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Miss Cruentatus
Posted - 2011.08.07 21:58:00 - [1]

Edited by: Miss Cruentatus on 07/08/2011 22:00:41
Hi..... Can someone let me know how long it would take a single lvl 5 BS pilot to kill a small offline POS?

I see loads that aren't used and just anchored and need to set one up myself.

Obviously I would declare war on the onwer (mostly 1 player corps that I see).


Ophelia Payne
Posted - 2011.08.07 22:23:00 - [2]

10-11 hours?

Genos Occidere
Posted - 2011.08.08 01:55:00 - [3]

Originally by: Ophelia Payne
10-11 hours?

Not true at all...

If the POS is offline then that means it has no defenses or hardeners. Meaning all you have to do is kill the tower itself.

If your BS is faction and your fits are faction or better and your fit for max dps then it should only take you about 45mins to 1 hr.

Ophelia Payne
Posted - 2011.08.08 02:56:00 - [4]

even quicker is you announce in local you're using a faction fit faction BS to take out an offline tower. People will flock to help you

Tactical Knightmare
Posted - 2011.08.09 13:07:00 - [5]

is it even worth the wardec fee?

Posted - 2011.08.09 13:35:00 - [6]

Caldari Small POS:
1 million structure
1 million armor
12.5 Million shields

14.5 million EHP

Divide that by your ships DPS, assuming you get a 1,000 dps BS and are using explosive or EM damage, it would take you just over 4 hours.

Nepenthe Inc.
Posted - 2011.08.10 03:02:00 - [7]

don't forget to factor in shield recharge time, something like 5.5 hours a 1k dps hitting a 0% resist.


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