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Posted - 2011.07.27 13:58:00 - [1]

OK I'm living in low sec flying primarily a incursus at the moment. I enjoy blasters but not so much drones. What would the progression be for someone mostly on their own with sometimes 1-2 more people with them ?

I was thinking - Incursus > Enyo > Ares > Thorax > Brutix

I don't much care for the drone boats but I love facemelting with blasters. Would this work ?
Also how do you catch those damn navy slicers ?

NoLimit Soldier
Posted - 2011.07.27 14:18:00 - [2]

You picked a really bad race if you don't like drones, you just took out 3/4 of their best ships.
Despite this I would go:
I would go Incursus -> Taranis --> DareDevil

I would skip the thorax completely, and only use the brutix as a warp in hammer.

Eternal Frontier
Posted - 2011.07.27 15:06:00 - [3]

Don't forget the triple rep Myrmidon.

Posted - 2011.07.27 15:15:00 - [4]

Edited by: Mutnin on 27/07/2011 15:19:23

For Gallente if you want to solo in cruiser & up then the Drone boats that you don't seem to like are the best option. The Vexor is one of the best non faction T1 solo cruisers in the game and after that comes the Myrm. (prior to everyone flying nano this or that)

The Thorax & Brutix are just going to end up getting kited by pretty much anything that isn't a Thorax & Brutix. At least with the drone boats you have some ability to still land damage on a target that is kiting you. (Gallente need either a nasty web bonus or a nice speed buff to make their current slow moving blasters boats useful)

Regardless of the blaster issues, the real problem is that now days you just get blobbed to hell and back when trying to solo, in slow moving armor ship. If you have no GTFO ability then you are pretty much gonna die in at least half your engagements to people baiting you. This is why everyone flys kite ships for soloing (ie Hurricanes, cynabals, nano drakes ect..ect..)

The Gallente frigs are still pretty nice, because they are fast enough to do what they need to do but even still not a lot of people use the Ishkur anymore (even in Gal FW).

X Gallentius
Quantum Cats Syndicate
Posted - 2011.07.28 01:43:00 - [5]

Comet ---> Comet ---> Comet

Quantum Cats Syndicate
Posted - 2011.07.28 04:18:00 - [6]

taranis -> comet -> daredevil/dramiel -> crosstrain to another race to be useful.

Born In Jungle
Posted - 2011.07.28 09:28:00 - [7]

The best solo ship you can find in gallentean race are :

Taranis - ishkur - vexor - myrmidon - dominix - megathron

Comet - daredevil - dramiel

The problem is they are mostly drones boat and you don't love them. So the best you can do (trust me) is to train minmatar ships/guns. You will have then a pretty good pool of choice of what flying solo.

The point never forget is solopvping will mostly ended by not being a 1 vs 1 but 1 vs 3-5. Gallente ships are very fat and you don't have any GTFO option on most of them.
The best ship with good tanking (enought to reach the gate when agressed), good dps, cheap and viable with low-middle sp pool on it is : the myrmidon. Shield buffer / AC / Neut.

With that kind of ship, even if you fall into a gatecamp of 2-3 ships, you can easily shut down / kill the tackler, jump back after agression timer and laughing in local bfore living!

Bluejacket CT
Percussive Diplomacy
Posted - 2011.07.28 22:56:00 - [8]

Embrace your drones; or learn to live with a cross-train.

Vyktor Abyss
The Abyss Corporation
Posted - 2011.07.29 00:06:00 - [9]

Edited by: Vyktor Abyss on 29/07/2011 00:06:38

I too have no major love of drones; but spent many years flying solely Gallente ships.

You WILL need to train your drones skills up at some point to get Hammerhead IIs, Ogre IIs and then Sentry IIs and to get the best out of all Gallente ships though.

That said though the Enyo, Taranis, Thorax, Brutix, Megathron, Hyperion, Deimos and Astarte don't necessarily need good drone skills. They often work best in small engagements with a bunch of ECM drones to support them.

Best T1 ship for Gallente (by some way IMHO) is the Dominix. It is a versatile beast that comes in many forms, most of which are awesome for its tier 1 BS status.

Best T2 ship for me (it is a matter of taste) is the Taranis : The DPS is still the highest AFAIK of any interceptor and it competes well against all frigates (except a few pirate ones which sadly every is flying currently due to their crazy out of whack balance).

Anyway, hope this helps you choose your path. Like others have said though Gallente are due a boost and Minmatar ships basically do what most Gallente turret ships do better. The decisions however come down to you, and I for one hope you take the less traveled but more interesting path of Gallente turret ships for solo pvp - good luck.

Posted - 2011.07.29 06:46:00 - [10]

I'll definately Skill up some drones then - But I'm gonna try and stick to the blaster ships for pew.


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