that for some dynamic content?

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2005.03.08 18:08:00 - [34]

im confused.... it's page 2 and there is no smack talking or flames Shocked
where am i? i thought i was on eve-online forumsShocked

quick a forum mod has to lock the thread for historical proof!!!!!!!!

or sticky it cuz this is actually a good discussion Shocked

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2005.03.08 18:14:00 - [35]

oh and to the guy who created the thread... right on buddy! i completely agree.

oh also to the guy who suggested more 0.0 gates, moving lvl4's to 0.4-0.1 and moving mass amounts of the ore there too, and all that...umm yeah keep it real or something.

The Greater Goon
Posted - 2005.03.08 18:40:00 - [36]

Edited by: Vodalus on 08/03/2005 18:40:19
Originally by: Kaelor
The game is getting safer, but its inevitable. As its popularity grows so does its universal appeal and universal appeal often means taking the fun out of it.

Sad but true Sad

It's not quite there yet, but soon EvE might as well be WoW.

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2005.03.08 19:27:00 - [37]

hi vodWink

but yeh eve is losing its flare that once made it the best game, now its turning into every other game...

many changes that seem like they are good for the game actually arent, because it temporarly shut up all the whinners.

dont take away eve's flare ccp Sad give it back

Destructive Influence
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2005.03.08 21:06:00 - [38]

Really good post here.. and I can only agree. The game is not what it was 1 year ago. And tbh there has to be done something about it... it can be done in alot of ways really..
But what I feel is needed is a bigger isk sink. not to other players but to npcs. imo they need to lower to payout of insurence, raise the prices for bpos, raise the rental for offices in npc stations (dunno how big it is or if theres even one) but if theres none they should get one in and it should allso cost some money, not to much ofc. and (dont flame me for this but think about it first) make high end ores more rare.. becurse right now everyone whit abit of cash can get allmost anything.. I still remember when the it was suposed that battleships should be a symbol of power, well its not really a symbol of power but somethings everyone have or can get really easy.

npc wars.. Like Amarr vs Minmater and Caldari vs Gallente. just to get more story into the game as I fell like that there aint much of. They should allso remove the highways, imo that really took away the "eve is big" part of the game and thats a shame if you ask me, Instant bms should be nerfed too.. not nesserealy removed but nerfed so they should only take you closer to the gate..

I allso agree that lvl 4 agents should be moved to 0.4 and lower becurse as they said, they should be done in groups, well they dont need that.. 1 player in a good bs setup can take it alone and make pretty good cash in the long run. Move them to 0.4 systems to incourage ppl to take them in groups, not becurse of the npcs but becurse of player pirates.

Make pvp take longer. Its a shame that ppl waiting for a fleet fight for hours and hours only to get 5-10mins of battle. There should be more battles taking up to 1 hour or more. would really be a huge push in the right way for pvpers I would say.

Player pirates operating in 0.1 to 0.4 systems should allso get some love. What Im thinking is that if theres alot of players killing ppl in a 0.3 system in amarr and the amarr navy sends out a scout to check out the situation, (should happen rarely maybe, I dunno) and then after that maybe 10-15mins later a small fleet from the amarr navy should try and drive the pirates away. that is what a navy is for.. to keep their space safe. Pirates should have a way to spot them a few systems out. maybe make them use the gates so they dont just spawn right next to you and then your dead.
But if you kill em you should get a chance of it dropping a faction module..
This can ofc be very exploiteble but if a huge faction rating loss is giving if you kill them I would think most normal players would leave them alone. Minmatar rebels could ofc. kill em if they wanted to becurse they hate amarr anyway.

But tbh what Im hoping mostly for right now is they ccp will make sure dreatnoughts will be rare.. very rare and should really be a symbol of wealth and power. Titans should be even more rare.

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2005.03.08 21:15:00 - [39]

The good old days

In the past

I personally feel they were good while they lasted but now they are gone :p

Posted - 2005.03.08 21:35:00 - [40]

if concorde or someone went from gate to gate protecting people pirates would have to move around.

Let people place mobile warp disruptors on paths that will drop players out of warp.. give them a specific strenght so people can defend against them.

Marcus Grisbius
Mom 'n' Pop Ammo Shoppe
Posted - 2005.03.08 21:37:00 - [41]

The 2 biggest things that I think have dulled the luster of the game somewhat are 1.) the super-highway and 2.) lack of storyline.

In the beginning (beta/early retail), everyone was overwhelmed by the huge scope of the world. It was possible to make 150 jump trips to places and that was the shortest route. There was a lot of variation on the market from region to region and make trade runs between regions was really good. Then came Yulai and the world shrunk. It wasnt so impressive anymore. If you were in gallente space and wanted to find out what was going on in Khanid, 10 minutes and your there.

The storyline was another biggie that needs more focus. This game has hundreds of pages of background info and story that went into the development of the empires, ships, etc.. At the start everyone knew the backstory and was looking for ways that it would get implemented around them. (Crielere, Amarr Championship, etc.) Currently we're given brief snippets of info that generally have to do with changing of game mechanics rather than affecting the storyline.

The combat and all pvp changes and such needed to be changed in ways for the good of the game. The highway and storyline need to be a lot more of a focus in the next year or so. The game can regain a lot of its mystery and intrigue if they do.

Destructive Influence
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2005.03.08 22:02:00 - [42]

Originally by: ErrorS
if concorde or someone went from gate to gate protecting people pirates would have to move around.

Let people place mobile warp disruptors on paths that will drop players out of warp.. give them a specific strenght so people can defend against them.

Think you misunderstood me Smile

I ment the navy, not concord. concord should stay in 0.5 and over. The navy should do what a navy should do.. protect it borders. be it 0.1 or 1.0 its still thier border.. And pirates should have a chance of killing em ofc. if theres 5 PC pirates killing alot of guys in a 0.3 system the navy should not send 10-20 ships but maybe 3-5 bs and a few frigs and cruisers.. ofc. that would be a peice of cake if those npcs was as bad as the normal npc so they should make them allmost as storng as a player (and you should be able to jam them)

Posted - 2005.03.08 22:19:00 - [43]

WTS: Holy Grail 5mill

Xavier Arron
The Knights of Ni
Posted - 2005.03.08 23:26:00 - [44]

Edited by: Xavier Arron on 08/03/2005 23:46:40
Edited by: Xavier Arron on 08/03/2005 23:43:14
Originally by: Zeepo
WTS: Holy Grail 5mill

We are the Knights who say..... Ni!

WTB: The Holy Grail + a large Shrubbery (One that looks nice, but is not too expensive.)

Ni! Ni! Ni! Ni!

Then, when you have found the shrubbery, you must cut down the mightiest tree in the forest...
Wiiiiiithh.... A HERRING!

Operation Ferocious Lemming
Posted - 2005.03.08 23:42:00 - [45]

I completely agree with this post 100%, This game has lost what used to give me the rush when playing it.

The events are cool if you are lucky enough to be there but at the same time they can really suck.

a few examples
1) i was flying through renyn the other day on my other account and someone with green text was like WTF help i am getting owned at the Duripant gate to i changed course and flew in killed a couple of ceptors and then left. This event was fun I even made the news
2) Then a few days later, this happens. Some members of the ORE corp are asking for a escort from orvolle. We dont like ORE very much as they own the stations in our space and charge us to use them. So when ORE asked us for help we replied we will ensure your safety for 1 billion isk (of course we are not expecting them to say yes because that would be unfair) They refused to pay and told us to watch our mouth. They undocked and 2 of them when BOOM. Next thing you know a GM arrived and we are told we are to move away from the station as we are wrecking the event even though we are RPing. So we move away from the station except me as a scout. The ORE dudes undock again and warp out i inform my gang of their location and they come in to kill them. The next thing we know is 1/2 our gang has been frozen and cant do anything.

The point of this is that CCP are taking away the choice that people should be able to make. To be evil or be good. We had a perfectly valid reason to attack that convoy. In this game you used to be able to make choices about what to do, like pirate in 0.4-0.1 but now it just does not work. I used to love flying in to the unsafe space as i used to get attacked by player pirates and i would have to react very quickly to save my ship. That is excitement and that is lacking from this game totally now. Sadly after 2 years of playing non stop my account will soon be on hold as i cant justify paying for something that limits my play and enjoyment so much

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