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Brisco County
The Shadow Plague
Gentlemen's Agreement
Posted - 2011.07.29 23:58:00 - [1]

My experience in Eve has been mainly running missions. I have very little real PvP experience to speak of. Every time I've made it out to null-sec, it never seemed to work out. The corp becomes inactive, or leaves the alliance, decides to move, major drama, corp leader has a baby, etc. So here I am, so bored with missions that I could scoop my eyeballs out with my own thumbs. It's not really the subject matter that bothers me so much, it's just that I've never really had an active corp that did anything together (that lasted more than a few weeks, inquire within). I'd like to find that corp/alliance that keeps me playing and keeps me interested, one that makes me feel like I'm playing a game with other people, not just a bunch of nameless, faceless ISK farmers. One that springs into action when I say "X". I don't want to feel like I've only been added to a corp for tax revenue.

Character is almost at 43 million SP, but no real specialization. Can fly just about every subcap, for the most part. Gallente and Caldari BS 5, all racial frigs at 5, all racial cruisers at 5 (except gallente), can fly exhumers, can anchor T2 large bubbles and man POS guns (although I've never had the chance to use POS guns). Currently training up T2 random T2 mining crystals and modulated strip lasers. I used to be good at spinning ships, but CCP done went and obsoleted my favorite past time.

I'm in the US Pacific time zone (GMT -7), but I've been known to play at some strange hours. I'm a full-time student and I work weekends. I go to community college, so my "studying for finals" episodes only last a few days, if at all. I have no girlfriend and I'm not pregnant, so I shouldn't have any family drama coming up in the near future that limits my playtime. If I do manage to ensnare a woman with my rugged good looks and unparalleled martial arts abilities, then... well, you guys are gonna be short 1 Brisco for as long as it takes said female to realize she's made a terrible mistake, which, historically speaking, doesn't take too long.

So toss me an eve mail if you think I'd fit in.

Super Batungwaa Ninja Warriors
0ccupational Hazzard
Posted - 2011.07.30 00:05:00 - [2]

Have a look at us mate, you look like you would fit in. None of us are pregnant either.

Join the public channel "AKTV8" and someone will be there to chat.

NightCrawler 85
Phoibe Enterprises
Peregrine Nation
Posted - 2011.07.30 07:35:00 - [3]

I have to admit that i love your sense of humor which is the main reason i decided to reply.

Sadly you dont make it perfectly clear weather or not 0.0 is what you are looking for,but i can tell you right away if that is a deal breaker we are not the corp for you, just so you wont have to waste your time Very Happy

If you are interested in other aspects of eve as well,or just trying to get an idea of your options i would advice you to read over our recruitment post which can be found here;

I hope i will see you around and if not i wish you the best of luck in your search and free bump Smile


Posted - 2011.07.30 08:19:00 - [4]

'Ello mate!

We here at Jupiter Force are a great bunch of pew-based pilots! If you dont enjoy blowing other ppls **** up, you will quickly find yourself out of place ;)

We are generally very chill, yet when it comes to fleets, we are organised, competent and ensure the enemy leaves in pods or we dont. A great bunch of people with a spread of timezones so you'll pretty much always find someone online to go roam around with or make some isk (roam > isk).

We are a registered merc corp to boot, so you will find yourself making money blowing other peoples stuff up! Double win!

We (and especially myself) have no issue introducing pilots newer to PvP the ropes and rules, so do not be daunted! We currently reside in high sec.

Fire me an ingame mail, i've already added you a contact. If you see me online, feel free to convo me and we can chat.

Recruitment Officer
Jupiter Force

Rathnon Domitras
Beyond Divinity Inc
Posted - 2011.07.30 11:22:00 - [5]

Laidback style of play, lots of sh*ts & giggles, piracy, PvP, low-sec, very few blues, experienced pilots, beer, wenches. (Ok, I lied about the last bit, we have one but she doesn't talk so we can't prove it).

If you're interested look me up ingame or join BYDI-PUB. Might be something different to enjoy.

OMEGAplex Skir
Posted - 2011.07.30 11:32:00 - [6]


Arrow Check the link and we'll see you soon Very Happy

Brisco County
The Shadow Plague
Gentlemen's Agreement
Posted - 2011.07.31 06:11:00 - [7]

Thanks for the replies so far.

Sorry I wasn't very specific on what I was looking for. I'd like to get some pvp experience, but I'm not looking for the all day every day pvp corp. I need time in between thorough beatdowns to collect my shattered anus and replace my ship, and I don't want to have to sell plexes to do so. I also need a firm backhand to let me know when my fits are hosed, and a gentle caress when I do good. I think witty banter in local adds a needed dimension to Eve and I wouldn't want to join a corp that will ride my dill for saying anything other than GF.

Maybe some wormholes, war decs, mining ops, plexes, POS warfare, T1 nights are nice because I'm still using a T1 wallet. And this "small/medium gang pvp" that all the cool people keep talking about.

The only big deal breaker is not having people online at peak US pacific time zones.

NightCrawler 85
Phoibe Enterprises
Peregrine Nation
Posted - 2011.07.31 06:15:00 - [8]

Well after your new post im even more interested in having a chat with you Smile

Just be aware over the fact that we are anti-pirates so there are some guidelines you will have to follow Wink

I would advice you to talk to either Krinari, Diego Fox, John Klark or my self. Either one of us will be able to answear your questions.

Imma Killue
Posted - 2011.07.31 16:49:00 - [9]

We See Dead People, est. 2007, has remained a small corp (25-40 members) for the last four years. and we are ready to expand our numbers. The first two years we lived in low sec and the last two years we have lived primarily in null space. We have held our own sov space most of those two years, and was very active with our alliance, doing major campaigns. All members in corp are US players and are on from east coast to Hawaii time zones. (22:00 - 8:00 eve time) Age of members range from 20-50 years old. We want to build a strong US corp, that has a major impact in Eve.

The one problem I see in Eve, is enough US players together in one spot. The major complaint I hear over and over again, is the lack of people online to fly with. Most fleet ops, in most alliances seam to be during euro times. Our alliance is also active during our time zones.

If every US player looking for a corp where to join, we would have plenty of people online when you are online. All types and occupations of pilots welcome. We have everything sov space has to offer; ratting, mining, havens, sanctums, plexes, stations, pvp (plenty of targets), etc. Our alliance space is pretty stable, but still get the occasional nuets coming in.

So, if you want play and have others online while you are, this is the place for you. We have nothing against non US players. If they play Eve the same time as us, we would be more then happy to accept their apps. We just want to insure that members well be online during our time zones. Nobody likes playing alone.

For more imfo click link:

Posted - 2011.08.01 04:48:00 - [10]

With that sense of humor I think I have a home for you. We do small scale pvp on a daily basis with our alliance and some local friends. Constant action and there is no BS involved. We do ops in NPC null sec to gets the kills. Come have fun and enjoy EVE. Contact me in game if you are interested. Convo me or mail me in game if you want to know more.

BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2011.08.01 09:05:00 - [11]


DAB is a core corp with only experienced PvP pilots.
We are part of Brick's Squad alliance and we operate in Delve. We currently recruit PvP pilot that are stable in corp.

Check our Killboard and our Recruitement post in EvE-O.


Aodha Khan
Posted - 2011.08.01 09:08:00 - [12]

Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.

Deviance Cartel (Dev-C) is a small combat orientated corporation. We want to expand our playerbase and gather a solid core of combat pilots to help bolster our rightful place in Eve. If your interested then read our recruitment thread linked below and get in contact.

Dev-C Recruitment


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