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Trisha Bulheart
Posted - 2011.08.19 01:26:00 - [1]

I don't know how often I will play, mostly weekends and when I have time off from work, but I am looking for a FUN Corp.

What I mean by fun:

Not NEEDING to show up for things.
Not booting from the corp for not logging in for a week or so at a time.(there may be times when I can't)
Helping out with stuff. (like making ISK as I cannot seem to make money, I am HORRIBLE at it...:), no I am not asking for handouts, I am just giving that as an EXTREME example)
Generally clean fun.

Things I am bringing to the Corp:

A willingness to show up for things, just don't like being ordered to. (I get that enough in my day to day life, thank you very much.)
A want to join fleets in low/nullsec space although I am new I would like to do fleet actions at some point.
A want to do incursions and storyline stuff.
Willingness to do what the corp needs to be profitable as long as I too ring in the ISK.

Anything else you want to know just ask.

Viscount Hood
Gallivanting Travel Company
Band of Wanderers
Posted - 2011.08.19 08:21:00 - [2]

Gallivanting Travel Company is a small PVE corp. We operate around Caldari and Amarr space in both low and high sec.
Our goals are to make isk and have fun without commitment.

We have busy working lives and organise corp-wide events on weekends where we work as a group in whichever activities we persue. we do have a policy of sharing any rewards we gain during group activities.

We are looking for PVE'ers who like to run missions, mine, explore and join in group activities at their own pace in their own time. If you can only play Eve on weekends then we will suit you fine.

We are not looking for trial accounts,

What is on offer for you:

Group PVE Missions, Exploration and mining and pvp as and when
Level 4 and 5 missions
Wormhole ops
Ammo provided for missions
Shared rewards - bounties, Loyalty Points, Mission payments, and loot & mineral sales (split evenly).
Full gang bonus support with gang implants.
We have both UK/EU and US players

specific skill books if you need them
We can give advise on your skill plans.

Corp Hanger access after your trial is over
Maximum skilled refining service available.
Orca and freighter available.

On joining us you will get a trial to see how you fit in and for you to see if you like us.

Feel free to message me with any questions.

Viscount Hood

Eon Ellivlem
Rekall Incorporated
Posted - 2011.08.21 11:34:00 - [3]

Hi Trisha,
Not sure what TZ your looking for, but we're UK/EU. Click me and see if we fit your description.

Sean Digsel
Posted - 2011.08.22 10:31:00 - [4]

if you're interested in PVP check out KOK.

as you're isk challenged, it might interest you that pvp t1 frigs\cruisers are replaced by the corp. While we don't place an emphasis on pve stuff, you'd be welcome to tag along on l4 missions for a little extra isk when they're being run.

Recruiting thread:

Fumb Duck
Awww Diddums..
Ninja Unicorns with Huge Horns
Posted - 2011.08.22 11:33:00 - [5]

Our Recruiting thread

Check it out or join channel DIDDUMS ingame, choice is yours

We can and will help you become rather good at doing alot of things unless your proper stupid then we'll just slap you with a wet fish...


Rath Kelbore
Kings of Kill
EVE Animal Control
Posted - 2011.08.22 18:28:00 - [6]

Mail Sent.

malleus Deum
The Random Tangent
Posted - 2011.08.22 20:12:00 - [7]

Edited by: malleus Deum on 22/08/2011 20:12:54
Random Tangent is a great place for you
we are a young corp looking for new members who are interested in pvp and making loads of isk we make ships and sell them to corp members for cost (or less if you participated in the mining ventures to get the minerals to make the ship.
we are in the us time zone gmt -8 but have people online all day and all night (eve players never sleep right) also we are based in nalu in domain for now until we have enough members to move to bigger and better things.

hit up our pub channel: the tangent pub
or pm Rob or myself in game for more details
GL in your endevour

Nakito Yakiya
Yamagata Syndicate
Posted - 2011.08.23 07:54:00 - [8]

Have a read of our recruitment thread. If your interested then contact Nakito Yakiya. Thanks.

Yamagata Recruitment

Pandorum Invictus
Posted - 2011.08.23 11:11:00 - [9]


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