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Saskie Castillo
Posted - 2011.07.22 11:26:00 - [1]


I am bored and want to blow up stuff/create tears. I have pepew experience, dating back from the time of ASCN vs. BoB, nano***s and the times when vagabonds ran on winsauce. I left EvE 2 years ago and have now returned, but my old characters are sold and forever gone.

I'm looking for a corp based in low-sec or 0.0 that want to take in a low SP character. I can fly T2 fitted AFs, covops and soon SBs. My support skills are horrible and otherwise not worth mentioning. I don't mind flying hilarious bait fits or scout and KM ***** with sensor damps. I will probably be a great addition your voice chat as I know jokes suitable for any demographic known to man.

I am not looking for a corp that prefer no risk PvP, makes its members filthy rich, reimburse ship losses or whine about the lack of ship spinning. I make my own ISK, and I do it well. I plan to buy a proper PvP char once my fundings reach a suitable level, so expect my versitality to increase tenfold the next month or two.

If your corp want/need new members, is EU based and fit my description, send me an evemail or reply here.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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