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Posted - 2011.07.15 01:33:00 - [1]

What is overall better weapon for lvl 4 missions ?
I cant use t2 , but im training large projectile turrent
lvl 5 right now.

Shadow of xXDEATHXx
Posted - 2011.07.15 02:10:00 - [2]

The 1400's have more DPS... but since they are usually linked, some of that DPS does get wasted.

1200's have a bigger clip size, fire faster, so have alot less alpha and about 50 DPS less or so. Generally, i have found 1200's to be better. They have sufficient optimal + falloff, and their increase tracking speed can help a bit too. Also doesn't need as much grid ofc.

I would suggest you try both if 1200 scouts are not too expensive.

Syna Atruin
Posted - 2011.07.15 02:12:00 - [3]

800mm Autocannons. With 2 Tracking enhancers you can hit everything in any lvl 4 mish.

Posted - 2011.07.15 02:35:00 - [4]

Depends on how patient you are. I dont like them just due to the time. But the Alpha, and range is nice though.

Really there is only so much out that far.

Posted - 2011.07.15 03:44:00 - [5]

If you like arti go with 1200 for more hits. But, I think the Mael is best with 800mm AC. Even T1

Posted - 2011.07.15 12:11:00 - [6]

Originally by: Syna Atruin
800mm Autocannons. With 2 Tracking enhancers you can hit everything in any lvl 4 mish.

Not when the NPc's are 80k out. I ran a AC Mael alonside a 1400 Mael in a number of missions. Truth is the AC Mael took longer to kill things. With AB, it just plain took time to get into range while the 1400 was already killing ships. Sure, in Angel missions, a AC Mael would be better but most others the 1400 kills faster. So now I just run two 1400 Maels.

Posted - 2011.07.15 12:26:00 - [7]

1400's because they make the best sound!

inb4 'EvE has sound? wtfide U mad'

Sonya Kranz
Posted - 2011.07.15 18:07:00 - [8]

Which weapon type is preferrable depends largely on the faction you mission against, autocannons are great for angels, serpentis & bloodraiders.
Artillery is great for the longer range stuff like sansha and guristas.

Wether to use 1200s or 1400s though? does a rack of eight 1400s plus the rest of the mods even fit on a mael? if so i guess the higher dps wins out, theoretically. 1200s should work fine though, especially when killing smaller stuff or when you always group your guns.

Posted - 2011.07.15 18:42:00 - [9]

There's no reason you have to group your guns into one giant group. 2/2/2/2, 2/3/3, and 4/4 are perfectly reasonable alternatives.

Dorian Wylde
Posted - 2011.07.15 19:22:00 - [10]

Unless you're doing high class wormholes or level 5 missions as part of a fleet, 1200s are generally better.

Xicron Syndicate
Double Tap Alliance
Posted - 2011.07.15 19:26:00 - [11]

The higher rof of the 1200s will allow you to work through the smaller stuff faster with 1 group of 8 but 1400s in groups of 2 or 4 can achieve the same results. I prefer 1400s but im all about that alpha.

Primera Black
Posted - 2011.07.15 21:32:00 - [12]

Edited by: Primera Black on 15/07/2011 21:41:07

8x 1400( t2) + 3x republic fleet gyro + faction fusion or phased plasma (titanium sabot or depleted uranium for better range) and most bs are gone in 2 alpha strikes. works best with a crystal tank. dronebay: 3x heavy(t2) 5x light(t2) implants: crystal alpha to epsilon, cc8, cr8, cx2, lx1, ax2

Julien Brellier
Posted - 2011.07.16 12:25:00 - [13]

1400mm are great on missions that you can choose your warp in range (damsel, zazzmatazz etc) or missions with far spawns (vengeance etc)
NEVER link all 8 of them into one group. You will end up wasting ammo and having to wait for the long cycle timer to run before engaging the next target.
Two groups of 4 are generally better. You can take out two cruisers with a single alpha volley using two groups of 4.

On missions with close-up enemies (serp extravaganza, angel ex ect) then 800mm is the way to go. Tears through them in seconds.


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