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Keila Ogeko
Posted - 2011.07.30 08:42:00 - [1]

Well, we knew that, it was just a matter of how many *******s were blobbing you.

So I lost to a nice guy deep in Black Rise last night, at least a four year old toon, came out and destroyed me in a Daredevil (and me in a Rifter). At least he was nice about it (admitted it wasn't a fair fight Laughing) and besides, got the blood pumping. **** happened so fast i couldn't even hit the warp-out for my pod, lost track of what I was doing.


Tonight I fought a guy with a toon only a month or so older than me, not sure how I beat him, maybe capped him out or he forgot to reload his guns:


It's all good, he actually came back in another frigate for a second round and beat me, although I got him into hull:


Time to log out and hope the hangover doesn't kill me too.

Thanks for urging me into low-sec, C&P folks, this is far more rewarding than trying to **** with carebears.

Stiff Pickle Collection Agency
Posted - 2011.07.30 08:56:00 - [2]

Good job.
Found a little fair pew pew out in Amamake a few days ago.
Gotta love that adrenaline rush.

GL on more pews in the future.

Lady Spank
In Praise Of Shadows
Posted - 2011.07.30 08:56:00 - [3]

YES! Keep it up. Solo can be tough but it's certainly rewarding.

Marv Laffoon
Posted - 2011.07.30 09:33:00 - [4]

Very nice. I recently started a new account through the buddy system and created a new character for the 21 day trial period to check out the new player experience and such. After a few days of basic skill training I took it in a rifter out to low-sec. The only solo people willing to fight and who were actively hunting were in faction frigates or cruisers. Mostly Dramiels and Cynabals.

Running into a solo player looking for a fight in low-sec in a T1 frigate is pretty rare.

Keila Ogeko
Posted - 2011.07.30 16:43:00 - [5]

Edited by: Keila Ogeko on 30/07/2011 16:43:34
Originally by: Marv Laffoon
Running into a solo player looking for a fight in low-sec in a T1 frigate is pretty rare.

Well, I'm out there Very Happy

I've found so far that it requires a lot of patience and celestial-bouncing, and is followed by ten seconds of "HOLY ****ING **** GRANDMA!!!"

Thanks for the encouragement guys. See you out there (also this coming Friday in Amamake.)

Damien 1
Not Mad Just Entertained
Posted - 2011.07.30 18:20:00 - [6]

Try putting rigs on your rifter next time, you might win more fights.

Tarryn Nightstorm
Hellstar Towing and Recovery
Posted - 2011.08.12 01:27:00 - [7]

Frigate PvP = best PvP, no two ways around it.

Jude Lloyd
Heretic Army
Posted - 2011.08.12 05:00:00 - [8]

Edited by: Jude Lloyd on 12/08/2011 05:00:22
First, dying to Loren isn't too hard to do.

Come to Amamake, I'll 1v1 you in my Merlin.

Also, playing Eve not in lowsec is complete garbage. Smile

Frigate PVP Event

Strider Hiryu
Kangaroos With Frickin Lazerbeams
Ninja Unicorns with Huge Horns
Posted - 2011.08.12 08:07:00 - [9]

If you dont have 4 falcon alts, your doing frig combat wrong...

Zoe Alarhun
Drunken Space Irish
Posted - 2011.08.12 12:36:00 - [10]

If you are ever in the Aurohunen/dantumi area - I normally spend my time in T1 frigs in that area.

Bring ze pew pew ^^Razz

Lady Go Diveher
The Independent Troll Society
Posted - 2011.08.12 13:30:00 - [11]

Nice work, OP.

I'll echo the rigs comment. Small damage rigs are very very cheap (50-80k each I think...?) yet add a lot to your overall effectiveness.

If you find some fun guys, fly with them and learn from them. The lowsec group aren't all baby eating monsters Wink

Karl Planck
Labyrinth Obtaining Chaotic Kangaroos
Posted - 2011.08.12 17:03:00 - [12]

Originally by: Tarryn Nightstorm
Frigate PvP = best PvP, no two ways around it.



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